Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz!

Posted by Justin Trudeau March 20, 2018, 7:53 p.m.

Happy Nowruz! Wishing all those celebrating today a prosperous and healthy new year.

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  1. You’re the best prime minster in Canadian history ! Sir, all nations around the world are envying us Canadian for having a great country and a great prime minster! Salute to all our veterans and anyone one who is serving our great Canada! God bless Canada 🇨🇦!
    ( O’ Canada, we stand on guard for thee 🇨🇦!).

  2. Happy Nowruz!

    What a great leader!
    Compassionate and Kind and intelligent!

    God why you didn’t give us Trudeau; why you punished us with Trump!
    Why God —Why Why Why Why Why!

  3. I'll celebrate more next October when you get booted from office.polls show you have lost your charm.its like McDonald's and I'm loving it.

  4. I’ve yet to see any decent reasons as to why so many are against Trudeau? Could it just be because he’s tolerant and respectful towards all cultures and people and that annoys you? Lol

  5. To all of you conservatives who are hating... did you complain when Harper did the same!?!?!? No so sthu

  6. Thank you Mr Prime minister. Its such an honor to have such an amazing, humble and kind leader like you. So proud more than ever to be iranian canadian

  7. from Kurdistan. Greetings, Mr. Prime minister , thank you for your congratulations to Norouz ... and on this occasion I congratulate you and congratulate the people of the Canadian ... with my sincere love to you

  8. Australian columnist Rita Panahi called Justin Tru-Dope the "Kim Kardashian of political leaders; an all-style, no-substance nimbo with all the depth of a puddle .

  9. Novruz is not just only farsian Holiday. Its also Holidays millions of TURKS. WHO LIVE IN AZERBAIJAN AND southern Azerbaijan.. Please Consider That in future. Justin Trudeau

  10. Looking forward to the end of your political movie. Rotten tomatoes would rate it 0/10. 👎🏻

  11. I want to say that you are a Great man , who really cares about his people and others! Thank you for who you are! I wish your were our President of the USA, I would vote for you! Thank you! 😊 God Bless 🇨🇦 Canada!

  12. Thanks Justin. I'm impressed that you got the date right and the origins of this 1000s of years old Persian-Iranian tradition and celebration

  13. Just learned of this today at school. One of my classmates is from Iran and he and another fellow from Morocco helped me with the pronunciation.

    Probably the coolest bit was how they both light right up when asked to share a little bit of their culture with a Canadian.

    Happy Nowruz!

  14. Mr. Trudeau you are the best. I am proud to have you sir representing our canada.😊 happy nowruz to all iranian-canadian and all the nation's that celebrate the arrival of spring.🌸🌸🌷🌷⚘⚘⚘

  15. You educate us about the world. The global community we reach out to trade with and yet know so little about. Thanks.

  16. Nowruz, Eid, Christmas, Hanukkah however what it is ... Justin Trudeau a man who knows to enjoy and celebrate the diversity of our World ! Great Man

  17. Nawruz is Persian and Kurdish new year not only Persian,
    Please respect Kurdish as will we was fight in front ISIS not Iranian
    For your information Mr Justin Trudeau

  18. Agreed !!! Wishing all my Persian friends Happy Nowruz.. with all of our effort we can make Canada most prestigious and most peaceful country in the world..

  19. Hello everybody. Happy Nowruz!
    Now, I've just come here to feel jealous! This has become my thing nowadays, let's name it a hobby. A new kind of hobby.
    I open my Facebook account and Watch one of videos of President Trudeau and as soon as Mr Trudeau starts talking
    I immediately feel jeaolus.
    Such refreshing experience it is!
    It also helps me tremendously for the daily problems throughout my day in a weird way.
    I suggest this practice, to every third world country citizens around the world!
    Seriously folks.
    It works!

  20. Nowruz is not only persian holiday. It is TURKISH holiday. All of TURKISH people celebrate this holiday. And all of Asia and India and ancient Mesopotimya peoples celebrated.

