G7 summit to cost Canadian taxpayers more than $200 million

G7 summit to cost Canadian taxpayers more than $200 million
Image from: CBC News

Security provided by the RCMP is expected to eat up $125 million of the budget alone.

Full Article: CBC News


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  1. Not difficult to see why so many people protest it; those funds could be used for education, health care or (God forbid) to assist veterans

  2. I love my country. I feel mostly good about the social contract of taxation that allows us to share the burden of paying for things like healthcare and education. But I am working really hard and I’m feeling really overtaxed.

  3. I hope Trump can't make it, or if he does come that he is strictly confined to meetings....no scoping out Canadian real estate ! Make sure he returns to the U.S. the very hour that this summit is finished....or maybe even sooner ! Don't need a loudmouthed bigoted racist, who demeans females constantly, in our country!

  4. Why does the CBC report on this as if the money goes out the window? There will be construction jobs, Canadian jobs. There will be security jobs, Canadian jobs. This is $200,000,000 spent in Canada on Canadians that will put it back in to the economy, why is this so hard to figure out?

  5. This is disgusting for these stuffed shirts to have a photo op. Go to some military base tell no one and do you hand shaking...we all know that most of the deals and paperwork was done months ago...

  6. Why does Justin world supplier of large donation to terrists groups need security? He will just peoplesplain to the nice bomber that a hug and a selfie will be better. Besides he probably has a few veterans homes to give to these people...

  7. And you'll also get a free glimpse at our civil liberties being stripped away just like happened at the G20 in Toronto.

  8. guess they never heard of skype...... well at least it isn't a BILLION dollars like harper spent...... still far too much food off of CANADIAN tax payer tables though......

  9. 200 million to host useless politicians/bureaucrat, yet our vets “are asking for more than we can give”-Trudeau.

  10. Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

    Pros: Extending trade deals or striking new ones with other countries, better security and intelligence cooperating with other country’s armed forces. In the unlikely event he’s attacked, Canada doesn’t lose its leader and look like a bunch of retards, stock market doesn’t go plummeting for years. Probably worth a hundreds of millions of dollars combined?

    Cons: we lose $125m

    I fail to see the issue

  11. A few corrections re: The dates in this article.

    The g7 in Halifax was hosted in 1995, not 1988 as it was stated.

    The g7 in 1988 was hosted in Toronto, not halifax, as stated in the article.

  12. $200 Million plus - JESUS - plain stupid !! The RCMP are big benefactors as the overtime they get paid is just plain stupid as the overtime $ let them go and buy an extra SUV for the wife etc.,

  13. It’s just going to be a back drop for Turdeau’s selfies and Drumph’s soap box. Waste of time and money! ORRRR maybe we can just let those two stay outside.

  14. It’s time we decide where the money goes give this guy what he wants a television show .... and get him out of Ottawa

  15. How much do you think it cost when it’s somewheres else. More is the answer. Not sure what you want them to do about it, they’re the biggest targets in the world all in one place.

  16. Meme time: Trump: "you should of built a wall Angela"
    Angela: "shut up Donald"
    Justin: "smile for the cameras"

  17. It's maddening that we have to entertain Donnie-boy. Hope it will be the ONLY time he comes to Canada. 😡

  18. $200 million is cheap compared to the tax avoidance opportunities this group is going to provide their best buds.

  19. G7 in Toronto needed alot of extra security as the leftists were on a rampage. This one should be cheap as all the loony left is now suddenly for globalism and the right will be working.

  20. Where's that money coming from? I thought there wasn't any to give?

  21. Trump shouldn’t be allowed into Canada 🇨🇦

  22. Internet conference call would be nearly free.

  23. I can't wait for the Con-farts to make a stink about this,HEha.

  24. They could do us a favor and refuse to protect Trump. And publicize it too!

  25. Way cheaper than the $1.4 billion (that's billion with a B) Harper spent on the Toronto summit.

  26. Everyone is paid , Government is not hiring extra security staff.Accounting issue.

  27. He should use his returning isis fighters and see how safe he feels

  28. Should we not host the same as other countries? I think it's $ well spent.

  29. You speak about how much money it costs but how much money does itbbrinh tobthr local economy? I would suspect a lot more than it costs.

  30. Not this Tax payer! I refuse to have any of my hard earned money go to Trudeau!

  31. Since the RCMP is a Crown corporation owned by the taxpayers why would we pay for this in the first place? Why not just donate the services and write it off??

  32. Don't let trump across the border will save about $100 million...

  33. Let’s hope it’s not another Harper Toronto fiasco.

  34. Keep Trump and America will double the $200 million!

  35. What the hell is 125 million being spent on? Kobe beef uniforms for the whole force?

  36. Didn't Mr. Harper spend a billion on two summits?

  37. Should let The Orange Turd host it he’s spending money hand over fists!!! 🙀

  38. Annnnnd thats why the veterans are "asking for too much".

  39. The price of doing business! This is PR!

  40. And they say the West never gets sucked in by Europe.

  41. Ok. Thanks for letting us know. Now we can take to social media and show our outrage.

  42. That's as much as Trudeau's illegal vacation

  43. Ugh! Where is the money for seniors and vets?

  44. That's peanuts compared to Toronto Police budget

  45. Value for our money is zero just delusional elites congratulating themselves

  46. In my dreams I think they are discussing how to clean up and then the alarm rings

  47. We could save like... 20 Khadr's from... boredom.. with that money.