James Van Riemsdyk Goal - February 12 vs Tampa Bay

James Van Riemsdyk Goal - February 12 vs Tampa Bay
Image from: Toronto Maple Leafs

The puck finds a way (and so does James van Riemsdyk). #TMLtalk

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  1. Tampa fan here. fantastic game to watch tonight, congrats to the leaf ! by far one the most entertain game this season... would love to watch a playoff series between these two teams

  2. We didn't deserve to win this game tonight the way we played defense.
    See you for the next two in Tampa.
    Disgusted with Coburn and Sustr as usual. We'd be miles ahead of the league without those two bozos on our team.
    Please beat the Bruins whenever you play those clowns next.

  3. Going to Miss JVR...wherever he goes next year, they’re lucky!

  4. Hurry up game and end I can't take it.

  5. Great win. Our Leafs made it harder on themselves than it should have. I agree with Babs could see them on their heels 2 period. They have to learn no matter the score Keep going. Learning and building,growing one Game one win at a time GO LEAFS GO

  6. Squeezing remote so tight it may crack

  7. Holy crap! Huge win but as always nerve wracking.


  9. way to go guys thats the teams we got to beat.πŸ‘†πŸ’πŸ‘

  10. Huge win !!! Woot woot :)