Arcade Fire - Infinite Content UK & EU shows

Arcade Fire - Infinite Content UK & EU shows

INFINITE CONTENT. Performing in the round.
UK & European shows start next month. Tickets:

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  1. i was lucky enough to see them last year in New York on this tour ...they were amazing ,, cannot wait to see them again in Manchester

  2. Bought tickets for Manchester, then.... ticket arrives and says rear view!! Not advertised as rear view but I'm sure we'll have a great night Iuliana Nejloveanu Xxxx❤️

  3. Can't wait to see the final gig of the tour in Glasgow with Jane Robinson ...bound to be better than their Wembley show few days earlier Brian Van der Vord, Wayne Vandervord ...haha 😉

  4. Hi, just wondering if I buy the tickets from abroad to one of their concerts then how I can get the tickets? I assume they send the tickets by mail? Thx

  5. Psst, guys, UK is part of Europe.

  6. Literally everywhere except italy

  7. So looking forward to Glasgow next month! :)

  8. You guys are in for a treat. The show was fantastic

  9. Robert Thompson just watching this makes me seriously regret not getting tickets.

  10. Nick you know how it's my birthday in erm.... September 🙈😍

  11. please release the footage from your London York Hall shows 🙏

  12. Guys, can you tell me: is the Prague Concert an Performing in the round Concert in June ? Thanks

  13. It’s a great show, you guys will love it!

  14. Just ever so slightly excited for Manchester

  15. Rui Tigeleiro vamos saltar para o palco? Can't wait to see those guys (AGAIN) in Lisbon

  16. Wish there was more Germany "in the round" gigs than just Frankfurt in the middle of the week😢

  17. Can't wait for it in Bp too <3

  18. Can't wait to catch you guys in Paris 💖💖

  19. David Gracia Jr Taylor Lovejoy moar infinit contnt 🤑🤑🤑 we're infntly cntnt

  20. Andrew Dunn 😃 do you think Vanessa Kirkham will babysit for another concert?!?! Still tickets available!!😊

  21. See you in Manchester!! ❤️ Ruth Horsefield

  22. I so wish I could go to this again!! The Vegas show was unreal.

  23. Cannot actually wait. 16th April Glasgow! Yass!!

  24. Shona ThompsonThompson....getting excited now 😊😊 xx

  25. Tour the U.S. again soon please

  26. I'm so looking forward to this Kayla Nicklin xxxx

  27. One of the best concerts ever! In my top 3!

  28. Glasgow in April.. Can't wait.. 😀

  29. Please come to Blackpool again.

  30. Dublin 6th April, I can't wait!!! 😁

  31. Saw the show in Vegas. Top class!

  32. Can't wait - see you in Birmingham! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. See you in Dublin. Cannot wait.

  34. Cannot wait to see you in Glasgow! 💕

  35. Gary Duffy Gary Glasgow awaits laaaa

  36. Fabrice ... le mois prochain 🤗

  37. Charlotte Claus da zieter toch echt zo uit fwaaaa

  38. Annika Paab wollen wir nochmal? 🙂

  39. Katie Lenette I'm so excited!!! 😄

  40. Clara Carlier <3 volgende maaaaaand!

  41. Paul, Leah, Claire, Julia, Joanna, Michelle - not long now!!!!

  42. Chiara Siciliano secondo me...preparati

  43. Ai q saudade porraaaa Carol Carapinha

  44. Barbara Aurélien Vanessa Katia Cathy 🎉😎

  45. Luci Maynegre are you ready???