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Imagine coming home to this... 😂

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los cuando estan, con lentejas cachos, los chiquillos, con ella, fun thou,


  1. If you don't pay attention to what your children are up to that's what you deserve. I can't believe this is real. I think someone is filming this obviously for attention of some kind.

  2. Amor si en vez de solo tener a Santy tuviéramos 2 imagínate cómo serian de traviesos de por sí esta criatura siempre anda curioseando imagínate con un clon!!!,no se qué habrá hecho mi mamá con Sam y conmigo jaajja Javier Alejandro Espinosa

  3. Kyyera Dnyce omg I would just stand there trying to figure out how I’m going to clean this up and cracking up at the same time. I’m sure Kayden will get us 😆

  4. Daniela, Francisca y un día van a mi casa y sus pollos hacen esto...yo feliz los disfruto, saco fotos...pero ustedes limpian jaja

  5. Carly Tucker Paul Cantythank god jaidens not a twin this would have been them and he was bad enough for talc 🤣🤣🤣🤣 x

  6. Laura Haley a year from now I see little david and baby girl like this, if she's anything like her brother I am doomed lol.

  7. My son too did this mixed rice and wheat together i still remember and the reaction also what was at that time though he is 22yrs old now

  8. Mande can you imagine if this happened to you?! LoL Mindy Ericka Katia Anna Solongo I would run away and hide and return after Sean cleans up ;-) hehe

  9. I just dono how to clean this mess so I'll just seat there with packet of chips cuz I love kids n I can't even yell at em 😅

  10. My little cousin did this with rice I looked at him took a picture laughed let him have his fun let him help me clean up and laughed and told his mom it a good memory

  11. If they make the mess then make them clear it up! Would never let my daughter do that! Looks like they r having fun thou!

  12. Well some one is filming them . Why let them do it?. Kids do silly things but u wouldn't stand there and let them do it.

  13. Chris Berg.. is this what it's going to be like when I come home from work and your watching the kids.

  14. Ryan Tyler Nelson-Stretch III see the date this was posted...i am so glad you never did this...i would of FREAKED OUT on all that flour!!!

  15. Jennifer Ly Cheryl Miye Poff this is the picture in my head when I think about letting kids bake in my kitchen lmao

  16. This seems like fun especially at this age but not a 3 yr old toddler because when u say no they need to respect the word no

  17. That is so good kids need to do fun little things it makes memories

  18. Shaheera Ali I’m eagerly waiting for the day you’ll experience this 😂😂

  19. My kids did this to me lol..but it was rice and flower and sugar😂😂...still love my boys 😗

  20. Yup this Tia Tammy will clean no messes. Lol

  21. To be honest, i have been through worst than that😂😂

  22. Tia Thunderbird this is why we don’t have kids yet. Lol

  23. Lmao Jessica Lynn this must have been us when we were little 😂😂😂

  24. Ani MGa eso hará Derek bb, Mica me lo hizo a mi dos veces :( pago por ver el día en q bebito lo haga :D

  25. Si no los tuvieran tan vigilados, los encontrarias llenos de cemento Angel 😂😂

  26. رشا بشلاوي يلي بيشوف غيروا بتهون عليه رزالة ولادوا أحمدي الله على عقل ولادك

  27. Que bueno que nomas es uno, no hay tanto pedo Rosa Solis jajajaja

  28. Sara Adel imagine doda w medo doing this 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Jenni Ede Sime I thought u put a video on of the boys wen they were little till I looked properly lol xx

  30. asi vamos a encontrar a hassa. y a brianna Elia López

  31. Jenna ja Miika tämmöstä sitte teillä ku tyttö kasvaa ja Miksu opettaa sen pahoille teille😂😂

  32. Martina Marlène zao no ataon'ny #Thiago sy #Stéphane ré-fa tafiaraka ... Rava NY tanàna

  33. Kaltrina Ilazi Kadolli shka ta merr menja ty qet rast akish kris paapuqja a sandallja hahaha ama drejt kallxo pa rrena😁

  34. كون خمستهم هيج يارب بهل خبال😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂سدي باب المحزن اذا تعرفين همه قروده😒🔪 Zainab Kazwan

  35. Karlita Castro los chiquillos a los cuando estan en silencio jajajajajaj 🙊

  36. Karen Quezada Lo primero k me vino a la mente fueron tus bbs hermosos😍shulos ellos

  37. Jenny Cruz have kids they said it’ll be fun they said

  38. More HN mira morena ya me imagino a Tyler AAron y Dilan jeremi ahiendo de las suyas

  39. Laurence Simar regarde louloute c est mieux le Mikado avec les pâtes lol

  40. Agarrateee Flor Xander y Axel cuando regrese del viaje 😂😂😂😂

  41. Kate Esther this will be my future when Jordan is left in charge. Lol.

  42. تخيلي دخلنا مطبخ ولقينا محمد وهيما بيعملوا كده ههههههههههههه ههههههههههههه ههههههههههههه Šãm Møřâ

  43. Hisham Chaar jinaaaa t5ayali lamar w lynn sawa w nla2ion bi hal manzar

  44. Jaslyn that one time the kids got into the flour and you put it on snapchat 😂

  45. Παίζει και να είναι τα 2 αδέρφια με το φυστικοβουτυρο! Foteini Kyriakopoulou