Justin Trudeau calls for acknowledgement of anti-black racism in Canada

Justin Trudeau calls for acknowledgement of anti-black racism in Canada

Trudeau says it's time to take action to ensure equal opportunity and treatment of black Canadians, including doing more to recruit and elect black members of Parliament.


Intero Articolo: Global News


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  1. How about recruiting the best people for members of parliament. Who cares what colour or gender they are?

  2. Hire the best person for the job and nothing else. Racism doesn’t solve racism. Shoehorning someone into a position based on their race is....actual racism. Every day with this guy 🤦‍♂️

  3. What about treatment of Canada's war veterans...? Oh right, they are asking for too much

  4. Trudeau continually on a pandering tour! Liberals don't believe in hardwork, dedication and intelligence, and most of all merit. Trudeau's Cabinet is a perfect example of identity politics gone wrong and a perfect example of why you should choose ppl based on merit and intelligence

  5. For someone who claims everyone should be treated the same he sure knows how to create division between groups by dividing us up according to color and race

  6. JT Is such a joke. It should be the best PERSON for the job regardless of race, sexual orientation, etc!!!

  7. What about all the settlers and veterans who built this country. Oh right they don't count in Trudeu's world.

  8. How about the most qualified for the job? You know, the opposite way to how federal government jobs are presently filled??

  9. As long as he is dividing the country on racial issues he is winning those votes!

  10. Does he really think playing a race card makes him a leader? I believe that all people, regardless of nationality will see this as a photo op and nothing else

  11. How about everyone deserves to be treated the same. The world would be in a much better place.

  12. This story is just a red herring to take attention off the trade war still happening between two of his provinces, he does not actually care about equality. Just votes. Wonder why he isn’t at the olympics right now

  13. Oh look, it's Prime Minister Virtue Signal at it again. Spare us you leftist joke. You create the biggest division among Canadians as it customary with leftists. How about acknowledging black on black violence and crime before you race-bait or virtue signal in your desperate attempt at appearing morally superior?

  14. I'd ask him directly, are you racist? No? Neither am I. Know any? Ok, Let them be shamed. End of story. This guys doubling down after his people kind bit. There are few as racist as the left who triy so hard to convince us otherwise.

  15. Oh please, this isn't Trudeau concerned about minorities this a strategy to maintain power and privilege.

  16. Hooray ...our hero ...righting all the wrongs...a new flavour every week....mmmphhhh...can hardly wait ...what will it be next week ...bias against .short people ...tall people ...people with BIG feet...blonde haired people ....the options are limitless ...he is pandering to every single special interest group there is

  17. I love all culture n most do in Canada.. what a joke Trudeau... waste more money on stuff we already do n know of .. maybe we should teach u how to budget n be a real leader for once.. everyday he makes himself look stupid while taxing us for his social lieing life ...

  18. They already have those. And we don't need more black parliamentarians. People hired under quota and vanity project systems like that are reliably worse at their duty and more racist and exhibit more demagoguery than people hired and elected properly: on merit, voluntarily, by the vote of the uncoerced public.

  19. have you seen highschool culture? rude rules. too bad it gets you nowhere in the working world and no-one ever seemed to inform a huge number of people that they need to turn on their polite switch and turn off their vernacular to land a decent paying job.

  20. The fact that this is an issue that's news worthy is half the problem. Smoke and mirrors at every turn.....

  21. Why cant we just elect the best person for the job ?? Wth is wrong with this country

  22. More and more of Trudeau calling Canadians as racist! Why don’t we divide this country some more Trudeau!

  23. This is coming from a party that has only ever elected rich white men from the Montreal-Toronto axis as leader. Even the conservatives had a woman as leader as far back as the 1980's.

  24. Yeah but don't mention the real problem, Native American racism in Canada.

  25. Who will he pick next for his token minority? Virtue signalling and dividing Canadians up into little groups, pointing out the differences, is what he does best.

    Actually diversity isn’t a strength, it a recognition of differences. It draws attention first and foremost to differences. It doesn’t embrace or strive for equality. Promoting diversity is promoting racism and bigotry, not equality. Equality is what Canada SHOULD be striving for.

  26. Keep tearing Canada down Trudeau. That's all you know how to do.

  27. How about you Mr PM stop putting everyone into a category and start treating us all the same?

  28. He just doesn't know when to quit. Imbecile

  29. Are black Canadians not already equal?

    Does anybody care to explain that, or nah?

  30. Looking for votes !! Forget Veterans, Seniors and the Disabled !! He Needs Votes !

  31. government is the problem taxing tax payer money n giving it to those who don't pay taxes called first nations .Look up definition of Racism if that isn't it then your a pinnochio

  32. Once again, equality for people with disabilities is ignored!

  33. Move divisiveness from the racist Liberals.

  34. what about Freedom of choice....choose to get into oolitics.....choose who u want to represent you.....

  35. I wonder if he still loves his wife? I mean, she is white?jus askin😐

  36. Okay. So. Bring em into your party, Truds. You're kinda the boss.

  37. There are about 257 black people in Canada. Do they need special considerations?

  38. Ya right Justin,fix your one sided justice system first

  39. ENOUGH!!!! Canada is not racist toward black people. Underground Railroad, anyone???

  40. When you focus on merit you will see a natural diversity emerge, because everyone is equally capable. There's a reason MLK talked about judging people by the content of their character.

  41. Go get the votes loser your agenda is out there your gone 2019 security council seat your bucking for they know you have no education to speak of drama teacher back to doing nothing you bum loser .. veterans want too much your drunk mr PM go to bed

  42. How about we forget about skin colour and hire based on ability.

  43. Does this guy ever quit with this stuff?

  44. Its apparent from the comments here that few of you are actually paying attention.

  45. How about a competent government instead of the colours of the rainbow numbnuts

  46. Aren’t members of parliament suppose to be elected?

  47. What about the First Nations? They are living in extreme poverty on the reserves in THEIR OWN Country! The First Nations are unfortunately the smallest minority in Canada yet they are the most disproportionately incarcerated demographic in Canada (especially First Nations men). Long live Louis Rièl, a man who was 6.25% Native who fought to defend Canada from invaders. He was executed by the imperialists. Louis Rièl is still commemorated in Manitoba and they have a holiday in is memory. I honour Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Pontiac, Sitting Bull and Tecumseh. Those Native men defended THEIR country from the enroaching colonialists.

  48. That is not true! We are not all treated the same!