A Penny

A Penny

A Penny

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 2, 2018, 4 p.m.

Little kid's problem SOLVED! 💓

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  1. Why didn't the parents notice that boy was making a fist and tell him to open his hand?? Not very smart,. Or maybe made up.

  2. ...and then the boy was sent to his room without any dinner. The End. Aww...nice story.

  3. Good illistration. God always has something better for us!

  4. That boy will probably be a polition

  5. Kid gets a dollar instead of a penny.... good thinking kid.....

  6. I figured he had made a fist before I got the answer. ha ha.

  7. That would not have been that kind of ending in our house and yaw know it....lol

  8. Oh my goodness
    I hope you got your dollar

  9. OLD racoon trap i used a marble and peanutbutter same results

  10. I'd been mad if that was my kid.. seriously

  11. oh geez, give me a break. I get so sick of these sobbing stories.

  12. So true, let go what does not serve you.

  13. Somethings you can't let go.
    Special if they are people that you love.

  14. And more often than not ull get worse shot than you had because there's nothing left to get

  15. I need to learn that, LET GO, LET GOD!😎

  16. Thank u Jesus , help me to always trust in u.

  17. Smart kid. Kevin adams your a punk


  19. What a greedy snobby ginger kid

  20. Crafty. Little. Sod. ,. Like. Me. ?.

  21. Haha, smart boy ! A dollar for a penny ! :)