Meeting between Justin Trudeau and Belgian royals would have been nice: deputy PM

Meeting between Justin Trudeau and Belgian royals would have been nice: deputy PM
Image from: Global News

The Belgian royals are touring Canada without meeting Trudeau.

Full Article: Global News


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  1. Dear Royal couple, Welcome to Canada. Thank your lucky stars you don't have to meet with our Village idiot, PM Sox. He would most likely show up dressed as a waffle.

  2. His “Belgian Costumes” May have been at the cleaners to be fair - and Belgians are not a minority voting block in Canada either...

  3. Our PM is not our head of state, that is the Governor General's office, which is meeting with the Belgian royals. Trudeau is not snubbing them, anymore that our PM was snubbed on his arrival in India, ahead of a scheduled meeting with the G7 countries, by being met by a minor government official at the airport. Trudeau elected to go sight seeing before the economic meeting with other world leaders, so was just a VIP tourist at that point. The Belgian royals are also VIP tourists, since they are not here attending some international summit meeting. But for sure the CPC's propaganda machine will attempt to blow this up as some kind of scandal.

  4. That's a little surprising. You figure Trudeau would jump at a chance to meet them and avoid being in Ottawa.

  5. Why do we care about Belgian royal ? Oh wait you only care because Trudeau didn't meet them ... if he had you all would be pissed that he did ...get over it

  6. Gotta cut him slack on this one, he’s out supporting our Canadian brothers and sisters in the steel and aluminum industries. He got this one right.

  7. Whats the point of him visiting steel mills ?? just trying to figure out what maybe goes on in a steel mill.

  8. Who's lying today, PM, PMO or media or all three, "knew long in advance he may not be available" ... "Due to touring around about aluminum and steel tariffs" that were just announced last week. Let's just assume that everyone lies everytime they open thier mouth until proven otherwise... Kinda like the new norm, guilty until proven innocent

  9. Funny how Trudope is fine with inviting terrorists into his office, but can't meet a trading partner. His actions speak volumes on where his priorities are based. And putting up the wrong embarrassing, again!

  10. Why do we care so much? Is royalty suddenly important again, or is it still an archaic social construct that has no real place in the modern world beyond some dusty traditions, an outdated concept of social class, and a tourist draw?

  11. I'm sure the royals have better things to do than a PR stunt for Trudeau. Lol

  12. They and the rest of Canada are the lucky ones, he's made a big enough fool of himself already with the rest of the world.

  13. Trudeau has been on a continuous holiday and photo opp since he was elected at the total expense of the Canadian tax payers.

  14. It's weird that so many clowns have a problem with our PM "playing dress up" by respecting the culture of the area he visits.

  15. It's better they didn't drink with him. He would have just embarrassed us as a nation again and again and again

  16. Trudeau couldn’t find his Belgian waffle costume in his tickle trunk.

  17. The German flag waiting to greet the royals on their visit to commemorate their liberation from germany seems par for the course with this administration

  18. Belgians are smart people, trudeau only meets with antifa,illegal immigrants and lbgt

  19. Sorry, but if you hadn't been white, he would have been there in full costume.

  20. They probably know how lucky they are to have missed the little dweeb.

  21. Good for them for not wanting to waste their time with mr dress up

  22. Why would we subject our guests in this country to such torture?

  23. Why would Trudeau meet them
    Their not terrorists

  24. Since it is a Royal couple visiting it is the Governor Generals position to meet with them

  25. Should let them know how lucky they are to get out of a boring time wasting meeting

  26. He doesn't meet people he perceived as white privilege...

  27. - The "Belgians" lucked-out - not havin' ta' spend any time with The Right Dishonorable P.M.Turdeau !!! - 🤔.

  28. Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good hoilday by having to meet with that idiot Trudump!

  29. ❄Malcolm Amirault❄️ doesn't matter.... The part time drama teacher doesn't meet with heads of state. Lol.

  30. Would he have dressed like a waffle?

  31. Avoiding a national embarrassment

  32. What a loser we have for a not so prime minister. Prime loser.

  33. That idiot needs his photo op first that' s why he won ' t me them! Or maybe he realizes he' s not liked by many people!😉

  34. If he was to meet with them you cons would had more to talk about your lives must be really boring

  35. They aren't missing anything anyway.

  36. He’s to busy taking selfies and buying votes

  37. Dear Lord our PM has no class! 😐

  38. Visiting clowns was obviously not on their agenda!

  39. No vacation for trudope how sad

  40. lots of waffling going on here ..pass the syrup !

  41. Two words... belgian chocolate

  42. He didn’t have time to have new costumes made 🤷‍♂️💸

  43. some peoples are just born lucky

  44. He's got time for a selfie with everyone else!

  45. Woes! They’ve dodged a bullet there! 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Smart People to avoid Prime Minister Selfie!!!

  47. Look at all the dumbasses!! Does the Queen meet Canadian PM's at the airport when they go to Britain?? Would Belgian royalty meet Canadian PMs if they flew into Brussels?

  48. Belgium royalties killed 10.5 millions Africans.