ForestKids Early Learning - Forest School

ForestKids Early Learning - Forest School
Image from: Happy Hooligans

Puddles are irresistible!

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  1. Sally Cuneo Ajello just saw this after reading your post. My girls can鈥檛 walk by a puddle or snowbank without jumping in it. At the time I think Ugh! But really- how much longer will they want to do it? Such a simple childhood pleasure ....

  2. Geez ! Take it from an older generation, these kids need the down to earth experience ! Take off those hats, boots, and suits ! Get into the mud ! Be one with the earth and get dirty ! ! Let them know that it is okay to get dirty !

  3. I love seeing children discover the world!

  4. This is real childhood....I let my kids do that!

  5. Doreen MacLeod Angus would love this 馃槀

  6. Kim McMullan we need these suits for the kiddies

  7. Kirsty Twell. This is Alicia and Freddy

  8. Lovely to see kids being kids x

  9. Le pozzanghere sono sempre state un attrazione.

  10. Kids being kids oh what joy

  11. Fabio Pereira vamos fazer isso com o Ben um dia?

  12. Laura Pearce remind you of anyone 馃槈馃槈.

  13. Lea Lovro Toma拧i膰 evo sljedece aktivnosti 馃槀

  14. They look like they're having fun

  15. Cody Erin Byrum show Deegan

  16. Mareliiiiii Mareli Enslin

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