Granlund, Staal Connect for a Fantastic Goal.

Granlund, Staal Connect for a Fantastic Goal.
Image from: NHL

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  1. Winnipeg will still win this game. They are insane in 3rd periods.

  2. That’s some straight up mighty ducks stuff right there... just need a guy with a lasso to prevent a boarding play...

  3. The Wild definitely showed up tonight for the home crowd.

  4. As a wild fan I'm not expecting that great of a series. Without Ryan Suter and since Chuck flecher traded Chris Stewart away.. we won't have the tenacity to keep the Jets at bay

  5. A series is never over until that 4th win is tallied up. Until then any series is anyone's game

  6. Let the Mild fans be happy for 1 game... it's good for moral

  7. I think we all learned something today.... Hellebuyck is a sieve!! Bahahahaha

  8. Don’t plan your parade just yet Winnipeg Jet fans.

  9. Nice to see the Wild putting up a solid fight now!

  10. Much needed win for the Wild! Well done boys!

  11. Where are all the jets fans saying Nashville wouldn't stand a chance against them? Lmao

  12. That is a thing of beauty! Nice work wild!

  13. Can't win them all. Jets will take out the Wild regardless. Jets will win on Tuesday ;)

  14. I can’t believe Staal is still playing. He was the most talented of the 3 in my opinion.

  15. Man I miss that here in Carolina.

  16. Melinda Corbin... here is what you missed!

  17. yup show off every other team but the jets right NHL yup

  18. Jets will end up winning this series.

    Wild go home disappointed again. No big deal

  19. You use your speed and get past the Jets hits and they have nothing. A untested playoff goalie and some iffy defenders.

  20. Kamil Pytka wow what a Beautiful goal

  21. Marko Taponen on toi mikke g kova pellaamaa!

  22. You like ice tea? Cuz that was nasty!

  23. Maryam Elise McDaniels Emily Klatt I’m still legit *drooling* over that pass 🤤🤤🤤

  24. Alex Diotte Alexandre Huot whaat a pass

  25. Félix Tanguay Nassim Ouadhi Carl-Luca Bernola