LeBron James Was On Fire Vs. Celtics

LeBron James Was On Fire Vs. Celtics

LeBron James Was On Fire Vs. Celtics

Posted by theScore Feb. 12, 2018, 7:50 p.m.

LeBron James is back at the top of his game. 👑 🔥

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  1. Who fucken cares about a self proclaimed king who cries like a baby and is a self important man.
    Quiter too

  2. People are so unbelievable it's one game people he scores points like that all the time what's any different cuz you got for new players that happened to play good last night they're not going to play like that all the time it's just one game people don't matter it matters in the playoffs and in the finals not one game so he is not back on the top of his game and who freaking cares if he is or not

  3. Everyone saying it’s only 1 game lol yes it is only one game but the cavs are only going to get better that’s what ppl fail to realize

  4. People get mad because this man wants to win!! He knows what it takes. Give this man average players and he will get you to the finals. Best ever!!!

  5. I don't care how much LeBron scores the team sucks at defense and doesnt play like a team! Not going to win keep wishing

  6. Damn it’s been one game wtf .. y’all need to chill.

  7. Ya but he's not at the top of the Eastern Conference lol