9 Zip Tie Hacks

9 Zip Tie Hacks

9 Zip Tie Hacks

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 27, 2018, 2:13 a.m.

Simplify your life with these 9 clever Zip Tie hacks 🔑🎒🧦

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  2. Be careful. When cutting the ends. They are usually very sharp. I have melted mine in the past to keep them from being so sharp

  3. Uuuummm, zip lock your luggage zippers together for security... Then show us how to un lock the tie w/a push pin?Smh

  4. Always a Debbie Downer in every group. It's just a freaking suggestion!

  5. Awesome now I'm trying this… but gonna try it for neck ties

  6. When you cut off a tie wrap with scissors you get a very sharp wrap end.

  7. Thank you for sharing.Good ideas

  8. Look older people can't grip that.. thank u any way

  9. I would still Loose my mates on the socks

  10. Kelly Hill the first one is a must 😂

  11. Great ideas I'm going to try it thanks

  12. Good ideas. Thank you for sharing .

  13. Se Lyn unsai ngan ani na lock day?

  14. Jennifer Rose perfect for the boys

  15. Cindy Kinney, Theresa Kinney Appling