Canadian government backs FIFA 2026 World Cup bid

Canadian government backs FIFA 2026 World Cup bid
Image from: CBC News

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Edmonton, identified as potential Canadian candidate cities, have already endorsed the bid.

Full Article: CBC News


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  1. If they're at all sensible they'll include a stipulation that all cost overruns past a tendered estimate should be covered by FIFA and their sponsors. That way the taxpayer doesn't get stuck covering their bills.

  2. Why would we spend billions on a tournament that we don't even participate in 99% of the time? Its like hosting someone else's party at your house lol.

  3. No thanks, lets keep that corrupt organization as far away as possible

  4. I cant wait to over pay for this and cover all of the overrun costs. Exciting

  5. FIFA is one of the most corrupted organization in the world. Sad to see Canada getting involved with this, which has nothing to add to this country besides corruption.

  6. fifa is as corrupt as the olympic body....we want nothing to do with them in canada

  7. Soccer is lame.....get the Rugby world cup instead!

  8. Ah yes, the sport where players fake injuries like Trudeau fakes doing his job.

  9. A North American bid is a good idea. How many games would Canada get?

  10. As long it involves spending money(not on citizens or infrastructure), our government is for it.

  11. Good idea Kristy! Take books from the blind and put that money towards a crooked soccer organization! FIFA

  12. FIFA is just another name for MAFIA. Keep this out of Canada as far as I'm concerned.

  13. Montréal, too much construction... Ottawa would be a good choice

  14. no thanks, FIFA can find somewhere else to rip off.

  15. who cares about the cost. It's not coming out your pocket. You will get taxed the same regardless.

  16. Taxpayers abuse is rampant. Will that be on credit backed by our wallets? Will get hit twice too, CBC will buy the time with our money.

  17. one of the most openly corrupt sports organizations on the planet

  18. You are doing very good job. Congratulations.

  19. Look at her smile, spending the taxpayers money?

  20. Adam Seguin, hopefully Toronto or Montreal gets it 😉

  21. Jacob Zarankin this one of yours ?

  22. We are going to lose to Morocco.

  23. Alicja Winnik ... there ya go.

  24. Michael Baumgartner Joseph Villafuerte Aaron Wilson Brendon D'Arcy let's go

  25. Rashad Takash Mohamad Al-Jabiri