A Glorious Career As A Mother

A Glorious Career As A Mother

A Glorious Career As A Mother

Posted by NTD Inspired Life May 13, 2018, 6:20 p.m.

This beautiful story is for ALL mothers and children_Happy Mother's Day! 💗💕

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  1. And when you get promoted. You get to have more satisfaction! You get to see the shining stars become brighter when they share their lives!!! Grandchildren are the bonus! God willing my children will shine for a long time!

  2. More than sixty years ago my mother proudly answered the same question with "I am a Domestic Engineer". Not the word of a lie for the mother of 5.

  3. Well, how inventive! I LOVE it. A tribute to Mother's. Aunties, Grandmother's, Great Grandmothers and anyone else who Loves Children.

  4. But not all mothers receive respect as they deserve. In my country, a stay at home mom sometimes could be seen as a dependent person coz she doesn't earn money for the family. Besides taking care of her child with every need, she is the person who has to finish all the chores but no one seem to appreciate her work. I am a real example, i love my six-month - old daughter so much, but being a stay at home mother without any compassion and support in term of mentality and encouragement, i feel depressed many times. Anyway, i've been trying to think positively and being a sourse of motivation for myself and my girl. I love my time being with my daughter always.

  5. Don't forget, mothers work outside the home ,too. They clean windows, cut grass, plant flowers. rake leaves, play w kids, etc.So when they ask if u work outside the home, "give it to them ! lm

  6. No not just women, BUT today is MOTHERS day, fathers get theirs next mo. Don't be petty, and childish, can't u say something nice, gosh, your poor mom and wife if u have one, sheese

  7. I have seen this before and totally agree, we are none of us just "mother" or ("Fathers" for those gents raising their children by themselves or while the wife works)

  8. No one deserves more respect than a real mom. She has more duties and challanges than most understand. She is raising our future our hopes and dreams. Most of the time gets nothing in return except knowing she is MOM!! The only people that come close to derserving our respect as much are real Teachers who teach and not have a political agenda just a love for teaching. I am a veteran i respect a fighting man but we got nothing on a mom or teacher.

  9. She didn’t have to make up a pretend title if she was proud of being a mother. All us Mothers have the best job, and some have a second to also contribute monetarily to her family.

  10. A mother’s job is teacher first aider, social worker, psychologist, mediator the lot even fashion adviser list goes on now if that isn’t a job in itself I don’t what is !

  11. So awesome and very true. Mother's work is never done. Once a Mother, always a Mother. The most rewarding job of all , AMEN !

  12. I sure miss the days of all the chaos because at the end of each day when you tuck those sweet little ones in bed you feel & see the blessings in return. It is the most rewarding career ever & it's one for the rest of your life!! I'm so proud to be called MOM!!!! I love my children!!!!!!

  13. Where do you live that they even asked the question. Where I live and been to the DMV lately but was never asked that question. Maybe we should start asking.

  14. Christy don't know if you will see this video or not but it fits you to a T along with a full time job to boot. Love you lots. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  15. I would like to thank my Great Granddaughter for the lovely flowers and school picture she gave me for Mother’s Day. Love you

  16. So true...the most important job (out of 20 professional and probably 10 non professional) I have had in my life!

  17. Where would we be without all the "Career Mothers"? Just imagine if women went on strike and refused to become "just a mother" The WHOLE of HUMAN LIFE would grind to a halt!. (Unless some really brave father decided to take on the job.)

  18. I was lucky enough, to get to do it twice,once for my three children, and once for my three grand children,lots of good memories❤️

  19. Beautiful and true story. Napoleon was once asked what France needed most. His reply was Mothers.

  20. What a meaningful statement and to think my Mother had Ten of us, I love to you MOM.

  21. All of us qualify for this job good or bad happy Mother's Day to all

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to my sister who lost her battle with cancer on may 5

  23. Thank you Happy mother's day to all the moms

  24. Drea Doughty this is for you! Happy Mother’s Day

  25. I answered a similar question. “I’m a domestic engineer. “. I was question no further

  26. Can dads get a little respect, or is respect and adulation only deserved by WOMEN?

  27. No one is ever just another mother. You will never understand until you walk in our shoes

  28. God bless ladies, we are all hard workers

  29. A Mother wears so many different hats. A most important career.

  30. What great insight this mother has. I applaud her.

  31. Nothing is more important than being a mother

  32. This is priceless! Should be shared in every Human Resources Dept.

  33. That's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  34. this is great and hooray for that mother

  35. That is incredible!! I am now a grandmother. But STILL a Mom!! 💕

  36. What a true story. I would do it all over again

  37. This is for all moms today and everyday!

  38. You bet it is the most rewarding job ever.

  39. What a wonderful way of looking at motherhood,and so true! ❤️💞😍,but so rewarding.👍😘💞

  40. This is the most encouraging thing any Mother could read about the gift of Motherhood I’ve ever read !

  41. You tell them you're a domestic engineer. Gets them every time.

  42. A truly wonderful explanation of the blessings of motherhood.

  43. Thank You Mom, for your LOVE and everything else!

  44. Remember, the hands that rock the cradle , rule the world!

  45. For all who think they are just mothers

  46. We have so many titles. I love every thing being a mom.l would trade it for anything.

  47. One.of.the.best.i.

  48. My Sweetheart Marilyn❤️ and all the other Mother’s in my life❤️

  49. a wonderful job and rewards the rest of our life

  50. the best job in the world even the hard days are great

  51. Yeah! That's true to the very meaning of the word.

  52. Hardest job I have ever had....😏

  53. Absolutely Love This!!! SO TRUE!!