Crosby scores an insane hand-eye goal.

Crosby scores an insane hand-eye goal.
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  1. For anyone who plans to hate on Crosby......Drafted in '05...has 2 Art's, 2 Hart's, 2 Ted's, 2 Conn's, 2 Rocket's, 1 Messier, 1 Pearson, 2 Olympic gold medals, 3 Stanley Cups, 4 Prince of Wales, and 7 all-star nods......405 goals, 699 assists.....and that's just in the NHL. And you are probably still working a minimum wage job, and couldn't launch a wrister if I paid you. Give your head a shake, morons.

  2. Lookout here come all the knowledgeable haters lol. Climb back on your dildos boys and suk it up. One of the greatest

  3. I'm just wondering if anyone by chance has a good chilli recipe to share?

  4. Absolutely insane best player on the planet easily! 🏒🏒🏒

  5. Just to remind you that Ovechlin has his 600 points.

  6. ok yes I hate crybaby Crosby. I'll admit it, but I'll also admit that was an awesome goal. ok that's all the nice he gets from me. Back to Crosby hatin....

  7. That’s basically a summary of Montreal’s season right there

  8. Crosby’s a crybaby people coming to a post near you....

  9. Anything is possible if you're in the middle of crying hysterically, pouting and swinging your stick around, while getting your salty tears into the eyes of the goalie.

  10. Die hard flyers fan.. Kills me to admit.. He is the best player on the planet... He may not always be the top point getter year in and year out.... But just when you're ready to count him out.. He does something like this or scores from an impossible spot on the ice.

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  12. If you're Canadian and shitting on Crosby, you should seriously give your head a shake. This play was absolutely disgusting - Crosby is a goddamn legend.

  13. Sids the best. Hard to deny it. What he acomplished individually plus team success , level of skull and consistency he showed since his draft year truly is amazing. Hate him if u want he's an all time great

  14. His hand-eye coordination skills are just so special. There are not many players on this planet who are able to score goals like that. Goalie Price had absolutely no chance to stop that one.

  15. Absolutely the best hand/eye coordination I've ever seen. To watch him in person is nothing short of amazing. (And I'm a Flyers fan)

  16. Crosby is the kid who got pushed off his bike, went and got hid dad, and his pops called the cops saying "someone stole my son's bicycle." 😂

  17. And this is the guy who people defended saying that he didn't have control of his stick when blew up Methot's finger lol

  18. Pro tohle by meli ti zacci cast treninku hrat s tenisakě aby se naucili umistovat micek(potom puk) tak jako tento velikan sportu-samo od sebe to neprijde,ale museji se to naucit-nekdo rychleji nekdo pomaleji no hold takovy je zivot....

  19. So why doesn't he have 80 goals and 180 points? Yes, I'm being facetious...sort of. We need players who score like that again.

  20. Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.

  21. Ah, man. I remember when Doc Em and his crew took a min out of the Bruins lovefest to j*** all over NBCSN about this. Was about 20 min ago in the Blues vs Bruins game.

  22. As you get older you can enjoy good plays and appreciate them who ever has them Spent a lot of years only being supportive when my team had them One pleasure of being older

  23. He piles up a lot of points but been kinda invisible lately.. I guess that was a neat goal... he finally made a highlight they prob had to put something up lol I think people are a bit overacting to how good this goal is... good for you Sid 🙂 way to tie the game

  24. A game where he didnt punch no nuts .. just kidding i love to hate the guy awsome hockey player but i hate him bahahah

  25. Jérémi je l'ai vu live et on hurlait dans mon salon tlm on y croyait pas! Et comme 30sec avant le CH à fait un but semblable!

  26. I think that Matt Benning's goal last night batting the puck in from behind the net was much better than that goal!

  27. My dislike for the pens is strong but this Is a nasty goal from one of the greatest players of all time Tyler Barker

  28. Haters be like? What is this NHL.... it’s nothing special, why you posting this lol.... What a goal and what nice control

  29. No surprise. Used to his magic. Nobody deflects pucks mid air better than Sid when his teammates are shooting as well.

  30. Great hockey player no doubt, but this has already been done before. Spurgeon last season for the Wild. Plus, his was nicer. Good goal though 👍🏼

  31. Louis-Philippe Caron Sergiu Suciu Igor Hubin Hubert Smart St-Louis Jean-Philippe Métivier Stefan Livadariu parfois on oublie que Crosby est the actual GOAT ayoooyeeeeee, un des plus beaux buts de tous les temps à mon avis... pis of course ça devait être contre le CH...

  32. Pamela Grace man you gotta be really jealous the rest of the family went to the game, that's insane skill!

  33. Leave the players alone!! Talk about the NHL screwed up refs that play side by side with the American teams

  34. Pens gonna start playing for real now. Not saying a 3peat yet but seems like they are off cruise control.

  35. JT cant do this... maybe ovechkin but def not JT... that's why Sidney is the best #gofrozenwatersoccer Nick Puzzi

  36. She's always been a fabulous hockey player; nobody's disputing that.

  37. Sid doesn't kid, he's just that good.

  38. Blake Pantlin good play for an adult baby

  39. God I hate him. But what a pretty goal.

  40. This is the pretyest goal i ever seen😮

  41. And it still won't make ESPN's Top 10

  42. God, I don't like him, but this was so epic goal.

  43. Everyone hates him. I do too. But he does make us all say WOW..

  44. Scores the goal, then immediately celebrates with his favorite teammate, the ref...

  45. The sherback goal was better lmfao

  46. He should get 2 min for referee interference

  47. anybody still wondering who the best player in the world is ??? just crazy hands

  48. Even better that it was against the Habs.. 🤣🤣

  49. I think it's cute the way Penguins fans think they have a chance this year.

  50. Im a Flyers fan , but Sid definitely goes ... that was goat worthy

  51. And he had an unreal goal against Buffalo exactly 1yr ago, that’s why he’s the best in the world

  52. -Sidney : Hold my beer, the game set to rookie mode on nhl 18

  53. Fran 😲 are you kidding me....

  54. I don't like Crosby but that goal was a beauty!!

  55. Cassy, sucks its against our team but what a sick goal

  56. Carlos I hate this guy. But this is amazing.

  57. Oh, but I do love that sound: the beautiful strains of Crosby-haters shutting their dick-holsters.

  58. Rebecca Marie finally a crosby highlight in 2018. Look who its against hahaha

  59. Well at least he didn’t knock anybody’s finger off

  60. Impressive, and that's coming from a Caps fan.

  61. I'm not a Crosby fan, but that was a beautiful goal.

  62. That was such a dirty goal I had to wash myself

  63. Puck's up in the air. Why drop to your knees?

  64. This is better than McDavid’s goal vs Tampa Bay. And that’s saying a lot

  65. He’s a whiny crybaby who happens to be one of the most talented people to ever play the game.

  66. I don’t like Crosby, but plays like this make me appreciate his talent

  67. Sydney Crosby is the Justin Bieber of hockey

  68. That’s why he best in the world.