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I want to color my hair like the first one!

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  1. So much make up i thought for a second that it is a real woman.

  2. Maria Kola Koehler the 1st one is dopee how many sessions you think ;)

  3. Renee Susanne Purdue the first one with pink highlights. Ine day

  4. Heather Hawkey do u know how to dye hair like this? Lol

  5. Allison Curtis can we do something like the 2 one ?

  6. Marina Amalie Gjerstrup hvorfor har du ført mig til dette. er tæt nok i forvejen på at lave en langhåret version af nr 2

  7. I would love to have that done

  8. Maria Buchan the first one.WOW

  9. Elodie Betting le 2 et 3 sont top !!

  10. Preciosos, tintes, lucen mucho

  11. El de muchos colores está muy bueno!

  12. Nadia Cantisani quiero ese color! 😩... o una peluca

  13. Jose Rose me encanto el n3!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Lanna Oulds I want the rainbow hair

  15. Bibi Andreasen Ville det være så slemt tror du? :o

  16. Sofi Céspedes cm el #1 m kiero hacer el cabello

  17. Mira Niquito Lucero me encanta hacer esto!!

  18. Kelsie Morgan Colter I like the mermaid blue one

  19. Natalia Rochoń jakim cudem :o ❤️

  20. Inspirace na ty tvoje vlasky Adriana Dria Lawlіet Blažejová

  21. Olha Leonardo Avelino Françoso

  22. Chiquita L Rios Ruiz e number 1

  23. Finaritra Djoh Andriantsihoarana