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How to get silver purple hair!

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omg look, hair line, color line, purple hair, blonde right, silver idk,


  1. 😍😍😍 love this!!

    I wish I could get something like this done..... ugh. I sometimes hate having a job with “uniform standards” because my hair can really affect the way I’m able to do my job 😒

  2. Aqui nada pode, não pode pintar raiz escura e embaixo mais clara não pode fazer reflexo se não crescer a raiz não pode pintar do jeito que tá tá bom.. nada , cabeleireiro não arriscam pq não tenho são Bons

  3. I’m wondering why she didn’t use a 10 volume developer instead of a 20 when she applied the colors. 🤔

  4. Jane Elizabeth Fleetwood omg look its your hair rn! Just a bit different. The colored roots are def an up and coming trend

  5. I'd be pretty furious if a "professional hairdresser" left colour on my hair line to stain like that 🙈😖

  6. Analisa Åris Ortiz this is perfect for Petra Paniagua they even have pink to silver! idk why she doesnt go for this look!

  7. Love it but think it would b high maintenance to keep up

  8. Susie Graham this would look great on you
    Once you get board of the fullhead blonde

  9. Paula Johnston this reminded us of you 😂 only your hair did this with brightening shampoo lol

  10. Ok y'all! Seriously!!! Why did the hairdresser drain the girls forehead! For real!!!

  11. I know I wanna get this done when my hair is longer, I love it

  12. Èrin Gargan would this be hard for me to get this colour 😝

  13. Do they actually have color dyes that are permanent not not wash out like blue

  14. Alyssa you could prob pull this shit off!!

  15. Tristy Bond Schroeber, that is the color line we used just different colors and we need to get you lighter!!

  16. Keren Joy I can imagine you having this hair colour.

  17. Was going to tag u Kerry Brown but i see someone beat me to it. Xx

  18. Miren Edith Alonso Aleman Angelica Sandoval ahora q vamos a comenzar con decoloraciones y todo eso jajaj.!

  19. I want this! What would it look like on me, Lucas Meyer?

  20. Hey Tracey! Can we do this? Hee hee. Just kidding. I love it but Damn! Lol.

  21. Cyndi Linton and Kerri Kerney one of you needs to attempt this!

  22. Matt Williams I really shouldn't watch these videos

  23. Amanda keep this idea in your mind for reference!

  24. Natasha I didn’t know there was another company under the same - ish name.

  25. Katie Rowe this is the only way i would go light again

  26. Peyton Brosh you should do this it would look amazing!

  27. Misty Gruenemay let’s do this I think I need this in my life!!! The cut too!!!!

  28. Megan. You gotta do this to someone!!! It’s so pretty!!!

  29. Tj McDonell you can have this hair for my wedding.

  30. Elaine this colour will suit you I think

  31. Rebecca Barrientes can u do that to my short hair n how much would it be

  32. Verlie Grimmett could you do something like this to my hair next month? My hair is ash blonde right now.

  33. Holly Clark this would look stunning on you 😍

  34. Alyson Hames I want my hair doing like this please xxx

  35. Kayla Creasman please do this to your hair 😍

  36. Jessica Morgan there's a brand called ugly duckling!?!?!?

  37. Massiel Ramirezz amiga puedes hacerme esoooooo por favor ???????? Dime qué si 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  38. Eva Beasley this woukd look really good on you

  39. That will not happen easily your hair is dark lol she is already blonde doing this

  40. Maryse Quesnel jvx sa ...jachete les couleur de ce site et je garde le video enregistrer ppur le ratio ;P

  41. Tan facil q se vee.!! 😱😱 y si lo intentamos Adamary Jimenez 😂😂🤣

  42. Saul Bautista fue lo que se hizo la señora del suburbano :v

  43. Ash Turner hahaha it's my hair and it's actually a thing 🤔🤣

  44. Roe Roe I could see you with this color 💜 very beautiful my friend.

  45. Amiguito Eloyenjoy Vm podrá dejarme el crecimiento así de ese color 🙈

  46. Whitney Headspeth- look! Isn’t the depth in this great?!

  47. Laura Shaw... If only I'd shave my head and start all over I could have this lol

  48. Anouschka Dziggel ich Brauch dringend ein Termin 😍😍 Brauch einen neuen Haar Schnitt😘😍❤

  49. Becci Farrugia this is what I was watching when on the phone to you xxx

  50. Maddison Sarah we do this when I grow my hair out.

  51. Choya. I kind of like this one

  52. Martin i would only pay to color my hair if i could get it like this 💜💜💜

  53. Taylor Evans this would lool so cute on you

  54. Danni Prasad one day maybe next summer ha ha

  55. Elizabeth Taylor I think this would look good on you

  56. Tara Shayne this is what I'm trying to achieve

  57. Rachel Johnson We should do something like this with my hair!
    I love it!! 😍

  58. Tonya Wade This would be so pretty on you 💓

  59. Lindair de Carli olha só que lindoooooo faz no teu cabelo 😍😍😍

  60. I love the color and everything she does expect one thing where is the gloves lady!!!!!!!?????

  61. Kimberley Scott yhis wpuld look gorgeous on you

  62. Adam Joe don’t normally like blonde but like this😍

  63. Rob Allen do this... soo cool lol