Laws of Karma

Laws of Karma

Laws of Karma

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 3, 2018, 2 p.m.

12 little-known laws of Karma that will Change your Life 😲

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  1. Please read this and it may change the way you think and act,this will improve one’s life way beyond words.

  2. Karma isn't true. There are bad things that happen to good people all the time. In fact it's the bad people who usually get away with stuff. God doesn't discipline those whom are not His.

  3. A person with cruel intentions will some day pay for how they treat others...and they deserve it.

  4. Everyone should take a look at this . It will open many hearts and minds.

  5. Thank you your Rules are Right something to remember😉

  6. Try to be the best you can be.

  7. In life you will realize there is a role for everyone to meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it's worth it. – Unknown

  8. Karma is to simplistic..real life is run by entropy..and randomness..we are patterns..becuase we remember outcomes favorable to our expectations..and forget those outcomes that did not

  9. No such thing as Karma. His name is God. Don't you people know how this works? As soon as you "Witness" God will make it rite. So PRAY every chance you get. An say Thank You Lord.

  10. I think I been a good person
    but I seem to have a bad life
    must be getting punished for something I did when I was young.....I do believe in what goes around comes around

  11. This is what Karma is really all about. It's not about wishing "punishment" on people. Keep it positive and it gives you a much better return on your investment.

  12. These are great...but I can never remember all this stuff...should print it and put on my fridge...oh thats right I can hardly work my phone or tv without messing up. So not technical..

  13. I've always tried to put others first and be loving and truthful. Why is my life a continual horror story?

  14. Our lives are of God’s creation and His Holy Bible tells us how to have an abundant life. Then it is our choice as free moral agents how it turns out.

  15. I can prove some of those are lesser true...and a few others are stated to prehistorical term....can you restate them with wisdom...

  16. Evidently Steven King didn’t get the memo with his jerk of a tweet about the train crash carrying Republicans.

  17. Sorry don’t believe in Karma! But I do believe in God😎

  18. Go to the Bible people. No karma. Life happens. We have page after page in the Bible. If you read you may learn how to live your life.

  19. Without knowing these rules I’ve been living these rules for a long time. I truly believe in karma.

  20. "No good deed goes unpunished" sad but true.

  21. What makes you think God doesn't use karma as a tool as well as the golden rule?

  22. Amen.What comes around goes around

  23. This will change your life

  24. I don't be live in karma but I do be live in God

  25. I do believe in Karma . And if you are lucky God will let you watch.

  26. Jesus is our Lord and savior, our only hope!

  27. Karma is Middle Eastern I believe. I just believe in Jesus only!


  29. God is in control. Karma is nonsense made up by man.

  30. I prefer these truths as they are outlined in God's word rather than calling them "Karma."

  31. Dont beileve in karma as it seems wrongdoers reap good

  32. #9..makes all the sense in this world..

  33. Karma=karma↑there→is↑the↑#13↑water↑that↑you↑dont↑want→to↑drink↑let↑get↑running↑do↑not↑sway

  34. Very true. Some of these rules go well with idiots and evil-doers.

  35. The truth is what we put out is what you get

  36. Great words to try to Live by....

  37. Also: We judge others by their results,But we judge ourself's by our intentions.

  38. I like all of them But 9 is true

  39. I love true!!!!!u

  40. Those truly are life changing

  41. If only everyone lived by these it God or karma driven..what a better place to live.