11 Kitchen Tricks

11 Kitchen Tricks

11 Kitchen Tricks

Posted by NTD Inspired Life May 10, 2018, 1:48 a.m.

11 things you might have been doing wrong in the kitchen your entire life 🍷🔪🍳

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  1. Agreed who puts ketchup on top of the burger so silly.
    I know it was to show the technique of the bottle but really!

  2. Never in my life have I ever seen anyone put ketchup on a hamburger like this! Most containers already have a squeeze top.

  3. Using microwave is worse for your health ! Thousands people they don’t not or pretend,, microwave is the most electronic that can cause cancer

  4. Never use any sort of plastic in a microwave , it's well documented that carcinogenic material transfers into food from ANY plastic during microwaving

  5. I have tried the cold water bit. Doesn't work, even if you squeeze the majority of the air out, too buoyant. And yes, I tried pressing it into the water.

  6. WHO..is putting their ketchup on a burger that way? I couldnt even finish the video because that irritated me so much 😂

  7. Everyone agrees about the ketchup,,,
    But I imagine that's microwave film she is putting over the rice, not cling film,,,,but who microwaves rice anyway,,,and what are you going to do with that lemon??

  8. Plastic in the microwave ???? Lol you are eating plastic then.. it would have melt into the food . Please never do that. It’s dangerous.

  9. Best way to cut onions without the years is get my husband to do it. Who puts ketchup on top of a hamburger bun?

  10. Who the hell puts catchup on like that?


  12. Awesome tips, Thank you for sharing .

  13. I've been using dental floss the wrong way all these years??? I didn't know it was to cut cake!

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  15. You're a dumbass if you think putting plastic wrap over a plate before you microwave it is safe.

  16. Christian who the heck puts ketchup on a burger like that! im trippin

  17. The way she put ketchup on the hamburger was quite upsetting lol

  18. Who tf puts ketchup on top of the burger?

  19. What does the flour concoction have to do with the cell phone???

  20. u have to flip the top bread of the burger so the ketchup goes in

  21. A lot of these are really useful but the way they play out the scene for them is just ridiculous 😂

  22. the ketchup on the burger bun.. WHO DOES THAT??.. LoL..

  23. Great ideas but I will be lucky if I remember one.x

  24. Okay this dude like ketchup on top of the burger's Bun 🤔hmm

  25. Who put ketchup on top of the bun!

  26. Detesto esta nueva modalidad de introducir anuncios cuando uno observando un video. Horrible!

  27. What kind of psycho path would put ketchup on their burger like that lol

  28. Who puts ketchup on top of the bun ??????!!

  29. Enteng Magana ung pag sealed haha

  30. Who tf puts ketchup on top of the burger bun. Dumb af

  31. Mary Hoang Cheryl Nguyen Trí Nguyễn

  32. With the knife cuts. Obviously if you just push down it’s going to fucking smash things. Notice how the sushi, the “wrong” way, they just smashed it down but the “right” way they “sawed” it. Step one, sharpen your knives, step two, quit being a fucking idiot.