Canada will do what it must to keep B.C. from blocking Trans Mountain: Carr

Canada will do what it must to keep B.C. from blocking Trans Mountain: Carr
Image from: CBC News

The Conservatives are trying to manufacture a crisis that doesn't exist, says Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.

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  1. The left's war against noble and virtuous...funny how they drive cars and heat their homes like everyone else. At least someone will defend industry...thank you conservatives.

  2. There are 155,000 non-productive oil and gas wells sitting idle in Alberta that pose a potential $8.6-billion liability to the energy industry and taxpayers, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report. ……………Financial Post article.............Why doesn't Alberta make the companies clean up Alberta mess they can put Albertan's to work doing something productive?.

  3. Funny to watch the Alberta Proud Conservatives find a way to rant and complain even when the feds are siding with them on an issue. Couple of new words to learn, “thank you “ 😱.

  4. Except that the federal government has no authority to interfere with the determinations of another responsible government in Canada, which is why we created a court system to make decisions on matters when jurisdictions enter into conflict with one another. CBC News

  5. The Liberals are all talk.

    They want to keep kicking this issue down the road so the investors of the pipe line give up and walk away.

    That way they can keep their support from their environmentalist friends and then pretend their hands are clean to Alberta after it has fallen apart.

    Trudeau is like Obama. All talk, no substance, and no effective leadership.

  6. The idiots are out in full force. Austin Butt (gotta love the name) you are the one expressing hate. Your Harperisms are not working. They look stupid juvenile and grosssly uninformed.

  7. Of course they are. The conservative clown car is all about creating a false sense of chaos this is the only way they can be voted in

  8. It's a crisis for us on the coast...keep the stuff in Alberta and process it there, if you have too. That way , more jobs!!

  9. Then give up your car,your cloths,your heated home,and put up a tent,burn some wood,Oops! can,t do that for the tree huggers!Go live somewhere else,while you get on your planes,for holidays,!

  10. Why don't they demand that the American company process the resource here instead of Canada constantly shipping away our resources

  11. Have we not reached crazy, yet?

    Maybe listen to the people of BC. They're against it for moral reasons, not out of some kind of selfishness.
    They know it will bring some jobs and money, but it's important to them, and the Approval process has been an offensive joke.
    Nobody would make assurances for the cleanups, job creation or royalties, even with Clark's Liberals at the table. No one should be surprised by BC.

  12. If notley shuts off the tap in alberta, bc will look silly getting more resources to keep there province moving coming in by barge. They were protesting barge traffic.

  13. Carr is the same minister who said they would use the Canadian armed forces to expropriate first nations land for the pipeline if necessary.

  14. Instead of sending oil to foreign investors why don't we refine it ourselves keep it in Canada and maybe lower the price at the pump

  15. Conservative love hate/fear and divide.

  16. They should build it and then BC can determine the number of tankers it will allow in to collect... lol

  17. glad your bff the koch brothers.the shadiest creep n thw rold, are more important than b.c. piss ff carr.

  18. Nothing to do with conservatives. All to do with The PM too envolved in Global warming and climate change. He needs votes.

  19. Really????

    Well, since ppl will be impacted financially in a negative way because of a pissing contest I would suggest this is kind of a big deal!!!!

    Should have never gotten to this point!

  20. There was no such concern past or present for Newfoundland Labrador's efforts to export their hydro power

  21. Just get the dam thing built...

  22. And BC will do "what it must to keep" you pricks away from our land and coast! So bring it on!!

  23. #AlbertaWhines made from the sourest grapes from the #KinderMorganWhinery

  24. Manufacturing crisis that don’t exist is what conservatives do best.....

  25. #STFU #DudScheer you and your CONs failed Canada and Canadians for over a decade! Your hypocrisy and blatant grandstanding are senseless and pitiful to say the least! #Harper2

    #PMJustinTrudeau and the adult in his cabinet are dealing with this critical issue and the pipeline will be built! #GoBackToYourSandBox

    CONs have no credibility on the environment, fiscal management, human rights and democracy fronts! #NeverAgain

  26. and we'll do what we must to keep this crap off our land and coast

  27. Started by Notley. Why doesn't Carr or Trudeau call her out?

  28. And BC will do what it must to stop the pipeline from being built :)

  29. Who put that white wig on Will Ferrell?

  30. Oh it exists all right, and most of the responsibility for it is yours and your partys' Mr Carr

  31. what happened to your Paris treaty commitment ?

  32. We will go to war to stop this pipeline.

  33. They promised that about Air Canada.

  34. Bill Bruce, I dont know where you been in the last while. However to bring you up to speed of current events. The premier of Alberta has and is fighting tooth and nails to get a pipeline built to the BC coast. Conservatives in Alberta have done nothing measureable yet to help the situation. The best action I have heard about them ( Alberta consrvatives ) is that they may support the Alberta government actions. Thats the least they could do to defend Alberta industry.

  35. Andrew Sheer criticizes but offers no solution. 🙄😛

  36. Feds should stay out of resources which are a provincial responsibility.

  37. No one has to do anything...BC had ZE-ZE-ZE-ZERO authority to even talk about this project...

  38. Conservatives suck beyond measure.