Mother's last wish

Mother's last wish

Mother's last wish

Posted by NTD Inspired Life Feb. 18, 2018, 2 p.m.

When was the last time you said "I love you" to your mother? 👩‍👧‍👦❤️

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  1. Amen My family came and stayed here a month at a time and every day off and nights and weekends to help me through this. We kept my momma here at home with me and took care of her so she didnt have to know what its like to just be left at a nursing home. She took her last breath in her own room with us all around her, loving her till her last breath.I miss you so muchand love you forever!! Till I see you in HEAVEN.

  2. This really broke my heart to watch and read this video. Mom would do anything for all us kids, always smiling, never complained about anything, never said anything bad about anyone, always there to listen, I could go on and on. My Mom was the best...and she will always be in my heart. I took care of Mom the last five years she was a live...and I would do it again in a heart beat without a question. Bless you Mom

  3. Cannot understand how well to do adults can put their parents in expensive nursing homes in one state while they pursue their lives in other states. Unless a parent needs intensive care, there is no reason to ostracize them to years of loneliness in an assisted living home when they could remain home with a care giver, spending their remaining years with family, enjoying their grandchildren and great
    grandchildren. The saddest part of growing old is being aware and knowing that your children don't care.

  4. My mum was in a care home at the end. I miss her so much and love her. The was my best friend and we used to go on holi together with shearings coach tours. Our fav places were Italy lske Como and Garda. Wonderful times and memories. RIP mum. Love you much mum
    God bless you. Xxxx

  5. When your mother gives birth to you its last a life time so love your mom an always be there when she needs you until she passes away then when you pass away she will be there on the other side of life she will you second after you see the Lord she will open her arms to hold you for ever 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  6. Why didn't he put her in a nursing home in the state he was working. Then he could of visited her mire often

  7. I love my mom , I do need to tell her more often. While she still here . Thank You everyone reading your story, I know I got to do better.

  8. I was on the phone to my mom when she passed from a massive heart attack. My voice saying I love you was the last thing she heard. Comming up on the one year anniversary of her death. I still cry everyday. She was my best friend. I miss her so very much.

  9. Hope he is proud of himself!!! Children leave their parents for all kids of reasons. But the end is always the same. Get smart!!!!

  10. 😢. This can be so true. Life takes everyone on a different journey. Do your best to not let you read this quote, and make yourself think...?? "Did I tell my parents I love them recently"
    I miss you and love you mom & dad... Always & Forever. 💖💔💖

  11. I'm a mother of 3 INCREDIBLE sons. What I want for them is to have a full, loving incredible life. They are all very busy. I'm very grateful for the time they give me over the phone. If and when they visit me, it brightens up my day. But I never expect it.

  12. Amen. You only have one Mother, so Cherish the time while she's still here. You'll regret not doing it when she is no longer here.

  13. Some people throw the word love around like it’s a toy. I always told my mother that I loved her but I also showed her how much I loved her. I miss her every minute of everyday day but I know I did all that I could do and all that a child should do for their mother. Love her forever!!!

  14. October 15, 1995 the day before she died! I wish I could tell her one more time. If your mother is alive and you don't call her alot, SHAME ON YOU!!! You won't always have the opportunity.

  15. So true as with Father's. Children after they are over 21, find someone forget about one or both parents, never hardkey call, visit, sut talk, plan days to go do something, see if they can help. Terrible and unforgiving after all, they are your mother, father.

  16. About 9 years ago, she moved away I have no address or phone number for her, her choice in those 9 years I've seen her once at my daughter's and she was so rude I took the kids out until she'd gone, I'm past caring now she's never really been a mother to my brother and me our nannie ( dad's mum) was more of a mum to us, when she was alive I told her all the time that I loved her

  17. I miss my mama so much but because my brother and sister are greedy selfish evil demons I was forbidden to know where she is or even how she's doing I hope someday they pay for what they have done to her and to me

  18. Mother is someone very precious.No one can take her place in this world.My mother was my best friend and I am sure that my mother will be place in the highest rank in Janatul Firdaus. Ameen Sumameen.I love you forever and can forget what you have done for us.Loves and miss u a lots

  19. November 7 2017 when she was taking her last breath. I miss her so much everyday. My mom would do anything for all her girls and anyone else she could help. She is a woman who had the biggest heart no matter what is girls did she never put us down. Was always there to pick us up and get us back on track. If your mom is still with you God bless you. Listen to every word she says there is a reason she is saying them. Let her know how much you love her.