  21. This is why wrong information goes around the world 🌍, Nawroz is celebrated by Iranians, Kurds , some afghans and other ethnics in the Area , is not only Persian New Year , and don’t tell me we all Persian to , because that is another wrong information ...

    Nawroztan Piroz 🔥

  22. Thanks a lot to the world’s best prime minster.But this is not only Persian new year.We all 50 million azerbaijanis around the world celebrate this holiday,you can get this from my name)))Greetings from Baku,Azerbaijan.

  23. Sorry, we can not celebrate because our city Afrin is destroyed of the Turkish army. I hope you understood about me 🏴 🏴 🏴 😞 😞 🇱🇹

  24. You are a great leader... thank you so much... Happy Novruz holiday all over the world who are celebrating Novruz , Happy spring holiday , happy new year day holiday...

  25. dear president NAWROZ isn’t Persian celebration honestly, its Kurdish celebration and Kurdish new year with do my respect to all other nations.

  26. ‎Botan Aziz 20/3/2017

    ‎پیرۆزبایى يادي نەورۆز و راپەرینى کەرکوک بۆ رزگاربوون لە رژیمى بەعس ١٩٩١، لە خیزانى سەربەرزى شەهیدان و پیشمەرگە قارەمانەکان وە هەموو تاکیکى کورد ئەکەین . بەئومیدى ئەوەى ببیتە بۆنەیەک بۆ تەبایى و برایەتى و یەکریزى و ئاشتى و ئازادى و هاوکارى هەموو لایەنە سیاسیەکان لەخەباتدا بۆ مافى چارەنوسى نەتەوەى کورد.
    ‎نەمرى و سەربەرزى بۆ شەهیدە قارەمانەکان.
    --- --- --- --- --- ---

    ‎نهنئ عوائل الشهداء الاماجد والبشمركة الأبطال وكل أفراد امتنا الكوردية مناسبةنوروز المجيد وانتفاضة الشعب لتحرير كركوك ١٩٩١.
    ‎نامل ان تصبح المناسبة عاملا وحافزا للوفاق والاخوة و وحدة الصف والسلام والحريّة و تؤدي الى تعاون القوى السياسية الكوردستانية في النضال من اجل حق تقرير المصير للأمة الكوردية .
    ‎المجد والخلود للشهداء البررة

    --- --- --- --- --- ---
    On the occasion of Newroz holiday & the liberation of Kirkuk in the uprising of 1991, we congratulate martyr families,brave peshmargas & all our people ,hoping that it will be an occasion for friendship, peace, reconciliation & unity of our people, also for more cooperation between the political parties in their struggle for achieving self determination of our nation.

  27. Mr. Trudeau thank you for remembering Newroz , but this is #Kurdish celebration as well . Please don’t forget the Kurds. You are a man of #humanity #JudtinTrueau

  28. Nawrooz Mubarak to you, your family and all Canadians. Canada is proud to have you as the lead of government. Best wishes to you and to Canada.

  29. Kurds from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey getting killed, abused and slotted in day light and whole world kept quiet!!??? Don’t just congratulate us for our New Years only!!?? Raise your voice and tell the world that we are human just like you and we want a country just like you and we are victims of neglected humanitarian

  30. Thank you for your congratulations sir, you are the best prime minister in the world 👍🏻 , I hope all leaders like you !! we love you and respect you sir ♥️ happy newroz 🎺🎷🥁🎉🎊🎊 happy celebrating day🎉🎊

  31. Trudeau sending our troops to Mali is a suicide mission. It must be stopped. #FireTrudeau2019 #FireLibs2019

  32. Nowruz is the symbol of freedom and peace since thousands years we celebrate the festival to show it the other and all over the world how wonderful and beautiful it would be if we could live together peacefully !!
    Save our souls in Afrin !!
    Save our souls in Syria !!
    That will be our real Newroz .

