Drake - God’s Plan

Drake - God’s Plan
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  1. She said do you love me, I told her nah walahi, I only love my Rab and my momma I'm sorry - Allah's Plan

  2. You have done what no artist has ever done.You have reinvested in your fans.

    It’s crazy to think that the money you have made from the fans, you are just turning right around and giving it right back.


  3. This video was amazing. It’s the change we need in this world. You can see the happiness in everyone’s face. I was in tears. This is why life is beautiful.

  4. I know you people like Drake good for you but he kills coyotes for his clothes line it's wrong this needs to stop he's selfish he doesn't care about animals I say let's boycott everything drake till he gets it through his thick skull that this is wrong if you're for him your no better than him

  5. That moment when Drake likes his own post

  6. I wish you could have met my son Matthew...so many people called him DRAKE...but in this video he was exactly like you...especially on the final day on this earth... He was taken from me his children and many who love him....by a gun...he was unarmed...

  7. I feel Good some time I Don't! May Go down as G.O.D!
    I loved the part where you hugged the boy! I saw the tears in your eyes

  8. "Trust me, we're nothing without out mother so... Thank u. U gotta make sure u take care of your ma, that's all we got"

    - Drake

  9. You might not read this, but I’m going to try for my students anyways...

    This video is one of the many reasons why you’re my favorite artist. All my students know you’re my favorite. Even in my 6th grade ELA classroom I try to inspire my students to read through you and your music.

    If you’re in need of a place to spread some more kindness please consider donating books to my classroom. 💕

  10. God bless you Drake. We are blessed in order to bless others. Money doesn’t buy happiness unless you give it away!!!

  11. I cried that good ugly cry to this .. so happy all the people reactions
    Genuine and special
    God bless them n drake n the world for us all

  12. What an awesome video. Had me in tears. I am sure every individual who you helped appreciated you. God bless.

  13. "I know if I'm generous at heart, I don't need recognition
    The way I'm rewarded, well, that's God's decision
    I know you know that line's for Compton School District
    Just give it to the kids, don’t gossip 'bout how it was distributed"

    from "Momma"
    Kendrick Lamar

  14. I see that you gave away over $1000000 I really hope it's God's plan we're out here in Bakersfield California our church Vanguard Christian Center has a wrestling program for the kids in the neighborhood we're looking at remodel or wrestling room what do you think can you help us out God's plan

  15. Bendita cea...
    Solo el que a saboreado el amargo de la pobreza es capas de ser un angel como drake....personas que tienen mucho mas que el no son capaces de hacer centir al pobre y humilde que hay una razon para seguir....alguinen que le de una mano amiga..como lo ah hecho drake....que dios te bendiga..
    Tendras un lugar al lado e dios...

  16. I'm loving this video and Drake genuine love to all those people he helped. Makes me want to meet him in real like.#lifegoals.

  17. May God continue to bless you Drake! The love and respect you have for your mom is amazing and the way you are there for your fans just as much as they are there for you is beautiful.

  18. Need to start a god plans challenge and have other artist do this to neighborhoods and schools give back to the community.

  19. Right after leaving my message here, this comes up my news feed. And look at the name of the page. CRAZY RIGHT?
    There was another one also. Hold on, I'm putting it up now

  20. I get it. What he has done is wonderful and he's such a stand up dude. And I love the video. The song is my ringtone. But...Marianas Trench- a Canadian Band - did this type of video and it was posted in October, 2017 (Who Do You Love) The exact same type of video - but the difference is that the money went towards CANADIANS. Drake is Canadian. We have people in our nation that need asssistance - he should of focused also on his home and native land. The money that he was handing out didn't come from his pocket. It came from the budget for the video to be filmed.

  21. Just watched the clip and it made me feel emotional that we live in a world where nice and kind things don’t happen, where simple kind words are unspoken, these days our world is filled with hate, judgement, selfishness and negativity where is the love?

  22. bad tinx is a lot of bad tinx all are wish all are wish all are wishing on me,she said do you love me,i told her na walahi i only love my rab and my momma,God's plan.God's plan,i fill good sometime....

  23. Drake...U are definitely the coolest person/singer❤️ it’s so good to see tht u give some back to the ppl❤️❤️❤️ may God bless u❤️

  24. This video was definitely God's Plan. So many lives touched by this. Made my ❤ smile😊Drake u are definitely something special. Blessings😘

  25. A Drake I see you are doing a lot of good out there. I know someone who needs a little help right now and they are really sick but they are still working and they just can't get any help out there.

  26. What a wonderful and hearttouching thing you did. Not many artists do what you did. Please do more good deeds around the country. God bless you.

  27. The content of this video aside, it's a bummer musically that Drake used to be I thought such a promising rap artist, who I guess now is content to lazily mumble/sing over beats produced for him in song after song. Isn't horrible, just so incredibly predictable.

  28. A million dollar budget for a music video? Thankfully he was taught well to give back and make that money matter to people who could use it.

