John Cena, Nikki Bella end 6-year relationship

John Cena, Nikki Bella end 6-year relationship
Image from: theScore

After getting engaged at Wrestlemania 33 last year, the couple have called it off. 💔

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  1. It's hard to be in a relationship with someone that you can't see.

  2. How you gonna marry someone you can't see anyways?

  3. No one could see that coming 😏

  4. Why is Nikki Bella by herself in this picture?

  5. she was all alone in the relationship with a man she coulsnt see, a man she couldnt finish cause he always kicked out at 2. I feel her pain.

  6. Because she didn't sign the contract 🤣🤣🤣

  7. She won't be seeing him anymore?

  8. You ruined wrestlemania for this smh

  9. Cena shouldn't have used the submission move... now she has tapped out

  10. Why would you use a photo of only Nikki Bella?

  11. I am sick of this really who cares haa lets go cena haa cena sucks haa

  12. I can't believe it, maybe Ric Flair can give Cena some advice about women 😂.

  13. If she needs a "rebound guy" I suppose I could make some time 🤣😂

  14. Out of sight out of mind, it just wasn't going to work 😂

  15. Nikki wanted to see other people, mostly because she couldn’t see John at all 😥

  16. John to Nikki - "Until next just couldn't see me."

  17. Probably they were arguing each other in real life

  18. Erica Hall does this mean your beloved show is over? 😊😊

  19. i think it's a wrong picture. she's alone there

  20. Must have been hard to be with someone you can’t see

  21. because most of the time she couldn't see him.

  22. He didn't love her like she loved him.

  23. WTF , HOW That Happened ??
    And Why ?? 😱😦😦
    Nikki Have Bought The Dress Already And Showed It Up At Total Bellas !!

  24. Hmm maybe she couldn't see him 🖐 lol

  25. why write couple when theres only one girl in the picture

  26. u cant see me jokes coming 3 2 1...

  27. All yall jokes C O R N Y A S H E L L !!!!!

  28. Who saw this coming? Everybody lol

  29. Ooonooo!!!
    Looch ain’t gonna like that shit

  30. Oh white ppl breaking up again lol

  31. Simon Lindholm læs lige nogle af kommentarerne

  32. John cena doesn’t need girlfriend

  33. Bernardo Beltran Zamudio look at the comments

  34. Abhishek Bajpai

  35. David Gauthier here's my shot!

  36. Czarina Lorein Abanilla Bayot eto pa yang o paalala uli

  37. Sarita Calvert Courtney Meehan

  38. Amiir Abdalla Abdalla Salaad Ibrahim

  39. Hamish Mckenzie Roberto-carlos Diaz-martinez