James Neal Gives the Golden Knights the Lead.

James Neal Gives the Golden Knights the Lead.
Image from: NHL

In case you needed a reason to why they call James Neal "The Real Deal."

The goal to kick start a 3-0 series lead for the Vegas Golden Knights. #StanleyCup

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  1. Kings fans can stay salty. 2 goals in 21 seconds with Doughty. There are no more excuses fellas.

  2. The series might be 3-0 Vegas but I've still enjoyed this series more than any other series so far. The hawks didn't make it so I can watch the playoffs worry free. Both of these teams have my respect. This has been one tough series. I just love hockey. It's great to see Vegas playing this well in its first season. Hockey deserves to be recognized more. It's the best sport in the world.

  3. So when is the Kings playoff experience that Vegas couldn’t handle suppose to show up? I’m wondering because the expert hockey fans in LA told me because I’m from Vegas I’m suppose to know nothing about hockey.

  4. I'm here to read the comments from the salty kings fans

  5. Waiting for the first jealous hater to come crying and say "the league is rigged"

  6. Hey what happened to the whole “wait til doughty and muzzin come back and play” well they came back and same out come.... hey Paredes Robert I wonder what excuses they’re going to make this time

  7. Quick is honestly the most overrated goalie in the nhl.

    Kings won cups with great teams in front of quick. Once the team got worse. So did he.

    Also during the Olympics for USA a few years ago. He flat out sucked.

  8. Im loving these Vegas Fans because before Vegas they were more than likely cheering on Phoenix. Lol now talk a big game like they've been fans for years! Yes you're having an amazing season. Yes you're team is up 3-0 on LA. Do i feel the NHL may be rigged a little bit....Yes. I can see it now NHL makes Millions off of a Vegas Pittsburgh final with Fluery Winning in fashion.

  9. The Kings of today aren't the Kings of Stanley cup years. Anyone who expected them to roll over the Knights doesn't see the big picture. Hockey isn't played with big slow players anymore, lumbering to 1-0 victories every night. Vegas was built with speed and talent in mind. Lucky, sure! But all great teams also have great luck and their is nothing wrong with that.

  10. If they had Doughty and Muzzin in the line up, they woud've won:-)

  11. Wondering if there will be a first ever knights lose in the playoffs or will they just continue this circus to a handed championship due to a shooting......this league is just like the rest of them so sad

  12. to my fellow VGK fans, remember we are only good cause we get EVERY call and we got to pick ALL the best players. KNIGHT UP!

  13. Quick is amazing, not him, won't be one goal game each game .. this is a great shot from Neal, he "looked" to pass, but shoot 5 hole instead ..

  14. Wheres all kings fans saying they lost last game cause drew and what's his face wasn't playing... next excuse?

  15. More like The Real Steal! think we should be able to take Hornqvist back from the Pens since we had to give up Neal in Nashville 😂

  16. I have respect for the kings or any team both teams are great . good series it was a insane game especially 3rd period . #vegasgoldenknight Vegas born !

  17. Okay La, it's no longer funny. I wouldn't count them out yet though, they've been down 2-0 and 3-0 before and won.

  18. Well this one hurts. I can't blame Quick for the series he the reason LA was in all the games.LA needs goals.

  19. I guess you could say Jonathan quick just wasn't quick enough 😂 ok I'll just show myself out the door..


  21. I don’t hear any chirping from the Kings fans LOLOLOLOL

  22. I’ll never get tired of seeing someone go 5 hole on Quick 😂🤣 SUCK IT LA!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Miss having him in Nashville. Congrats to Vegas on their continued historic run!

  24. Congrats to Fleury & the Knights!!

  25. Only one reason Vegas is winning the cup or at least going to the Stanley cup shouldn't have to say.

  26. In before Kings fans mention 2014 again like it matters now.

  27. NHL can you send me a James Neal jersey

  28. Love our Vegas Knights! We Rock.........I smell sweep!

  29. Taylor Alivia I’m 100 percent going to one of their playoff games

  30. Then we came back and scored another 21 seconds later!!!! Gkg!! Stay salty kings fans

  31. And VGK became first expansion team to go up 3-0 in series

  32. LA fans will be obsolete by next game. Las Vegas will go on to win the cup..

  33. Vegas get a NFL NBA MLB MLS teams luck is on your side

  34. GoKNIGHTSGo Show them we can make it past the first round, then the second, then the third, then the finals!!!!

  35. Ryan Arel this Vegas team is an incredible story

  36. Florian Endlich zahlt es sich aus life long fan von Vegas zu sein😊😊😊

  37. I thought the flyer fans whined and moaned. Lol

  38. This is what it comes down to for me Fluery or Neal for my first LVGK jersery

  39. Fatenberg getting beat again, 60% of the goals are vs him

  40. Don't remind me from a fan of the Dallas Stars 😕

  41. Where was Doughty going on that last Vegas goal?

  42. I thought it was because it rhymed with... Neal.

  43. polish up the golf clubs la lol

  44. Savannah Friend unless they change something fast the kings are going home

  45. LA down 0-3 - brutal for the 🤴.

  46. Quick is the most overrated goalie in the league! Get him moving and your shooting at empty nets!

  47. Columbus/Vegas in the finals is the series hockey doesn’t deserve but the series hockey needs.

  48. LA has Vegas right where they want them, Sharks fans know

  49. You never know. Vegas might be just like when the Avalanche came to town.

  50. I still remember that Fiala OT assist last year. He's a playmaker.

  51. Craig Brown yes the knights aka the bouys

  52. That went in too easy, Quick can only blame himself.

  53. Fiona Ion get the brooms out! The Kings are going to get Swept 😬

  54. LA is on its way out, only a miracle can help.

  55. Ah Vegas shouldn't have a hockey team or any other team. Vegas is a cesspool of filth set on broil.

  56. That defenceman needs to hang his head in shame

  57. Shawn Dooney vegas is gonna take it this season...

  58. Kenny Price this man can not be stopped


  60. down 3-0? hmm.... 2014???? #GKG!!!!

  61. David Schultz 🆘🆘🆘 I smell a sweep coming 😂😂