A Special Dog

A Special Dog

A Special Dog

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 6, 2018, 4 p.m.

The dad said:" It's a God thing". What do you think about this special dog? ❤️🐶🐾

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  1. I'm a type 2 diabetic. Every morning my dog comes in, comes up on the bed and smells my breath. Sometimes it's quick..other times she lingers. My doctor said she's smelling the sugar. If my levels are low, it's a quick sniff. If they're up, she lingers. Her reactions are very reliable! She let's me know if I need to check it. She's not trained. Just a dog. This little girl and her family are so fortunate to have their canine "doctor"! 💗

  2. If doctors know this, why isn't a sking patch made for detecting changes in a diabetic's chemistry so those around them can help monitor when possible? Thank God for this dog.

  3. Hero, truly is an Angel sent from God. Labs are very smart dogs, at least one of my two is, the other one is the “broken cookie” but will protect you and love you, always.

  4. It's a God thing all right dogs can smell for a lot further than 5 miles away Google search it, and our body is a giant chemistry lab every emotion and problem with us has a scent, (sharks aren't the only one who can smell fear) Hero having been trained, would have no problem smelling the issue 5 miles away.

  5. Blood sugar is normal at 82, someone doesn't know about diabetes. Her dog is still her protector, animals are very smart, God is amazing

  6. God bless you and all the Friends who guides and guards us like our Angels of GOD,does. St. Francis please play with them, too.

  7. They are never "JUST A DOG" they are God's gift ,and should be treated as such! all animals are here for a reason, even if we are not thrilled with some of them,myself I would prefer skunks to be very far from me, they smell horrible, but I could never intentionally hurt one, those who treat animals badly, will likely treat people the same way!

  8. This is so true dogs are amazing they have the greatest love for their family no matter what they will die for you there is no greater love!!!

  9. Wish every kid with diabetes could have a dog like this one take a lot of stress of mums &dad's he is truly Amazing

  10. Wonderful blessing to have a special pup who can be a friend and be able to keep her medically safe.

  11. Understanding these gentle and majestic animals are not to us that's the reason the God created them on this earth and named his name in the reverse as dog 🐶🐕

  12. Crying! Wow, what an amazing dog! My hero, too!! Thank you, God, for creating such a wonderful, loving dog.

  13. When my son became diabetic at age 13 our Dog Rusty could detect something was wrong with him and we would check his sugar and it would be very low or very high. He was a Cocker Spaniel - Border Collie mix.

  14. That is awesome. Just another reason I love my dog more than PEOPLE.

  15. Thanks Lord God you created that amazing dog...

  16. He truly is a GOD sent four footed angel HERO

  17. How awesome. God bless the entire family and that special dog 🐕.

  18. Why wasnt hero at school with her in the first place?

  19. What a beautyful story. Hero is truly a hero

  20. Dog spelling backwards, spells GOD.

  21. These are always such touching stories. Love them. Keep them coming.

  22. Hero is a real Hero he is t I tally Awesome

  23. These dogs are so special and do such great work! Bless them all!

  24. Dogs sense dangers that will hurt their human counterpart

  25. They are tuned in to higher n deeper fre×uencies..

  26. Most dogs have finer attunement senses
    Extra sensory perception..

  27. Dogs know, because when I’m sick my puppy always near me

  28. God bless the family and the dog. Amen.

  29. We need more stories like these on facebook!!!

  30. 82 is not a low...it is within normal limits...60 would be considered a low...

  31. God is with Sadie by sending a Hero. What a lovely story.

  32. God bless this family and their PRECIOUS HERO

  33. I agree she is a hero and an angel sent from heaven.

  34. Just love this story bring me heart felt feeling of being so in touch!!!!❤🌿❤

  35. Why are they showing the little girl who is at school, taking a bottle? Just wondering.

  36. He looks loveable and cutr

  37. Trying to think of words thru the tears...HERO is a true HERO

  38. Aww amazing story Yes something special going on there xx

  39. Hero needs to go to school with Sadie!

  40. What a lovely story an bless dog! Deserves the name hero X :)

  41. I think god given the special powers to the dogs and animals...