  29. Thanks for speaking on my plan... give me what you earn for it since I spoke it through you. Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. From me, through you, back to me, for us... ECHO¡¡

  30. I loved the part where the lady falls off the bench when she sees you sitting there... I feel like that's exactly what I would have done.

  31. from venezuela as seen and several aids and donations made to the drake singer who is one of few generous singers who helps those who need it, so those are the ones the world needs, singers who do not rise in pride At the head with humility that person receives blessings from God and from those people he helps..A FALLEN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN .. desde venezuela segun e visto varias ayudas y donaciones que a hecho el cantautor drake quien se ve que es uno de pocos cantantes generosos que presta ayuda a quienes lo necesitan personas asi son las que el mundo necesita,cantantes a quienes no se le suba el orgullo a la cabeza con humildad esa persona recibe bendiciones de dios y de esas personas a las que ayuda..COMO UN ANGEL CAIDO DEL CIELO..

  32. You are Great! Greatly to be Praised! Please continue in this direction with your Music...THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️

  33. Your a great man drake. We need more ppl like u in this world. Thats another reason why im a big fan of you. Keep up the good work.

  34. The next time you visit Miami, Please don't forget Eagles With Broken Wings, Inc. (Non-profit Organization) This video is amazing!!

  35. You have a Beautiful Soul, and I Pray that God will Continue To Bless You In All That You Do... Keep Spreading the Love that you were Blessed with.. Since having 4 open heart surgeries I have Prayed for people to pay it forward I try to Be a Blessing, and you are doing just that... You are A Blessing
    Much Love ❤️❤️❤️ To You Young Man... Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

  36. I love you.❤️
    It’s great to see a man of God in your profession doing His work!! God bless & stay awesome.😊

  37. ilysm and i love the music video and i just thinkit was was so amazing to do all the things you did for those ppl in the store and the homeless and etc

  38. Oh my gawd😭😭😭 why not South Africa though??? My brother and I are such huge fans!!! But anyways, this video is phenomenal and you literally touched so many people's hearts in a good way so best believe many good things are coming your way. Bless up👐❤👑....keep an eye out for the haters who'll do the same publicity now👀

  39. Mad love Drake you've always been my favorite brother but this pushed it to another level fam keep it up my brother

  40. Great information: D Hold this line and you could actually get me paying attention in the long term as well. ✨

  41. We should start a social media campaign spreading love and happiness to the less fortunate! #GodsPlan

  42. Drake your new video has inspired others. You took it to a whole new level. Can't wait to hear your new album.

  43. Amazing video i love it 👍i was almost crying i felt so happy for every body i wish i was the lucky one ...not for the money but to meet #Drake😘

  44. With all the negativity in our country nowadays this was very refreshing...absolutely love it

  45. What a touching music video indeed non of em artist ever did this but Drake himself ✌✌✌ Much Respect

  46. Drake you the best, for me you're a legend...keep doing good living large, love you buddy

  47. God's plan video is so touching and emotional.

  48. God bless everyone and remember it start with make a difference in life don't stop after you have been blessed keep the blessing going . one love

  49. Drake people will always look for something wrong or bad but if they would only put the same time and energy into themselves and the greater good in life things wouldnt be so jacked up stay just the way u are keep working for god and know that only god knows gods plan and we can only be a part of it and u are doing your part thank u I cryed watching this video its wonderful .. Gods plan.&>

  50. Bless Your Heart & Many More Blessings To Come Because You Are Amazing Artist And No Other Artist Has Done What You Did. 😊😊😊💙💙💙💋💋💋💋💋 Beautiful Video. Is Good To Give Back. Love Your Work And Music Too.

  51. These reactions made my day bro keep it on this level🙆🏼‍♂️$Money$=happines💯🔥🔥

  52. This made me love you even more than I already do 💘👑

  53. Marius Jambois check le clip, on a un nouvel exemple sur la philanthropie, je le place en kholle

  54. Meg Clancy reminds me of your "altruistic narcissistic rant" 😂

  55. Drake’s smile can light up a stadium. Continue doing God’s great work.

  56. Great voice, that sounds really really good!

  57. You did this 💟💯💯💯💯 #Respect !!!!!! #GodsPlan indeed!

  58. Katherine Robertson ☹️ that generosity, that smile, that man. ☹️

  59. I have heard better ya need to change your hook < shrugs > its nothing personal its just business ♫

  60. I love it, Drake am waiting for big a concert in ivory cost

  61. This video is everything. Drake you're amazing😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏

  62. Thanks, Drake. University of Miami gonna get investigated by NCAA now Mito Alfonso

  63. I’m loving drake so much for this❤️❤️❤️ So glad he came with this wonderful video

  64. You are amazing.. keep spreading the love, evreyone needs some 👏❤️👌👍

  65. Drake I know you probably won’t read this but God Bless your heart..

  66. The world needs more people like you.😍😍😍

  67. Drake, I wish you’d surprise me, not monetarily, but because I ❤️ U!

  68. What an amazing heart, so beautiful to see a talented yet giving artist. God Bless!! Drake❤👍🙏