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Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 28, 2018, 9:04 p.m.

Wife thought husband was a lazy ‘couch potato,’ then she saw his shoes one day & almost cried 💕

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  1. FYI:

  2. Now that I am retired, I don't mind taking care of my husband or our household. But when both spouses work outside the home, BOTH should handle the responsibilities at home.

  3. Husbands & wives both work hard in different ways, and shouldn't take each other for granted, simple as that.

  4. My husband is now retired and I don't mind not going anywhere, he sits in his recliner and watches TV and takes naps. I'm glad he finally gets to do what he wants, he worked most of his life and wore steel toe shoes at every job he worked at and wore them out every time. Now he deserves to do what he wants and not wear steel toe shoes anymore, we're together 24/7 and this is why I love him.

  5. Seriously!!!! I work full time and my husband works full time, one no harder than the other. I clean, shop, pay bills, make all phone calls for repairs, doctor appointments, laundry, decorate for the holidays. I do it ALL because I KNOW if I don't do it, it won't get done. So please spare me about shoes being worn out! JC!

  6. When I was working 40 hrs outside the home and had to come home and cook dinner, do the dishes, the laundry, housecleaning, manage our budget, shop for groceries (we did not eat out), mow and trim the yard, shovel snow, plant, water, fertilize, weed, and harvest our 24x30 garden, and tske care of my flower bet I was annoyed that he could come home and have dinner ready for him, wash his clothes, cleanup after him, and he layed around on the sofa resting or would take our girls to a movie or shopping. I never got a break! Plus I worked part time at our church. Some of us have justifiable complaints. We are suppose to be man's HELPER not his SLAVE.

  7. This is so true,we all have our jobs to do,but give your husband the credit he deserves. I have always respected my husband and appreciate him so much. We have been married almost 61 years, so I know what I am talking about.

  8. Husbands go to work and have to take orders, rain, snow cold hot. My husband , serviced oil burners and in Winter up north, I remember a lot snow storms, no one out at all wind blowing phone rings, service call, 10 miles to the house. Got dressed warm boots, no cell phones at that time, had to find a phone booth. He got a 2way radio so he could call if he had other calls while he was out. But we were young and we did the best we could. He is the most patient person I know. 63 yrs. still have each other. we are blessed

  9. So true, spouses need to be more understanding of each other.

    Really, is shouldn't just stop with spouses, we shouldn't take anyone for granted though. Always appreciate what our family do and go through for us.

  10. Bollocks, I work 9 to 5 every day too, no one feels sorry for me. Men are lazy arses who have always slobbed out on the sofa all night and got away with it. A married should be equal, make the lazy git do some housework when he gets home like you do. Pffft. Who ever wrote this is an arse. Grow some balls woman and kick your fella up the arse.

  11. We need to read this, we can expect too much from our partners, husbands etc, a little extra love goes a long way. Life is so short, so enjoy, enjoy.

  12. So true I used to get so mad at my husband because he'd be outside from 5:30 in the morning he come in for lunch go back outside and I always used to think will you do out there all day or he passed away July 28th and 2014 and now I know what he did out there all day cuz I'm out there doing it and I never really appreciated him for what he did to do

  13. A hard days work and being shattered is no exsuse for coming home and undoing all the hard days work of cleaning after the family. I was carrying the last bundle of washing out one summer at 12 midnight and ied started at 8 in the morning so it would be dry in the morning I never got to sit down and relax as when everyone came home they would dump all of their work gear all over the home and ied be running around after them .yes men do work hard high 5 for that but it can be so sole destroying day in and day out when you feel like what you contribute to the family is worth nothing by the way they disrespect all your efforts to keep a good and clean home . It's took its toll over the years .

  14. This is ture to a point. It works both ways. Talk to each other. Work things out. Don't argue about the little things in life and never ever bring things up about the past, its gone. Talk about the present, don't talk about the future as u don;t know what the future will hold. Take each day as it comes. When u wake up each morning, just say, Well, I'm still here and embrace it.

  15. I am a stay at home mom/ wife. I cook, clean, laundry, i do all the errands and home school our son. There are so many titles that i carry, but non harder than what my husband dose. I may get over looked, and not noticed at times, but if it wasnt for my husband working so hard for us every day, 12 to 14 hours a day and travel time, i wouldnt be able to be home with our kids. I may loose it every know and then, but it is all worth it. I get up at 3am every morning and make his lunch and breakfast, we talk and spend a half hour in together. He gets home a 6pm, we have dinner together as a family then he goes to bed. Another day begains in the same way. We work together

  16. Unfortunately no one appreciate what they have till they lost this woman it was so unfair if i know mu husband work i treat him like a king make sure he has everything at home but thats not my case it was her good to know she realized she was wrong before she lost him

  17. Everyone who has a working spouse should read this, I was the income earner in my house and all I ever got from my husband was complaints about how tired he was staying at home all day doing nothing, now he has nothing to complain about because he is no longer in my life.

  18. Though was divorced already, I like to share that not all husbands seems lazy as we see them. Think the many good things that he did for his wife and family.

  19. You know the old saying walk a mile in my shoes, that goes both ways, we all have to do our part if we are going to be happy!

  20. Now that I am retired I do most of the house work because my wife works her ass off. She is very pleased to come home to a clean house folded laundry and a hot meal. I shared chores while I worked but now I do most of the work mostly, because I love and respect all she does for me. Even a little effort from a spouse goes along way.