  33. thank you to keep Canada in peace , democracy in this fading world, after war II, long peace give a chance to those dictators, fool people,

  34. I'm Spanish and here, in the old continent we are very jealous about what president you have, guys, in Canada. Enjoy it, seriously.

  35. <3 <3 ...When they take hold of hate, hate seizes them and when you embrace Love, this Universe encircles you, falls in love with you..feels proud of you. <3

  36. Nowruz is Turkic Holiday, not only in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan turks celebrate it but also this holiday is all of Turks holiday. It is not related any faith or it is not related persians and kurds. Thief gotta way up to hell😊

  37. Nowruz is persian celebration and we are proud and we have nowruz from jamshid , persia is old country and we have different people in the iran kurd , azeri, mazani , baloch and .... but all of us are persian 💖💖💖💖💖

  38. I have no idea what Nowruz is, but you can be sure I'll be celebrating it in the US from now on. Sigh, he's so dreamy.

  39. je vous remercie M. Justin Trudeau mais nous les kurdes sont en deuil, on ne peut pas célébrer Newroz cette année car ma ville natale Afrin est ruinée par l'armée turque

  40. All the best to you Prime Minister Justin and your family! Happy Nowruz, Happy Solstice! You are a great teacher and a wise man! Love and hugs to you and your family now and always! ❤

  41. The biggest holiday in Azerbaijan! No other holiday is celebrated by Azerbaijani nation on a bigger scale. Happy Novruz!

  42. Happy Nowruz to you and to your family Mr P.M. Thanks for the best wishes and being an amazing leader for Canadians.

  43. I have no idea what Nowruz is, but what I do know is that you need to invade Minnesota and take us over until the orange lunatic is no longer President.

  44. Thank Prime Minister! 🙏🏻

    Please take the status of Iranian PR applicants into more consideration 😊🙏🏻🌷
    Most of them have legitimately applied for permanent residency almost two years now. It’s true that the process is time-consuming, it seems like there is no convincing reason for them to be kept behind the PR door for this long time!

    Appreciate all your precious remarks towards Norooz! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  45. Thank you for teaching me something new, I didn't know that! Happy Nowruz to those who celebrate and Happy Solstice to those of us who celebrate it.

  46. Nawroz belong to Kurdish also consider that in future it is the new year for Kurds also stop killing n use kurds 😏

  47. We’d have a few prosperous year if this government wouldn’t waste our tax dollars on flying Indian chefs to India from Canada to cook cultural food, or pay for costume clothing to look like you’re going to a party, or flying family and staff to exotic hideaways. Etc etc etc. And then TRudea has the gall to say “ Canadians expect a higher level of accountability” when talking about the conservatives. Does he not realize we expect that out of all our politicians.

  48. The best leader in the entire world we welcome you to Islam. We love you and wish you were the prime minister in the UK

  49. Mr.Trudeau I for one would love to celebrate the New Year of all my fellow Canadians but sadly only one "New Year" is actually really recognized. Could we not have federal holidays for this New Year as well as Chinese New Years and other major holidays in other religions?? For an inclusive country I think we need to start showing it but recognizing more than Christian holidays.

  50. Thank you Mr Trudeau for caring and respecting other nations happy norooz and god bless you people of Canada are fortunate to have peaceful and educated like you as president

  51. Seriously, if he was our president, I would never miss a state of the union. ❤
    Instead, we have the walking pea brained barf bag, piece of sh*t, useless twittler.

  52. Thank you so much, happy Nawroz from Kurdistan, and we will not forget your help to us in face the terrorist organizations.

  53. I like you and I voted for you but I am disapointed as I find you care more about other people in other countries than you do in your own. Your smile and greetings of every other people but Canadians has worn us out.

  54. Justin Trudeau you are a great man, thank you so much. Happy Kurdish new year, happy newroz , happy springs day. (2018/3/20)

  55. Yes Newroz is Iranian new year and, this is a celebration for every Kurd people on the world.
    Thank you, you are very good leader, I hope you are always happy and healthy.

