Frederik Andersen's Game-Saving Save

Frederik Andersen's Game-Saving Save
Image from: NHL

Frederik Andersen, never one to disappoint. 👏

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  1. That was an awesome game to watch, felt like a playoff game. Hope it comes to that would be a great series, got us tonight Toronto but GO BOLTS! ⚡️

  2. Gotta love the attention Leafs are getting from the NHL page. I guess haters will hate. But us Leafs fans have lived through a lot of pain and finally our team is good. Go Leafs Go!!

  3. You arnt Canada’s team and haven’t been since 67. Go jets go....

  4. Freddy in the vezina conversation??

  5. 😂😂😂 there we go. NHL showing you their poster boys. Soon they’ll be posting when Nylander drops a deuce or Auston picks that enormous nose 😂

  6. Andersen has been a a beast but can he save the Leafs in a 7 game series? That’s the question it was the same thing with Ducks... as a Ducks fan and living in Toronto I hope he keeps this going into the playoffs

  7. Wish he was still in Anaheim!

  8. To be fair, he disappointed at least twice tonight. But a wins a win

  9. Glad to see Freddy is back in action after the accident during the ducks game.

  10. Ducks traded the wrong tender 😭

  11. "Never one to disappoint" yea sure lmao

  12. Did Lundqvist's save on Myers ever get posted? I can't find it.

  13. Well he’s one to disappoint in October anyway lol

  14. Fredex same day delivery! ❤

  15. John Elgersma Isn’t he awesome?

  16. Etienne Marchand lui ta carte cachée?

  17. Jesus Shredder Ramirez Chuck Latham