Five Takeaways - Leafs vs. Lightning - 02/12/18

Five Takeaways - Leafs vs. Lightning - 02/12/18
Image from: Toronto Maple Leafs

We’ve got your 5 Takeaways from Toronto’s tight 4 - 3 win over Tampa Bay on Monday.


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  1. Sure, blow another 3-0 lead.

  2. If the boys do not have a nickname for Nylander they should call him Slick Willy!

  3. Showed that they can play with playoff teams. Two great tests in the last three games. Great win!

    Why you need enforcers

  5. Was expecting a 1 goal game. Good test. Let's keep it going against Columbus, a team that was once keeping pace.

  6. Awesome game and great play and drive By the Leafs. Keep it up Boys.

  7. Marner to Matthews to Nylander HE SCOOOOORES!!!! I'm so happy 😂