Immigrants and cops caught in sanctuary 'war' between Trump and California

Immigrants and cops caught in sanctuary 'war' between Trump and California
Image from: CBC News

"The ICE agents, they wait at 7-Elevens, they go to the Walmarts and they try to fish in who they can."

Full Article: CBC News


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  1. Illegal is Illegal they don’t have any right to be there,If someone showed up at your door you didn’t know and said there moving in wouldn’t you call the cops to get rid of them.No difference.

  2. CBC crap news promoting illegal immigrants, and people in the U.S. illegally. Notice CBC crap news never talks about the illegal immigrants coming into Canada that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars. CBC crap news fish in individuals to advertise liberal thinking with Canadian hard earned tax payers dollars.

  3. imagine if all these illegals put even half of their effort into improving their own country instead of using it to be illegal in another...

  4. I can understand if they are criminals but some of the people being taken have been there for a few decades and paying taxes. They are essentially destroying families.

  5. You left out the word "illegal". What is it about that word that triggers the fake news so?

  6. So it’s ok for businesses to take advantage of them as low paid immigrant workers who have no healthcare benefits either, but they are not supposed to be there?? Cmon, what a hypocrisy the US government is!

  7. Do you liberals know the meaning of illegal? Of course not, trudeau is now trying to change the law to protect criminals

  8. blatantly breaking the law and are so far left that THEIR OPINIONS overrides America's laws. They need to be arrested and federal money (my money and yours) shall not be given to them to protect sanctuary cities. when will all this crap end??!!

  9. Hey CBC it is not a sanctuary 'war', it is applying immigration laws, just as the CBSA does here in Canada. Your organization is parroting U.S. MSM with b.s. reporting, please, you can be better then those agencies.

  10. Imagine the USA without their so called ' illegal' people-- all the regular good old 'legal' white boys will sadly have to do the menial jobs; like cleaning toilets, or working in hot farmers fields for the lowest of the low wage. This ought to bring out the trolls, as the real meaning goes right over their head. 😄

  11. It's weird to me that people who are in the US illegally feel that the US should not have any immigration laws or should give special treatment. Try going anywhere else in the world with that won't get you far

  12. ICE agents are upholding the law. If I were American and my opinion mattered to Americans on American issues, they’d have my full support. I’m not sure why CBC is reporting this. Pretty irrelevant to Canada.

  13. If you put people in jail who hire illegals then things might change but that will never happen , too many rich people involved .

  14. Mr. Trump we Canadian's also need some ICE agent's working in Canada asap. How about opening some office's in Canada, we can pitch in half the cost's?

  15. Hey CBC, do illegals not paying taxes and freeloading on the system, support CBC corporate union welfare? Denver let out a murdering illegal for $2,500 to support a $25,000 bond, do ya think they will see him answer for his crimes in murdering a legitimate American taxpayer?

    We are entering The Age of Idiocracy.

  16. don't forget they work at alot of fastfood restaurants, regular restaurants, coffee shop's, also check the taxicab industry

  17. Maybe if Americans and companies stopped hiring the illegals there would be no incentive to go there

  18. What about the facts that they are illegals ? Eh Cbc ? Or it's more convenient if you left that part out ?

  19. ILLEGAL ALIENS - Why is it so hard to tell the truth?

  20. Don't forget to say illegal. This is where people get off track. If you are in a country by sneaking in, you are a criminal. So stop acting like you did nothing wrong.

  21. Immigrants go through a process and enter a country legally these people are in the country illegally!

  22. Reason innocent people like Kate Steinle get murdered

  23. Typical liberal CBC propaganda. Lying by omission by not calling them what they are; illegal aliens

  24. Love it resparks the old joke. How do you clearer a Walmart
    yell imigration service

  25. if these cities didn't label themselves as sanctuary cities this would not be a problem.

  26. Nice to see that ICE now has the freedom and support to do their job.

  27. Maybe fake news cbc could expose if illeagal boarder jumping crooks and refugees are sexually assaulting little kids like so many people are saying on Facebook? Is it True cbc???

  28. They do not go after ms-13 and I wonder why

  29. CBC, stop calling them Immigrants, they r Illegals ...

  30. Trump’s is not the first political leader to use shock troops in this way.

  31. Great news. Too bad we didn't do the same here.

  32. Your phucking headline indicates you’re clueless and bias. Never envisioned looping CBC with the likes of CNN and MSNBC!

  33. Their country, their rules. :-)

  34. Everybody knows that sneaking into a country and lying to stay there makes a country stronger because some of them pay taxes so the government can spend the tax dollars on rewarding the criminals.

  35. You also left out CRIMINAL fake news 😑

  36. Like melania and her parents.Pure hypocrisy

  37. "A brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl in Southern Germany has placed the country's open-door immigration policy under intense scrutiny. In addition, a new government-sponsored study found that violent crime rose in one state by 10 percent in two years, with 92 percent of the increase attributed to young male migrants. "

  38. Gestapo in action.nothing less

  39. Maybe get a legal work visa you idiots, and cbc stop acting like they are doing nothing wrong, these are illegals, they cant pick and choose which laws they want to abide by. If we all did that this world would be a disaster.

  40. What a joke. All those American farmers have no one to work their farms. Stupid Americans.