Lions eat suspected poacher in South Africa

Lions eat suspected poacher in South Africa
Image from: Global News

When the hunter becomes the hunted.

Full Article: Global News


  1. Why is that the hunter can display their kill?? But the prey cannot display their KILL!! KARMA!! Messing with the Animal Kingdom!!!

  2. Incline, O Lord, Thine ear to our prayers, in which we humbly beseech Thy mercy, that Thou wouldst place the soul of Thy servant, which Thou hast caused to depart from this world, into the region of peace and light; and unite in the fellowship of Thy Saints. Through Christ our Lord,

  3. Good, I wonder if they taste like chicken?

  4. Well done lions, payback time.

  5. Typical cat leaves the head

  6. Someone just got eaten alive and everyone cheers?.... wow! 2018 right?

  7. This might b a deterrent against poachers trophy hunters etc..hopefully..🐯🐯🐨🐻🐯🐨🐱🐶🐱🐯🐨

  8. I guess the lion did not feel like some head.

  9. And all was right with the universe for an all too brief moment.

  10. Vengeance is mine, said the LION

  11. Score a big one for the lions!

  12. I hope the lions don’t get sick.

  13. Erin Coulter love seeing these articles 🙌🏻

  14. They like their meal poached.

  15. Sincerely,

    Charles Darwin

  16. Doesn't that just serve them right to bad didn't happen more often