Halladay's Perfect Inning

Halladay's Perfect Inning
Image from: Toronto Blue Jays

One of the most emotional baseball moments you will ever see.

Full Article: Toronto Blue Jays


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  1. He did his father proud. Roy is smiling down him for sure😊
    Brent C J Preuss, you could at least have some respect for the kid and his family. What makes you think he was high when he crashed? If you haven't got anything nice to say than keep your mouth shut😡

  2. Love the shirt Doc's wife is wearing.
    Good kid.
    Really love that he's playing for Canada. (even if a small part of it is a reduced talent pool, I still think it's great).
    Toronto and Canada will always have a home for the Halladays.

  3. Wow, his set stance and wind up is awfully familiar.

    I wonder what it is he drew on the mound at the beginning?

  4. This was incredibly special...Braden is very composed and well spoken for being only 17. I’m sure his dad, “Doc”, is smiling down from heaven!

  5. I'm not crying you're crying. There's something in my eye

  6. Well played Braden, you played a great inning and one that your dad would have been proud of. If you turn out to be as good as your father I’m sure the Jays would love to have you! Go Braden and Go Blue Jays 👍👏🇨🇦⚾️

  7. Sign him jays have him play opening night that be awsome

  8. My #32 Halladay shirt will be worn during my trip to Cambodia. Wish I could be at opening day. Watched the funeral. Will b attending the Cooperstown induction WHEN he gets in. Hope his son is drafted by BJays.

  9. Hard to imagine a baseball world without Doc, but it is so comforting to watch his son like this. May we have many years with Doc Jr. ⚾️

  10. Beautiful playing , and so sad in the Lose of his Dad off Fl in a plane crash .. He will follow his Dad in Baseball for sure ..

  11. It was amazing to watch he should be on the bluejays radar to draft him & sign him see him walking off the mound his walk was just like his father's

  12. Watching this without audio makes absolutely no sense. Man throws ball, lady drinks beer, runner is out at 1st, standing ovation. Classic.

  13. Would like to have seen some of the other pitchers as well. ie....Grif Hassall etc. Young Halliday really is following in Dads footsteps.

  14. My heart breaks 💔 What a strong young man and a proud mom I’m sure. So nice to see him playing for Canada 🇨🇦!

  15. Brent c j preuss you are totally a foul mouth fool, and you showed your true self on social media. As a famous man said STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!!!!!

  16. Yeah mom!!! Best Mormon ever!!! drinking a beer!!! My husband is also Mormon...and as a Canadian soldier also drinks beer!!! LOL!!!

  17. Was emotional to witness this! Way to go kid 🇨🇦

  18. I salute you young man! May your future be as bright as your father's past.

  19. Blue Jays had best be drafting him...

  20. he sure looks like his father - Roy is probably looking down with great pride at his son, Braden

  21. It’s going to be an emotional day on the 29

  22. Very touching moment. Much bigger than baseball.

  23. Good luck to you Braden Halladay!👍😎

  24. Man, what an emotional day it must have been. Doc was my favourite of all time.

  25. His dad would be so proud.......

  26. What a wonderful moment for him and his family after such a terrible loss. And for the poster who posted that dispicable comment you are sick person.

  27. Such a touching story...Doc we’ll always remember you and root for your family!

  28. Wow pitchs just like his father r. I. P to the Doc greatest of all time may God opens up the haven gates for Roy. H AMEEN

  29. Well done, Braeden, you did your amazing dad proud.

  30. It's not even a major league game lol wait till he pitches there and then say it's a big moment.

  31. Brilliant - ‘Halliday - 3 up, 3 down’. Even uses his dads commentary. Well done.

  32. Way to go kid, your dad is smiling down on you......🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  33. Jays gotta draft this kid....cant miss ace of the future

  34. Need to see him in a Jays uniform!!!

  35. Hopefully the Jays can draft him

  36. He looks like his father, Rest in peace Roy . The kid will be fine ,the mother is very strong and supportive for her son . Good luck Braden .

  37. Your dad would’ve been over the moon proud!!

  38. If you cant say something good dont say anything it changes nothing ,his dad is looking down and is so proud 💞💞

  39. I wish him as much success as his father had. Beautiful to watch today.

  40. His dad will be watching with pride!!!

  41. His father's smiling down from Heaven watching his boy pitch for the Blue Jays

  42. God Bless him. I hope he has a long and wonderful career like his Dad did.

  43. Your dad was great. He really did hold the Blue Jays at that time when it was hard to be a fan.

  44. Hopefully he'll be a future Blue Jay.

  45. Ori Malka
    Notice who was pitching for the Canada jr. Team

  46. Kyle Green is that Brad at the end of the video lol

  47. This gives me chills, amazing performance!

  48. God bless that family. You pops is smiling young man. Prayers sent. 🙏🏻

  49. So amazing!!!! Way to make your dad, your family and canada proud!

  50. better draft him if given the chance !!!!!

  51. Victor Chan im not crying , you're crying

  52. I watched those innings. Was awesome to see all cheer when he finished the inning!

  53. He pitched well, enough to retire all three batters. 👍

  54. You did great kid!!!!! Canada is very proud of you!!!!!

  55. A chip of the ol DOC ..... Well played young man

  56. Looked just like his old man out there

  57. You know one day soon the jays are going to sign him

  58. Looks like his dad on the mound too!

  59. Lisa Czerkas Lauzon you may want to share this with John!

  60. Brian Harper Jon VVhite looks like you guys at 00:42

  61. Lindsay Mathews I’m not crying you’re crying

  62. He drew a heart on the mould probably said dad

  63. His pitching pose is same as Roy.. nice to see Halladay again.

  64. Well if he wasn’t on drugs like half the team