  21. As a teenager I looked at my dad’s shoes, resoled several times. Felt very quilty about wanting anything. Years later my mom told me that dad did not like new shoes because of a food problem.

  22. So true.We sometimes Don't take the time to listen or look at what's really going on around us.We think of Self.We have to be more patient and understanding of our spouse.Show them we appreciate what they do.That is,all about loving someone.Dont take that for granted.

  23. I have never once in 39 years never doubted my husband did not work hard. I’m so very grateful for the wonderful life he has created for me. So doing all the normal house hold chores are no big deal to me. Just grateful we are still best friends and can always depend on him no matter what. I’ve been really blessed.

  24. We have been Married almost 67 years ,we both have worked hard all our lives ,we help each other with our chores ,every morning when we get up we always give each other a big hug ,at night we tell each other that we love you ,we look at it like that might be the last time we have the chance to do it .but we love each other unconditional with all our hearts . We hold hands like we were kids in love .and when this life is over for us we are going to stroll over Heaven together hand and hand . We have had rough times but we were in this together ,that's how we have lived our lives .I love you Sunshine . All I can say love each other and trust God for his help .

  25. My husband deserves everything he worked so hard for, and he still helped around the house if I asked him to, mowed the lawn, played with the kids.......a hard working RR man!

  26. It is a 2 way street.....if mom works outside the home too....the house duties should be shared....if Mom is home all day she should be able to do her chores and take a rest during the day. House the kids is not that difficult....all moms do it!👍😉

  27. Well you and him need to switch place for 1 day that way you dnt for get and he doesn't for get what it is like to be a mom at home and hard working dad I just saw a pic of my x well her kids and he was not happy and the houes was a mess yard was not mow3d so now she see how much I work hard caues home cook a meal and cleaned the houes mowed the years with the little time I had so she started cheating and we went are spent ways now she has no one to do things I did and was taken avnteg of

  28. Also hope she realized while he's away all day at work; the thing HE'S looking forward to is coming home....the place SHE has made that spells: COMFORT; SAFE; LOVE; RELAXING...💘

  29. Be grateful for all the things you already have, don't ever overlook this. It is the beginning of happiness. It is also a journey not a destination.

  30. As long as he appreciates you and your hard work as much as you appreciate him...thats the only way it works. ( this is from a woman that has been married for 39 years)

  31. How true! Love this! We don't know what it is like to walk in his shoes as well as he knows what it is to walk in mine. Love,and respect for each other will go a long way.

  32. It doesn't matter whom goes out to work and who stays home , both jobs are just as important and it's a team effort to run a home and raise a family.

  33. My husband works comes home and takes care of me and never complains thru out all of my health issues he’s been by my side and keeps my spirits high

  34. Kenneth Bush this reminds me so much of me and your dads relationship. He worked just like described in this post. And I look at you and my goodness, you remind me of your daddy so much son. Your thought process, attitude, your work ethic you just remind me so much of him. I'm so proud of you son and I know he is to. He loved you so much. I love you and miss you. Mom

  35. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING YOUR STORY SO that maybe other’s might stop and reflect on walking in another’s moccasins.

  36. Amen, so true, if we could only stop and see what's right in front of us, life would be so different


  37. Those are things that you need to talk before getting married. If you are not ready , stay alone. That is why to know each other before take that step.

  38. Murat Gulen this is how i feel ,but my heart knows how hard and how many boots he actually wore out to get to today.

  39. I'm blessed with husband I have he truly works hard . I love you babe for all you do and for who you are in my life.

  40. Barb Lamey please push play and read all of this .please and realise what it's saying. I'm not joking please read this.

  41. BS u work too and come home and work. Look at the soles of your shoes. Show them to him.

  42. I love you my dear, because of your Love to God you brought me where I am today . Your life brings inspiration to many husbands . Happy Birthday

  43. I used to be that man and none of my wives ever thought about anything but themselves.

  44. Don't take anything 4 granted as it can disappear forever in just a second n you will be changed f o rever.

  45. Bullshit.... married for years with kids and never know what the husband chores

  46. Inspirational yes, but the wife works hard too. She needs love and understanding as well.

  47. I know someone I think works her butt of..while I do basically nothing

  48. Oh wow what a awesome story other women should take notice. Thankyou.

  49. thats a two way have to look at it from both sides🤔🤔

  50. Well just cause I don’t do manual labor doesn’t make my day any less difficult at work

  51. Peoples shoes tell you their life story.

  52. This is so true. Never take anything for granted.

  53. Communication is key and you won't get that far in your despair.

  54. I read of a woman who said , the rule in her home was, No one sits until all can sit.! Brilliant!

  55. We should never take anyone for granted. Communication and understanding and respect .

  56. We need to learn to appreciate each other and the contribution that is made on both parts.

  57. AMEN so true every one needs more time together so we know we are loved AMEN

  58. My husband is my hero in every way. He is the meaning of a real man.

  59. so what about the other halves they work hard as well

  60. Thank you Bobby LaRue for all you did for our children and myself. I love you forever and allways.

  61. You always help each other no Mather what in love

  62. goes both ways...we both work hard and we appriciate each other!

  63. That is why you need to walk in someone else’s shoes a day before judging.

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