Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers
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  1. The beast on the other side of the fence is the Chicago Cubs who will beat them by at least 10 games

  2. I’d take a shot-for-shot remake of this movie using all 32 teams in the league for different scenes

  3. we need more offseason skits like this from all the teams...

    would make the winter season go by MUCH faster...


  4. Domenic, hold a gun to my head and I’ll stand by my statement: greatest movie of all time. Bar none. It’s one of those movies I could watch 200 times, and then watch it again. The reason it resonates so much is because this movie matched my childhood ver batum. We didn’t have the dog situation, but there was a kid who equated to every character in the movie.

  5. The best thing I’ve seen online all day, and the one millionth and one reason I believe baseball is the greatest sport in the world. LOVE IT!!

  6. Haha Vogty this is awesome. Might be going to Opening day here in SD, if I do I would love to catch up. Hope all is going well bud!

  7. Steven voget. I remember when he used to be on the As. Probably my favorite ball player. Miss that guy. And sogard too.

  8. Emily Webster I feel like you will be able to appreciate this with me!...even if it’s not either of our teams 😂😂⚾️⚾️

  9. More A's players doing amazing things after theyre tenure in Oakland. No hard used to this

  10. Ok even the cubs fan is laughing at this

  11. Jeffress NAILED IT. He had all the mannerisms down!

  12. Good job guys! Great movie with kids that took us all back to our Sandlot days!

  13. Perfect except Hamilton Porter was a righty and hit an oppo bomba

  14. Andrew Andy we should make our own reenactment of the Sandlot 😂

  15. I wanted to see the rest of the movie! Lol, this is great!

  16. I don’t like the brewers but that was awesome! Cody Chwala

  17. Uhhh Hamilton “the babe” porter was not a lefty

  18. Cameron Stroup “hit me with the heater low and outside just how I like it”😂😂😂

  19. Cali Schultz god they killed the best scene in movie history...

  20. Cards can, but that was well done.

  21. Shelbie Lyon Christian though 😂

  22. As a Cardinals fan, let me say this. THE BREWERS PLAY BALL LIKE A BUNCH OF GIRLS!!!!!!

  23. Joe Wilson and Josh Haltom, I think you'd both appreciate this. My favorite baseball movie of all time. #Sandlot

  24. Man, I miss Vogt on my A's. Stand up guy, and goes after it each and every day.

  25. Sweet re-creation. Even sweeter than a smore.

  26. Dumbest thing on FB today. Who dressed these guys? Who plays in those clothes?

  27. Could have been better if you had Front Row Amy sitting behind home keeping score! :-)

  28. We loved Stephen Vogt in Oakland.

  29. Heather Hea Fonville show this to Chasey man. We were just watching The Sandlot yesterday

  30. They should have gotten Kyle Schwarber to play "the Beast"

  31. Not a Brewers fan but this is the winner on the internet today 😂😂

  32. as a Cubs fan, I’m not too wild about the actors, but I love Sandlot, so I’ll go half credit

  33. Stephen Vogt is awesome. I’m still pissed we traded him.

  34. That brought me back... Too bad The Brewers are a third place finisher this yr...

  35. Isaias Ibarra y'all should do this 🤣

  36. There ARE heroes and there ARE legends!

  37. This cast is original the movie...????????.

  38. Please continue this all season long. Gotta do you’re killing me smalls

  39. Only thing that could've made it better - having Marshawn Lynch as the beast. Well done.

  40. I laughed but curious how much practice time this ate up...Cards win the division!

  41. Love my Brewers....more than ballplayers, husbands and dads!

  42. Raider Guzman I miss them! (Vogt and Sogard)

  43. Charles. Despite this being the Brewers, it's pretty amazing!

  44. Joe why Corey out here reenacting the Sandlot?

  45. Michael Czajka. Thought you could appreciate this video as much as I did.

  46. Devon Brisby lol funniest thing I've seen today

  47. Gotta hand it to the Brewers Michael Johrendt they did a decent job of recreating this masterpiece.

  48. Honestly thought it was really them. Lol.

  49. James Fischer you would appreciate this even though it’s the Brewers lol.

  50. Die hard Cubs fan here. Don’t care for the Brewers, but this is freaking fantastic! Great job!

  51. Why in the world wasn't Tim Dillard included in this?

  52. Tito , now I'm a Brewer's fan. Lol.

  53. Magdalyn Marie ok I have to give it up to the Brewers. This is pretty awesome

  54. Twin Gomez Davey Drumvee they actually snapped with this lol

  55. That’s awesome Paul! Susie, check it out!

  56. John Remsing whats this look like?? Haha great movie..

  57. Tatiana Rodriguez I just had the biggest smile on my face watching this video

  58. Tava Dennis you should watch this it is great.

  59. Chuy Obregon. Still not the great bambino tho

  60. Joseph Cruz this is awesome lol

  61. Blake Rios we should do this as a WHEDco promo

  62. Im a marlin fan, but this is truly amazing 😂

  63. Paul Bartolotta easily the greatest thing I’ve seen

  64. Lance Garant Meighen Boyd Proof that spring training is tooooo long