My Children Are...

My Children Are...

My Children Are...

Posted by NTD Inspired Life March 20, 2018, 2:20 p.m.

Let your children know how much they mean to you. ❤️❤️

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  1. Maybe it's the only way you can tell them not all children stay a part of a parents life and yes for this is very sad

  2. Honestly, a day don't go by without my children knowing how much I love them. That's so important for me to let them, no. Makes a beautiful day, going out the door at any given time, That may have been your last chance.!!!!!

  3. And it does not matter if they are 2 or 62. They are part of me. My children given to me by God, whoever wants to hurt me using my children, is hurting God who entrusted them to me. They should fly the nest and have their own lives, but always remember who God gave them as parents.

  4. Are the best people in the world having them was the best thing i ever had and would not change a minute of it love u all so much mike dani joey and anthony

  5. Believe me..... no one hurts my girls without suffering the consequences. ..... Emily Louise Stewart, Jess Stewart xxx

  6. Even though they are both grown women,they know that I will always love them with all my heart.❣️❣️

  7. My child is my world. I simply revolve around them.

  8. Iam so greatful to have my son i love him very much he inspires me.😇😇😊😊

  9. Kids and grand kids I pray you see this! 💝💝💝😢😊

  10. My children are wonderful love them all

  11. True they are part of me they are priceless they make my life with all ups and downs

  12. No matter how big or old they get!!!! I LOVE my sons!!!

  13. It's true children r heart beat of our life

  14. my life is all about my family. love my children to the moon and beyond. FOREVER.

  15. My sons are. Great 👍 Iam proud of them Iam happy 😃 they were real man strong healthy mind soul

  16. My grandchildren AYra.and Mina very nice and beautiful

  17. Love my kids to the moon and back💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  18. The best things that EVER happened to me!

  19. My child is /son is my life as are my three beautiful grandchildren. 💕💕❤💕

  20. That I march and vote to end the insane gun culture in this country.

  21. There are no words to explain how much I love them and my grandchildren too!!!!!

  22. YES to all 7 of my kids I LOVE YHEM ALL.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. My babies are my whole life cant survive without them


  25. My son so proud of him love him he changed my life for the better

  26. I let my child know everyday how much I love my little one ❤️❤️

  27. Love my 3 boys to pieces
    I raised them right they are what gave me wrinkles no gray hair yet thanks to lady clariol 💗💗

  28. And they lead to grands & they really are grand I love my family

  29. yes they are i love all my kids more then they will ever know

  30. Dats da grtst thing in da world

  31. Esos son los maravillosos sentimientos que inspiran nuestros hijos por eso es algo tan especial el don que Dios nos a dado ser Madres

  32. They grow up, move away , dont want or need you.

  33. Yes indeed I love them all 😇 and worry about them all the time.

  34. Curtis howell you mean everything to me i would be lost without you ..mommy loves you soooo much

  35. My son Michael is my world and now so is his baby girl. They are both my joy my happiness

  36. Bonita Bond
    Genesis De Jesus
    Jordan y Víctor
    Los amo con todo mi corazon

  37. Amy Wilson, Adam Wilson xx more laughing than crying ❤️x

  38. Amy Rivard hey mom what would you or dad say?

  39. That’s so true, even wen they are adults!!

  40. I love all my children
    with all my heart.

  41. Madison Woodrow holly Woodrow Isla Woodrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. We lost one of our identical twin sons Justin a year ago. Our Twins Are Our Life’s !!!
    That’s All The Children We Had...
    Broke All Of Hearts ♥️ .
    It Is The Greatest Loss A Parent Can Have.!!!😭
    They Make Your Life’s Complete. It Did In Ours...!!!
    And Always Have.
    We Thank God For Them Every Day...!!!
    They Are A True Blessing From God !!!
    Jesus ,
    Thank You For Them And All Of Our Family!!!
    Blessed !!!

  43. My children and grandchildren are my LIFE!!!!

  44. Yes, My son is my heart beat and my life

  45. So true both my boy's are grown now x