  20. I am so happy I took care of my dad and mom to the very end! This brought so much tears to me!!! Yes cherish your mom and dad if you still have them!

  21. My mother knew I loved her. I told her every time I spoke to her. Now I tell her still but she is no longer here. I miss her and will always love her. My best friend in heaven. Love you so much mum. 😍❤️

  22. To bad most children don't remember it until it's to late ! Everyone & everything is always more important than family

  23. The more my mother is gone in to heaven l realize what a great mother she was, she loved her 7 children and my dad, was such a hard worker, love her and miss her♡

  24. Poor soul fancy being forced to say that, they are so insecure in the US they say it every time they meet or leave each other..

  25. Take the time to tell your mom you love her!my mom lived with me so I got to tell her every day. My son never hangs up the phone without saying Love ya. And I know he does,♥️♥️♥️🦊

  26. The last time I told mine was about 60 hours before she left. By that time the drugs were making coherent communication nearly impossible.
    Hospice is truly a wonderful thing with loving people. They made her last days somewhat bearable for mama. Primary progressive aphasia don’t suck it swallows I know I’ve seen it personally!

  27. Oh, they will tell you they love you. But just words. Actions speak louder... Not loved and don't care. Oops! See how they are just words? Broken!!!!

  28. Those who have a mother cherish her with care for you never know the love of her till you see her emty chair xxxxxxxox very true .x

  29. how about children have no time for a parent's any more they act like they are ashamed of them live with it

  30. My only son won't even give me the time of day...So broken hearted. I will love him till my last breath is taken. :(

  31. I live and take care of my 83 year old mother. I love her very much and tell her I love you everyday

  32. I did love my Mother with all of my heart her last breath she took I told her I loved her

  33. Tell your mom you love her I care for my mom and can’t count how many times we say I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you mom

  34. Love you mother she only comes once a lifetime I love my mother

  35. The last time I told my mother "I love you" I had my cheek on her cheek as she took her last breath

  36. Be with your mother while you can

  37. Please do take the time, life is too precious!! Thank you.💕

  38. 14 years ago - I love you and miss you mommy👼🏿💖⚘😢

  39. I am one lucky lady, my three daughters tell me all the time.

  40. How many children's hearts does this touch today?

  41. A mother gives her all to her children and never ask for anything in return. I miss you mom

  42. Mom isnt care about herself .until the end she s always think n care about her kid.

  43. Last February just before she past away🚊

  44. All take time for you parents, don't wait until they are gone.

  45. I went to visit my mother and father every Sunday afer church. I always told them both that l loved then and kissed them goodbye when I left there home. The last time l told her I love l brought her flowers . To her grave . I do miss her so and taking with her. I LOVE YOU MOTHER YOUR SON JOHN SGT USMC

  46. The last time I told her I loved her was on the day she died

  47. mine has been gone for almost 37 yrs

  48. Thats why we cherish every moment with our parents

  49. September 25, 2013. She passed shortly afterwards.


  51. Money isn't everything.....your Mother is!!!

  52. Yes take time for parents because one day they will not be here


  54. In August 2017 right before she passed away. And I told her often. She was my best friend.

  55. My son and daughter tell me they love me everytime we talk love you kids

  56. I said it all the time. It was the last thing I said to her. Wish I could tell her again.

  57. Great words of live by....

  58. Miss my mom every day!! She died way too young at 60 but loved all 7 of her kids so much!! ♥️💙💜😍

  59. i take care of my mom and tell her daily how much she is loved

  60. So true when it’s to late u are sorry don’t let it pass u by Love your mom always ❤️🙏

  61. He did not have a car, he was walking with his suitcase from Miami to Michigan,

  62. This story sucks. Where were his other siblings?

  63. I said it to my mum all the time

  64. Always tell your mom that you love her why you still can.

  65. My mum used to say that to me bless her . so true ,,,,

  66. My mom had kids she was one Lucky one we all took turn to help with help

  67. Mother is the only god who is there alive and present.

  68. My Parents are no longer here and I will be the 1st one to say you can never tell them enough

  69. Today i told my mother i love her