Gerber Baby

Gerber Baby

Gerber Baby

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 26, 2018, 2 p.m.

Meet Lucas, the baby with Down Syndrome who just made history! ❤️👶🏻

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  1. Congratulations Lucas!!!!
    God loves you, I love you.
    I have no words to tell you how adorable and special God has made you😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Wonderful what a smiler he's so cute I love this kid god bless Lucas and have a brilliant life keep smiling little fella xxxxxx

  3. Lucas, way to go sweetheart! Your smile is the best and the love that lights your face shines through.

    To Lucas’ parents, God sent you an angel! We know because he sent our family an angel too. Our baby sister’s name was Debby. She is in Heaven now ... still smiling ... a lot like you.

  4. Congratulations Lucas.A beautiful little boy and we'll done to those at Gerber for choosing him all babies are beautiful regardless of their disabilities and deserve the recognition too.

  5. That smile is so beautiful. Lucas is one enormous ray of sunshine! It just makes everything seem right! God bless Lucas and his parents and God bless Gerber!

  6. Cute kid, I think that is awesome that Gerber has branched out. Any baby, down syndrome or not, should be able to be honored in that category.

    Congratulations to Lucas and his parents.

  7. Adorable smiling eyes.....a so infectious U cute Baby Lucas.....God bless U & your loving parents!!!🖒❤😘 Kudos to GERBER....Mabuhay kayo!!!🖒🤗

  8. Lucas you are so cute and beautiful little boy 👦. And also a great star 🌟. Congratulations 🎊 little man 👨.

  9. Congrats Gerber you made the right choice. My grandson Dustin has Downs Syrodme. He is 9 yrs old and a beautiful spirit. Thanks for this

  10. Lucas is an adorable baby and will make a wonderful model for Gerber baby food. Congratulations to you Lucas and may this just be your first modeling job for you are truly a handsome little man.

  11. Congratulations what a beautiful boy with a contagious smile when you see his picture and the never ending smile you just have to smile right it

  12. How awesome is this...way to go Gerber... are such a beautiful Handsome lil man
    And I do believe you will go far in life...

  13. This baby is wonderful and deserving. I'm not sure how you do something as meaningful as this and still advertise on The View.l

  14. These little ones are so special to me. When I see them with their happy faces and cute little laughs my heart sings. I truly believe they are angels sent to earth to teach us what life is all about.

  15. If I were his mom if make a book out of all these amazing comments. Congrats Beautiful Boy!!! Way to Go!

  16. What a choice Gerber. That baby is beautiful. If I bought baby good I would by Gerber because that beautiful baby is on there. Congratulations

  17. God has blessed this little boy in so many ways you keep smiling so the world can see how precious you are. Love you little one

  18. the more we see these beautiful children featured across the world, the more we recognise their beauty and charm. I am overwhelmed with joy.

  19. Congratulations Lucas so happy u won kids with special needs needs love just like any kid I know that for a fact ur a special angel sent from god ur a blessing to ur family

  20. You are adorable and you look so happy and what a smile Congratulations Lucas very proud of you! God Less you!

  21. Congrats to Lucas and his family!!! Why wouldn't someone pick him his smile and his handsome face says it all♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Congratulations what a gorgeous smiling boy. Anyone would be proud of Lucas. A little super star.😍😎 Xx

  23. Omg just wanted to pick him up and give him a huge cuddle, he's so gorgeous, and such an infectious smile. Well done Lucas

  24. What a joy to have and hold with a glorious happy nature. I just wish I could be near to have a cuddle with him.

  25. Congratulations. What a wonderful story. It is the time to show that these children are the same as any other children.

  26. It's about time special children were included in everything those without disabilities are! He is beautiful!

  27. Hes adorable. Like all d.s. children there great. I love them and always make sure i smile or speak tp them.

  28. Congratulations to Lucas and his parents. Lucas is adorable and has a great smile. A wonderful blessing from Jehovah.

  29. All god's children are beautiful and special when people open there hearts the world is beautiful place as well ❤️❤️❤️

  30. All I see is a beautiful baby boy! His smile made me smile! Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations Lucy's, you have my vote for sure!

  31. A beautiful smile on a beautiful little boy congratulations on on being the goober baby that should say Gerber baby

  32. To sweet children with disabilities need recogniction congratulations to this precious child of God.

  33. Your such a handsome Lil guy lucus I hope your future is just as bright as you and your gorgeous smile❤💕

  34. So happy for him and his parents he's adorable and will be a great Gerber baby

  35. Congrats to baby lucas beautiful baby

  36. What a beautiful happy baby. Good job Gerber.

  37. Beautiful Beautiful Lucas I just think you are so Adorable

  38. Congratulations Little Star Lucas ... love you ... God Bless

  39. Congratulations Baby Lucas and the proud parents...he's God's blessings

  40. WAY TO GO GERBER !!!!!!

  41. So sweet and cute thank God so precious

  42. Can't stop my tears from falling off my eyes in this clip miss Carina Castro😭nakakatats grabe.. 😭

  43. What a cutie and a wonderful smile he has 😃

  44. Congratulations to you and your family x.

  45. Congratulations to you and your family. He is a precious little boy.

  46. What an adorable little boy, I hope he has a lifetime of good memories.

  47. Congratulations to you all, what a real cutie.

  48. He is absolutely Beautiful! A Gift from God! A Precious Baby! God Bless All of You!💙

  49. Awww he is wonder he won xxx

  50. Congrats to you sweet baby boy so happy for you I love your smile.

  51. Joy boy what a doll...precious angel.

  52. Congrats Beautiful Boy Lucus with his cute face and May God bless you.

  53. So about this they are Gods special angels!!!!!

  54. These children bring brightness and love wherever they go. Beautiful!

  55. The best choice, he's adorable

  56. What a precious, smiling little guy.....he deserves this so much. God bless him and his family


  58. This is fantastic Congratulations Lucas!

  59. Lucas ... you are just AWESOMENESS... CONGRATULATIONS LITTLE MAN.. MUCH LOVE ❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤💋💋💋

  60. This,baby has the best smile. He's already blessed

  61. Absolutely adorable, a real happy chappie!

  62. Congratulations Lucas, you are a beautiful little boy xxx

  63. Congratulations, Lucas, and God Bless, you do have a beautiful smile, and eyes that sparkle

  64. Yay!! He's beautiful & deserving of that honor!!😁😁👍👍👍