Jim Carey

Jim Carey

Jim Carey

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 24, 2018, 2 p.m.

Not many people know this about Jim Carrey..

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  1. That doesn't give him the right to bash my country that he chose to come to as a immigrant! I am tired of him bashingmy President and the citizens of this country! If he doesn't like it here, move back to the disaster you left! And don't forget to leave the millions you made here for the homeless of this country!

  2. He's a piece of crap. A lot of people grow up under difficult circumstances. He hasn't been funny since the show in living color

  3. A lot of people have tough lives. We don’t kill our significant others. And we don’t show disrespect for our President.

  4. Awesome!! I admire his tenacity soo much...laughed so much at many of his funny roles in movies !! Thank you for the laughs Jim!! You're a great role model!!

  5. How many millions have had it much worse than him??? He's turned into a nutcase. You'd think he'd be humbled and thankful for his success instead of his nut ball rantings.

  6. I absolutely love Jim Carrey. When I feel depressed, I'd watch one of his movies because he makes me laugh. He is probably the best comedian alive. I'm waiting for him to come out with new movies.💗💗💗💗

  7. We all have hard times. Doesn't give anyone the right to be disrespectful and post obscene pictures of dead kids next to our president.

  8. Love Jim Carrey! By far one of my favorite actors in both comedies and drama. And I 100% stand by him in his political stance. Always better to stand alone with your beliefs if you have to.

  9. Sorry but all that he has been through dosent make him a political expert on American politics

  10. God Bless you Jim Carrey. I'm happy for you it worked out and someone saw your talent God Bless your dad for seeing you thru and helping you

  11. Jim Carrey was a masterful comedian. What he has turned into has tainted his image. I don’t know if he is mentally unbalanced now, or what has happened to him.

  12. Love that guy! 💕 He is one of the Funniest Individuals I have ever seen perform on TV! He deserves to receive every Award out there that can bestowed upon an Actor! He's Super Special in every way and is a Living Legend of what can happen if you are determined to keep on going until you meet your Goals! 💞 Jim Carrey, you are the best! 💞

  13. There are countless people that have endured at least as much as so this is no reason to be a total shitbag

  14. Great human being. Never gave up Parented well and loving family i admire how he accomplish what he went for no matter what He is a star in my book and also in HEAVEN. Blessings to u and stay happy you are one of a kind

  15. It is a shame that he really is so talented and yet he uses his voice for hate. Instead of laughter and love he has chosen hate. And Jim hate drowns out love and laughter every time. Put that with your quotes.

  16. Lots of people have rough starts. If I told you my story you break down and cry. Anyway, no one cares!

  17. Cudos for his determination and stuggles, how does this excuse his recent behavior toward our President? There are a lot of people have stuggles in life and dont lower themselves to the level he has recently, the admiration he had gained for his accomplishments in life are now just a memory because he lost respect of people who actually made him famous, the fans, of which i Was one, so sad.

  18. That doesn't gave him the right to become a self made piece of crap. He has it all alot of people had a very hard time. ................Doug Carter

  19. Doesn't matter my son had same problems and we were poor as hell. That does not excuse him now for the demeaning crap Carey is spewing. He was a fine comedian but has gone over the edge.

  20. Jim Carrey the BEST, GREATEST AND FINNEST man I've ever seen in my life, his more than talented, his a STAR, he's a light to our world.

  21. Yeah but he’s gone off the deep end now. I don’t care if I ever go to a Jim Carrey movie again considering his ridiculous left wing anti-American views.

  22. God will continue to bless those who are willing to fulliful their dreams. Yes we all go thru hard times, it's how you handled them.

  23. Other then Robin Williams, Jim is the greatest comic I have ever seen. So glad he made it. We love you Jim..

  24. thats cruel. I have been praying for him lately.hes searching for something. and I pray he finds it knowingour lord. jesus christ as his savior. I still laugh at his stand up and movies. maybee we should pray for him. instead of judging him. peace

  25. We all have or have had our own problems. His are not special because he's a celebrity. I do not wish him any ill will, but there are so many " ordinary people " who have had rough times.

  26. there r millions of people that have had it a heck alot worse than that, so what he was poor so was I and my family lived in house with no bathroom or running water in the house and had a abusive father,I don't know why he is a hater, I guess its because he is a liberal.

  27. Dumb and Dumber was a good pay off ,but , I would help my significant other, because I see so many people suffering, because the government want to ban, the medicines we need, and cut out our health care! I don't know about y'all but when will they change this? C'mon people are dying !

  28. I am sorry that he went through a ruff times, but so a thousands like him. He”s story is not unique. Other people still going through bad times. They just do what they can to survive.They don’t splatter on FB.

