Canada wins mixed doubles curling gold

Canada wins mixed doubles curling gold
Image from: CBC News


Full Article: CBC News


  1. Puts us back in second for medal points, and also second for medal count. Go Canada!

  2. Great game ,congrats to John and Kaitlyn, Gold for Canada in the first ever mixed doubles!!!!

  3. Those aren’t brooms. How can that be curling? Congratulations, anyhow!

  4. Congratulations. We are watching from Australia

  5. Much more interesting to watch than traditional.

  6. I have a TV channel from Canada (CBMT) that frequently shows Curling matches. I got hooked on it and watch whenever I can.

  7. Super series! Congratulations

  8. Bravo! You both did us very proud.

  9. Leo Wan Alex Chan the one we saw on tvb

  10. Stephen Lefneski, we are next 🏅

  11. Tati Ramirez omg this will be you