A Mischievous Little Girl

A Mischievous Little Girl

A Mischievous Little Girl

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 4, 2018, 4 p.m.

This is why parents grow old faster! 😂👶🏻

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  1. One time my boss sent me an email asking where I was he had not seen me all day. I wrote back I’m sitting right here at my desk where I had been all day.

  2. Priceless! My mom had a similar experience with yours truly
    I was 3, hiding under the table and the tablecloth was down to the floor. No one thought to peek under there, and I never uttered a sound. My own kids, grandkids paid me back , bet my mom is looking down , cracking up!!!

  3. Not funny, wasted the dad's work time,the boss lost time, parents worried sick police,firemen, and helicopter all cost money to come and look for a spoiled child, calling wolf

  4. My almost 2yr old somehow managed to open an EXTREMELY Heavy sliding door while I was nursing my baby son in the never room, by the time I stood up to check on her she was GONE! Called the police and had a search with most of the neighbors after 2 or 3 hours she was standing on the outside of the door with sticky substance all over her and then acting like she had been eating a pound of sugar! ( still wanting to know HOW she managed to open that door!)

  5. My son did this maybe 2 ish. Didn't get to the cops, he but we were frantic. Then slipped out a tiiiiny little giggle from a pile of toys n clothes in his closet he had burried himself in. Funny now but NOT then. 😅

  6. I spent the time reading this thing with the expectation it was going to be moving or meaningful. Not. Not even mildly funny either.

  7. Omg!!! I can imagine the horrors the parents were goin thru. A missin child is the worst time to be in. Childrens innocence eh. Bless em all. Happy endings best.

  8. Got to love children!! This is adorable but at the same aggravating! I have to give props to him for at least staying patient with her. At least he can call the police and let them know where she is at.

  9. Reminds of the time a toddler was missing in our neighborhood. Everyone frantically searched the police checked the house overlooking a doll in the bottom of a closet. Needless to say, that doll was the little girl sleeping.

  10. OMG I know that sinking feeling. When my daughter was about 2, and my husband and I were sleeping, she pulled a chair over to the side door to slide the chain off the door and took our dog for a walk. The dog came back by and we hunted all over the house, back yard, front yard, up and down the street. Finally called the police and much to my surprise a woman from 3 blocks away had also called them to tell them she a little girl in her pj's at her home. She was having milk and cookies. I laugh about it now but it was the scariest moment of my life.

  11. hahaha! i am having my coffee and bread with my favorite butter and this little cute girl just made my day! hahaha!

  12. Jesus! Hayden used to hide to poop in her pants and wouldn't answer! Freaked us out! Yelling and screaming down street! Finally my son in law found her in garage behind a ladder pooping!!!! Didn't know to hug or spank her! I hugged her and changed diaper! Scary

  13. My niece did that once. She had hidden behind the headboard of my waterbed and fell asleep... my mom was freaking out until I found her... I was amused, my mom was Not!! Jasmine Noland.. remember??

  14. The child was playing a game known only to her. Bet she didnt do that again. To her there was nothing to worry about. There was a time when you worried when it got dark and the kids were not inside, but now its all different. Darn shame.

  15. Ahh kids 👶 Years ago moved to PA. Moving Van was about to leave. Mother frantic tried to stop and tell her son (about 4) was missing! Looking all over the new house found him hiding behind dresser in parent’s bedroom. Pretty much scared everyone 😱

  16. I like this smart and cute little girl! My grandson once did this! They don't get intimidated! It gives thrill to daily life!

  17. I little 2 year old girl vanished once. Looked for her everywhere. Frantic I stoped at a payphone to call the police. Scared of the trouble I would be in I waited and searched the house one more time. I found her asleep on the frontroom chair asleep behind a giant book I bought because I thought it was cute. Needless to say we didn't have the book long.

  18. Alexandria McConnel if it became quiet in the house we went code red for Jamison! But never had to call authorities.... almost 2 x’s but I stayed calm! He wasn’t spoiled but very active ! He scared me to death until he grew older ! Now I trust him with my life!

  19. Younger son .. I was panicking .. everybody searching .. police called .. sound asleep in bedroom closet .. said my tearful sincere thanks to everyone involved and left him there to quietly nap !!!

  20. Funny, but not funny. It happened to me babysitting grandchildren. One of them got mad at me and took off. I was in tears looking for her. She was hiding behind a chair, of course. Aged me a few years.

  21. Sometimes thwybdont understand words and meanings. My son walked out the front door down to the main street. We live in a cul-de-sac near a main street. Police saw him pulled over as my brother was coming over and was pulling over at the same time. And I was walking down the street to check If he dared walk to the street. And he sure did. He was 2 and I was so scared. He also would go in my mom's room where the door was tight and hard to open. He would hide in the waaaaay back of her closet or under her bed. He never thought he was doing something wrong even when I would tell him

  22. That is something My Son Thomas would have pulled ., not funny at the time,his disappearing acts, drove me" batty".should have never played Hide and go Seek with him.... hahaha

  23. My daughter Lisa did that once couldn't find her. She fell asleep in. The closet the clothes hid her. Almost called the police but daddy found her.

  24. I have two children and now that they are grown , I find this to be totally hilarious. (sorry first responders, I know it's now funny for you)

  25. I can see this happening. Becky hid up on the roof once while we all ran all over the place looking for her. Parents, always look up!

  26. It happened in our family twice, once it was when Lauren was little and once when Hope was little, not don’t on purpose!!

  27. I must have missed the “funny” part of this video.

  28. The boss neefs to contact the police and let then know the small voice is safe and can see what is going on.

  29. Yes, this is what children do to their parents!!!!! The best part is, WE survive it all!!!

  30. I never expected the last answer of this video😂

  31. Something very similar happened to me with our youngest son. Happy to say he never, ever tried that again and lived to tell the story.

  32. Maybe a scolding is in order!

  33. That is Not funny at All...

  34. She should be thrashed within an inch of her life. :>/

  35. My little brother did this once

  36. So cute. I would be crying at first then take away all her fun things for who knows how long.

  37. Stephanie Steph Senigo, Mark Senigo, don't let Kennedy see this. Go Eagles.!!!!

  38. It is funny once they find her!

  39. I have seen same kid and phone before. Just a different story. It's a joke, lighten up people.

  40. I wonder what she was doing with phone

  41. Funny but not funny how scared this family was and this little stinker thought it was!!

  42. Kids can do the darnest things.

  43. My phone changed it to Butch, it is , and you bitch alone!!

  44. Happened to me and all I could do was laugh.

  45. Not really funny , but I did laugh at the end !!!

  46. Tiffany Nicole , I could see your little darling doing this ! lmoa

  47. It's not funny but I had a good laugh.😂

  48. Grammy when she can’t find BO, but I would probably call in the National Guard

  49. Yep. I prayed a lot raising my children cause all were adventurous