  29. No nothing about his political stance nor do I want to but this man believed in himself maybe we should all take a leaf out of his long struggled life book and forget about his politics. This is why we are lucky enough to have freedom of choice.

  30. Boo Hoo, like most have commented, it does not give him the right to preach or slander our sitting President just to go along with the rest of the traitors in Hollywood, Back in the 50's Hollywood was considered communist, even Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, were being targeted, It seems that they haven't really changed a lot, except for changing to Islam.

  31. Well as far as his movies go great job Jim Carrey you are always super funny my son loves the movie Bruce Almighty . Stick to what you do best at though man forget politics for real .

  32. Good for u Jim. U are one of my favs and ALWAYS will b. Ignore negativity. It drags u down. I still can watch dumb and dumber like it’s the first time everytime

  33. When did he become a scumbag? I know a lot of people who have had a ruff life and would never use the bodies of dead children to advance there political agenda.

  34. He is a person went through a lot of hardship so do lots other people but believe in yourself with hard work you can be successful in what ever you choose.

  35. He also killed his girlfriend by giving her his BIG PHARMA PHYSCOTROPIC DRUGS, then she killed herself, this is the same problem in regards to the school shootings, big Pharma physcotropic drugs, mental illness and guns!

  36. Many people suffer from depression. He can well afford to get help. He still shouldn't be knocking our President or country. He should thank God he lives in our great country.

  37. Omg ..So many haters...This video its suppose to give you positivity...

    That's why this world is so much of hate..And you guys deserve to live in this kind of world.
    Bcs you builded it..

    I wait for Jesus return

  38. So now he becomes a real idiot and bashing my President and my country , like he have all the right answers . Well you don't and so you can move back in your little van and just disappear .

  39. and now he is just another hollyweird idiot who treats people like shit and thinks he's better than the rest of us

  40. Never give up stay true to yourself and believe and God will help you go through all kind of problem always keep Faith in God

  41. Your opinion isn't the only one that counts, Pat Younger Staeven. Your problem is that you believe only people like you have freedom of speech! Grow up......a majority of people in this country agree with Jim Carrey. Your President is the most unpopular person worldwide!

  42. There are a lot of people who have had rough starts. But most didn't make asses out of themselves when adults! Evidently he missed a lot on the way up!

  43. These comments seem very harsh. I think it is commendable for someone to raise themselves up in spite of mental health issues.

  44. Awesome guy! He's been thru many hardships but never gave up..Kudos. Hes made me and my family laugh HARD many times (even through some bad times) for which I'm grateful.

  45. I liked him even though on a regular basis I normally do not care or that comedy but he alway had a gleam in his eye that I liked and enjoyed watching him.

  46. Yes, he was poor, homeless and when he got famous his father was no longer alive and when he passed he put a 1 million or 10 million dollar check in his casket... blah, blah, blah.

  47. That's no excuse for what he is doing today! If he has a mental problem get help! You don't bash this Country! If you don't like it here leave!!!

  48. He should have stopped after his first disaster, for now he has shown exactly, that he has fooled a country, into thinking he is funny. He is SAD.

  49. I think it's a moving life story and one many will find supporting . I don't like his political views and would boycott his movies if he continues with that disrespect of our sitting president .

  50. I believe Jim has gone over the edge. Who in there right mind sends pictures of the president and a dead child to the parents of the child

  51. I lost respect for him when he divorced his wife of over a decade to marry some Hollywood bimbo when he got famous

  52. There are many of us who do know about his background . It is so sad to see how he has drifted from his genuine self .

  53. Whether true or not, I needed to watch that.
    He's an amazing man and certainly has worked hard for every role he's ever been in. I've loved his acts since the moment I watched. He's one of the best. I'll always love Jim. :)

  54. He was in control of his own destiny! No excuses! His choices lead him down the wrong paths! Seriously!

  55. Seems like you took the middle Road between love and fear which just happens to be character assassination and hate

  56. Who cares. Go back to Canada. I’m sure their great socialized medicine can cure him or euthanize him.

  57. He has overcome and now become his past. Bully, hateful, overbearing and combative. So, what's the point?

  58. And you are still a nut job wouldn't, watch you if my life depended on it not funny in my book, get lost will you

  59. No excuse for the way he disrespects my President. SHAME ON HIM

  60. I would be depressed to if I had a beard like that ? All that money and he can't afford a barber or razor blades ???

  61. Good for you Jim just keep your political opinions to yourself their not funny . Make me laugh funny man make me laugh

  62. Used to think he was worth watching but now he's just another liberal fk tart.

  63. Not many people care to know anything about Jim Carey!

  64. Sounds like they need GOD in their Lifes

  65. all i need to know is he is one of those liberal POS pushing their agenda on everyone!

  66. We have all had hard times, and many still, there is still no excuse to be a evil person

  67. A great comedian ,but stay out of politics.