Little girl gives her dinner to homeless man

Little girl gives her dinner to homeless man

Little girl gives her dinner to homeless man

Posted by NTD Inspired Life March 19, 2018, 4:20 p.m.

This little girl did the most amazing thing when she came across a homeless man on the street. This just made my day! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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  1. If each of us would do one act of kindness each day, the world would be a lovely place. It can be a smile, kind word, a meal, etc. Please share your 💘 love

  2. No such thing as coincidence-this all happened for a reason-what a kind, generous little girl. She's being taught right. Hoping this man David & his sister get to reconnect.

  3. Now wish adults could be just as pure hearted as this amazing young girl maybe our world wouldnt be such a nightmare for some of us

  4. So proud of both Ella and her parents...this is a beautiful story resulting from the parents amazing teaching...good job!!!

  5. Yes, indeed, God in amazing way, He allow this time to use the heart of an angel young girl Ella to be the bridge to let the brother and sister able to reconnect again...God bless you all ...not coincidence but the timing of God is so amazing and perfect....

  6. If we all could be like that what a wonderful place this world would be but we have people like Trump running around

  7. Now this is a child that is being raised right. Dad has to be proud...prayers for them. I sincerely hope. That sister reconnects with her brother and can help him. My prayers go out for them too.

  8. Great to see this! Tired of the brow beating news we usually get. How about some more good news! Maybe it will catch on to be kind to others! God bless you!

  9. Pint sized angel! Could see that she was trying not to cry, at least that's what it looked like to me! What a beautiful heart she has!

  10. For a child to do an act of kindness, good parenting. It does the heart good. Thoughts and prayers to both families!

  11. It's a beautiful history, because the good action of the kid helped a woman meet her brother. Congratulations.

  12. God works in mysterious ways! He brings comfort to those who need it exactally when they need it! Thankful you found your brother and he is alright! God Bless you both!

  13. Beautiful and touching story.people need to start showing more compassion and the world will be a better place.

  14. God's plan and his blessings. The blessings to all who saw this and all that played it forward because of this video. God bless the little girl and all her compassion. Thanks to the father who video the gift of love.

  15. I love that beautiful girl what she did is so inspiring to me,, and besides makes me think this world still has good people , that can make to this World a better place to live

  16. Lord if only more people would be half as generous like the little girl was our world be a better to live.Thank God for the little Girl she will be blessed.

  17. Thank you Jesus for your Loving Kindness! The little girl's kind ❤️ heart is a very good example of loving your neighbor as yourself. To God be the Glory! Amen! God Bless Ella!

  18. Some time's I feel like this old man I am also getting older by the day it May not seem like it but I do love my family one day even if it's at my funeral we will all be together one last time !

  19. what a great story, so proud of the parents of the little girl, to teach her to do something so good. God bless all involved, Amen.

  20. Wonderful little girl,she has given everyone of us a good example.Thank you little girl for making a difference in someones life.God bless you❤️❤️❤️

  21. What a remarkable little girl to show that much compassion at her age. It was so sweet that she gave her meal to the homeless man.

  22. What an awesome little girl. Wish more people could do that have compassion for other's and respond. God Bless you,young lady.

  23. Dad you're awesome for teaching your little girl to be kind and loving I wish everyone in this world would be like that little girl. God bless you both and keep you safe

  24. Absolutely beautiful! What a HUGE heart this little one has. Obviously her dad has done a wonderful job. 😍

  25. What a beautiful story? We need to do more for our homeless veterans that sacrifice so much for us. God bless this little lady with her act of kindness 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. How beautiful! This young one actually knew his need. Most kids can't think past themselves. Kindness is the most powerful tool you can have.

  27. The humanity is born with humans instinctively but it be defeated by the self love with most people!

  28. What a sweet young LADY that nice people needs to like about what she did this world is cold an hard

  29. That d work of God tru d child . In this world there is enough for every person but d greed of man""":

  30. OMG how heart-warming how can you not watch that and not have tears what a wonderful little girl how precious!! Someone has taught her very well

  31. Heartwarming video. That little girl showed what it means to think of all people as humans and deserving of compassion.

  32. Thank you Lord for this little girl Ella, she's so kind, her father is the proudest father father for what she did, it really touched me for what she did. God bless her n her parents for a good job of bringing her up to be.a.loving n caring person

  33. Bless little Ella, this made me cry. Wish there were more adults that had hearts like her.

  34. What a GREAT story. My eyes have tears. How true this is. Hive love from your heart others.

  35. God Bless this little girl and the Gentleman she helped

  36. It would of been nice to hear the sister found her brother??

  37. So moving but what a lovely thoughtful little girl she’s just beautiful in and out xxx

  38. One happy gesture, with a great outcome! 💕💐❤️🇺🇸😘

  39. is it o.k. for a grown man to git a tear in his eyes while watchin

  40. Wow,just wow...I am so crying right now to this! Thank you Ella

  41. If every one could be like this precious Ella this world would be a better place. Sad again our poor Vets are let down. I hope they were able to bring him home and get help for him. God Bless Ella and her parents, what a sweet little girl. God Bless David and his family, thank you for serving our Country, may our Lord watch over you.🙏🇺🇲 🙏

  42. Such a great act of kindness. But sometimes, too much kindness is not good.

  43. Jesus comes to us in so many ways. Bless you all

  44. and a little child shall lead them

  45. Beautiful story. Shows you how one simple act of kindness can change lives. Brava, Ella! You are an AWESOME young girl! ❤

  46. That act of kindness by Ella was beautiful to see. Thank you and may God Bless you Ella.

  47. “Unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

  48. Amen thank you for your help god for our country to make sure that you have a great one that is what we are going to have

  49. Thanks Jesus cause You were there with Ella n the homeless man !!

  50. Just wonderful,and well done young Lady.

  51. A very wonderful caring young lady.Bless you

  52. Literally from out of the mouth of a babe... kindness, love, charity, goodness...

  53. Act of kindness from a little girl should be a lesson for all .

  54. Wow!So Generous of this Little Girl. We Need People Like her!

  55. Beautiful story; beautiful child, inside and out....♥️

  56. Ella has the heart of God!!!!!!!

  57. So touching may God bless them all

  58. This child is kind hearted I hope more adults will learn from her

  59. We need to have the giving souls of most smaller children. The do not hate. AMEN

  60. We should all take a lesson from this and use it daily .I am going to give it a shot

  61. She has so much love in her heart God angels amen bless you and your family with so much love

  62. God bless your heart, little girl!!!May your tribe increase!!!!

  63. Here is a little girl...who will change the world..even if it's just for one person...

  64. What a Lovely and kind thing to do Beautiful little girl with a big heart.

  65. This little girl have a wonderful heart godbless u baby girl😗❤

  66. It doesn't cost anything to be kind.

  67. What an awesome, touching story of kindness!!! GOD BLESS you and your daughter!!!! Carolyn


  69. Kindness.... Always a rippling effect ! Beautiful heart you have Ella