Is ‘The Simpsons’ racist? South Asians on Apu and Indian representation on TV

Is ‘The Simpsons’ racist? South Asians on Apu and Indian representation on TV
Image from: Global News

Yes, the Simpsons makes fun of all races and cultures, but some argue Apu was the only representation of South Asians on TV for years.

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  1. Homer is a stereotypical white guy, willie the stereotypical scotsman, stop whining about everthing.

  2. Be mindful that the "but some" are those who wake up every day with no care in the world and have to go out to find something to be angry about. It's called recreational outrage. They do it for attention. Stop giving it to them.

  3. Everything about the Simpsons is about a satirical look at all aspects of life. If it offends you, then you need to make the adult decision not to watch it.

    If you choose to watch and get offended by it then you are a bona fide idiot.

  4. "Some argue" as in a few losers on Twitter that would have no attention at all if it wasn't for the media.

  5. The Simpsons are watched so they use it to ease the minds and condition people to think its ok to be like them.. i do like how Trump dies though.. best episode ever! That i can resonate with!

  6. I have never once felt offended by this character, my parents have never felt that way either. This is really just ridiculous.

  7. For the Lamb of Moses, my being black does not mean I am the doctor guy but my neighbour does look like Milhaus's trailer park trash dad, just don't let him know I said it.

  8. How long have they been on tv? And this is a problem now? Loosen up liberals your taking the fun out the world with your childish virtue signaling.

  9. As an overweight dad. The stereotype of a fat father really bugs me. I'm also balding . It has gone too far we need all sitcoms to be more politically correct. For example, South Park.

  10. "Some argue Apu was the only representation of South Asians on TV for years." Arent these the same people who are always whining and crying that there enough visible minorities in mainstream TV? Would they have been happier if they just made everybody white?

  11. Certainly I would think there are probably bigger problems in the world that need attention. I guess not

  12. 29 years later.. this is suddenly a problem?
    I blame the media.

  13. Wasn't Apu on the Global whine fest something about 'first time I was called'?Talking about how hurt he was by the Simpsons.


    You've all become Mrs. Lovejoy...
    That's what the show does, points out and exaggerates stereotypes. Get over yourselves.

  15. Ya don't here anyone crying about Willy and the other characters. But cause Apu is dark it's apparently racism .....

  16. "I moved here from Canada, and they think I'm slow, eh?"

  17. Oh no I’m offended. It’s comedy for comedy’s sake. Everyone quit whining

  18. As a fat guy who likes comics I think Apu is mild

  19. Social justice whiners are so miserable.

  20. Oh my goodness wow it's been this long wit no problems so Y are they problems now

  21. No more racist than Homer, or anyone else on the show, just charactures.

  22. Apu can always find work in Bollywood unlike Homer who would be driving a tuktuk if he went to India

  23. ONLY IN CANADA... would this be something that Global News talk about!

  24. So they were doing something that, if morally relevant at all, was good.

  25. OFGS give me a freaking Break enough of your libral BS

  26. Wow....... been around 30 years and finally the whiners are on it. Give it up. They are about as racist as homer is a bad dad. Google that and find out how he stacks up. I think you will find the same for Apu. I grew up with Hindus and Sikhs. Nothing in this sho really is out of the ordinary. Don't you guys maybe have to go protest some meat eaters or hunters. Friggin jackasses.