  56. #ThankYou #PMJustinTrudeau for your respect, support and hard work on behalf of all Canadians!

    Your commitment to diversity, equality and human rights is commendable and greatly appreciated!

    Maintaining decorum and staying high when #Naysayers and #CONDPTrolls continue to stoop lower and lower, is what leadership and decency is all about! #CanadaProud 🇨🇦

  57. Greetings from the beautiful Saskatoon and thanks for your warm Nowruz wishes. Please keep IRCC responsible for the #DelayedIranianApplications for their unfair PR processing time for Inland Iranian PR applicants.

  58. Sir ,you are the real hope for politics specially at the time when elections are based on hate , and prejudice. You paved and embarked and showed new paths and flipped the political discourse and proved this world that yes elections and politics can be done through the message of peace ,love, compassion and tolerance which ultimately help to build a stronger society , society which is more coherent and with each other at the time of happiness , success,grief and sorrow to share ...you are someone who has given a hope that my son and many generations to come would build the very idea of society which would be based on love, peace and compassion..

  59. Chère Ms Trudeau je suis déchiré de voire que pour vous le peuples Canadiens n'est point important nous somme qu'un numéro . Vous attendé pas votres peuples pleuré et soufrire jour aprèt jour. Vous fermer les yeux sur ce qui est bon pour nous vous n'écouté que ce qui vous est dicté. On ne peu aidé une autres peuples que çi le notre se porte bien. La vie n'est pas d'ètre riche mais d'ètre heureux,avoir de la vrai nouriture sur la table , un maison descente ,une famille en santé . Mais nous avont rien de ça, tout les Canadiens vivent dans une dète, triste a dire .Nous oublion nos valeur, nous couront a gauche et a droite pour survive. Pourquoi votres peuples doie soufrire pour que vous ?

  60. Thank you for the great reminder to the people of Canada, you are the best prime minister for your equality, I wish for you to be our leader forever.

  61. Thank you so much, happy Nawroz from Afghanistan and we will not forget your help to us in face the terrorist organizations.

  62. I feel like Justin Trudeau main accomplishment so far is to celebrate every single holiday there is. i guess i am becoming more cultured?? hmm maybe you should focus on the politics more and stop kinder morgan pipeline! and you know keep more promises you made!

  63. New Year based on suns not belong a special race. This is a tradition that all nomadic tribes celebrate for thousands of years. You are ignorant Justin Trudeau You should have become a dance teacher but unfortunately you are a PM in this country. Shame on you.

  64. And Kurdish Canadians thank you, PM Trudeau, for your wishing , Nowruz is not for only the Persians. Kurds are also celebrating it ...we love Canada🇨🇦

  65. Thanks for your celebration
    Also NewRoz for Kurdish and many other nations it is not just Persia
    #Kurdish #Kurdish
    #Justin #Trudeau

  66. Thank youuuu nawroz is the first day of our new year love you love Canada ❤️❤️❤️🌸🌸🌸🌸kurdistan ❤️💛💚

  67. I really like to live in yr country with my family...we are planning to come there soon...you are Great minister....I love Canada...

  68. For all the people of Nuruz Kurdish origin is for the Kurdish national only as we see at the beginning of the video Mr. Justin Trudeau, who speaks in Kurdish and congratulations and I thank him for this beautiful video I am a Kurd and understand what says Justin Trudeau Thank you 🌹

  69. It's lovely that you salute every ethnic holiday extant. However, this turns into a fey personality profile and not what's needed to lead our nation not the Liberal Party.

  70. Newroz is common celeberation among Kurds Persian and Azarian. I think you are freshman in politics bcs Obama before 4 years has congragulated all those nations and countries sharing Newroz

  71. However America doesn't want peace and prosperity for others, because their economical engine will come down, But I hope 1397 year brings peace and happiness to all nations...
    Thank you Prime Minister.

  72. Hey buddy, the water protectors at cloud camp are under siege by violent emergency response teams. They are unarmed and threatened by thugs with badges. Honor your word and order them gone.