Couple’s life possessions sink into Gulf of Mexico along with dream boat - National |

Couple’s life possessions sink into Gulf of Mexico along with dream boat - National |

After setting sail for two days, the couple’s boat crashed into a “submerged object” and quickly sank.

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  1. They sure did not think this through very well or bother to do some research into costs, insurance, depth finders etc...sure hope they learned their lesson and people dont bail them out...

  2. I wouldnt think a 28 foot boat is big enough to sail the Caribeen pretty large waves ..and to have no insurance they should have paid the 600 bucks for the year at least they were go fund me has more people wanting money for their mistakes .your unemployed sold everything to buy a boat they prob had no experience in sailing and nothing to back them up money wise..then don't do it ..its a romantic idea but if u don't have the experience or money and u have to sell everything and can't afford insurance then u just don't do it.listening to the video they only had enough money for two months you need way more than that and they didn't work before that and guessing by the way they talked they never even went in the water sailing before .. I would bet they didn't even have a water converter on board to change the salt water to fresh or not enough water on board either. They wanted to go around the world .experts have had issues in 40 feet yaghts and exoerience ; guess they didn't Google what they needed or what they were in for lol

  3. "The 28-foot long boat was uninsured and the couple are both unemployed with very little savings."

    I mean come on. If you can't take care of yourselves, why would you expect others to take care of you? I'd like to quit my job and go backpacking across Europe... I don't, because I have responsibilities and obligations.

  4. What a couple of total losers, no insurance and we lost everything....can you give us your money? Sorry I just sold my house, car, dog and other belongings and bet all the proceeds on black at the roulette wheel and guess what! I lost it all because I'm a moron and now hope there are enough soft touch idiots willing to give me their cash. Shake my head.

  5. That super sucks, but sucks even more when you sell all that you have for a boat that you don't insure 😕

  6. I admire them for taking the risk. To bad it had the outcome it did but people start over successfully all the time. Hope they get the chance to try it again.

  7. Global news writers finding it hard to create more twists on old Trump news?

  8. They lost everything but they survived, that's the main thing.

  9. Dream boat didn't have the right safety navigation just a guess ?

  10. These go fund me pages are not good for my rage.

  11. Should have just bought a lifeboat

  12. I hope that's not a shark fin I see !!!!

  13. not the wisest retirement decision no?

  14. ho doesn't get insurance ???