Leon Draisaitl Shorthanded Penalty Shot Goal

Leon Draisaitl Shorthanded Penalty Shot Goal
Image from: NHL

Shorthanded. Penalty shot. Goal.

Need we say more?

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  1. That's the very first time I have ever seen a blatant delay of game penalty overturned. Why? Because the refs HATE the Oilers. I mean the NHL a'int even trying to hide it anymore. The refs always go against the Oilers

  2. How are the oilers still so bad. You’re gifted 5 first overall picks and the next Gretzky and you’re still out of the playoffs. Get it together!!!

  3. My god people, lay off the Oilers, there’s a good chance your teams are either trash or dirtier than a dumpster fire.

  4. A penalty shot goal vs a 3rd string goalie! Wow!!

  5. Poor oilers it's like they're destined to lose.

  6. It would be nice if we could hold onto a lead when we get one, yeesh

  7. still wont make the play offs

  8. What that the Oilers are shorthanded? No you don’t need to say more 😂😂

  9. On riemer before he shoots everyone knows it's in

  10. I could've sworn he said Otters in a bad Canadian accent when he said oilers

  11. Draisaitl wasnt gonna miss that one. Guy's a pro.

  12. Daammmn, goalie never even moved. D has hot hands!

  13. That call I don't understand he poke the puck out before he fell

  14. I miss when people used to upload videos in 1080p

  15. They got the lead twice and blew the lead twice ahah

  16. Jeff Schenk the German Gretzky

  17. Waste all his skills in deadmonton.

  18. Thomas Turcotte pi stu fais sa en plus on va au folichon PI au lady

  19. Vincent Gagnon, Pierre-Luc Vallée. On voit Tommy Dostie-Auclair à 0:21 😂