5 ways to use acupressure points for HEADACHES.😌

5 ways to use acupressure points for HEADACHES.😌

5 ways to use acupressure points for HEADACHES.😌

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 23, 2018, 1:45 p.m.

5 ways to use acupressure points for HEADACHES.😌

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  1. It really does work. If you do all spots at one time, while your "partner" participates ........ your doing a Vulcan Mind Meld! Just joking. This pressure really DOES WORK.

  2. Amid the sickening flood of negative posts in Facebook, this post on acupuncture gives relief to readers.

  3. Adalia have Ashley try this for the headaches

  4. If needed I do these technics when I do a facial massage

  5. Paula Leglise...see for sinus headaches

  6. I tried all of these and my husband tried doing it to me for two days now and it didn’t help, I even payed down in the dark and it helped a little but finally broke down and took some pills, I have trouble taking pills and a lot of them I’m allergic to.

  7. All these old therapy workers were the doctors before the doctor came along with his bag of pills, time to switch back. That will also help bring the pharmaceutical companies to collapse.
    Also why take pills with side affects when there are no serious side affects from massage.

  8. Very good. Love these.
    This is the kind stuff that helps.
    I would like any others you care to offer.

  9. None of these work. If you have a sinus headache, salt and warm water is the only thing that works instantly.

  10. There is nothing wrong if you try these instructions.I am sure it will work if you do them properly.No harm in trying.

  11. Nicole Austin I know you prob have tried everything but I thought of you when I saw this! Hope you are getting much more rest and not as many migraines!

  12. I have tried these methods and they do bring relief; however, it doesn't last very long.

  13. Believe me , it doesn't work lol but thanks Hun x

  14. thank you very much for sharing such valuable information 👌

  15. Give yourself a brain freeze. Works for all of these

  16. Just did a few yes much better

  17. Excellent tips for pressure points 😘 thanks Rebecca!

  18. Jasmin this may help also haven’t tried as of yet xx

  19. Kelly Andrews have you tried any of these, most people have put on good responses. XM

  20. Iv had acupuncture for my migraines once got off the table and vomited

  21. It helped me at Physical Therapy

  22. You don't need acupuncture if you USE Migranade. No artificial ingredients. Try it, it works.

  23. Hey Facebook family here is some good information for your health now look at the video again

  24. Stien De Witte voor als je je groen dozeke weer niet bijhebt

  25. It doesn't work. I've tried this before, it's retarded.

  26. Gently Tapping the forehead helps me when I'm congested...

  27. Good to to know ready to try remedies workout medication..

  28. I tired this almost for a week it helps a little but doesn’t make it go away

  29. These are all things that instinct has lead me to do.

  30. Thanks for sharing having a great day

  31. Will try this! I've had a headache for a stinking week.

  32. Alison Rumberger maybe these tips would help with your migraines

  33. Amy Nelson Neve they say it’s good for vertigo

  34. Marion Wallner das soll mal Mathias Packert bei dir machen, damit es schnell weggeht 😉

  35. Taylor Lumley This might help you.

  36. Amelia Guy Riley here for guy when he gets a migraine

  37. Maya Vino..machi check out for migraine pain!

  38. Sarah Meredith Albright you should give it a shot. Who knows it may just work.

  39. Sophia Meszaros saw earlier you were looking for something x

  40. please do this one my love Amber Andres

  41. Ryan Weniton I needed this this week

  42. Robert Koches for your sissy baby headaches.

  43. Khushboo Singh try this it will help uh😊

  44. Dan James Watson look at this for sinus problems x

  45. Bab incase you feel this Joel Dagunan

  46. Jim Roberts remember this please!!

  47. Lauren Jayde Crake this might help yA sinus xx

  48. Tersa Teresa Newsome check this out

  49. Athina Koytsomitoglou Sofia Koutsomitoglou να το μελετησετε παρακαλώ και να βοηθήσετε την καημένη την φίλη σας..

  50. Try it for yourself experience it

  51. I need a head and face massage

  52. Klaartje studeren en toepassen! ❤

  53. I tried. These do not work on my sinuses. I am sad

  54. Look at this Robyn Bergstrom Rachael Bergstrom