Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour

What we all want to say to "Gluten Free" people...

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  1. My best friend has celiac and his wife is lactose intolerant. I am diabetic. We all used to live together. Do you know what all three of us could eat in common. Cardboard.

  2. LOL I do Entertainment Industry Catering in Los Angeles, I think I've heard them all, and always at the last minute walking thru the chow line. We always ask about allergies and food restrictions in advance but they seldom respond.

  3. Yes! Yes! Exactly!! Don't hate me and PLEASE DON'T POISON ME!!!
    I have GF frosting hiding in my fridge. One of my few treats...

  4. Lots of people fake mental illness to get attention or money

  5. Thank you for the celiac shout out!

  6. ill agree even if i dont know what you are talking about!!!!you are usually right so yeah!!!!

  7. Amy Morgan this is soooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kristen Mrazek did you watch this yet :)

  9. hey Tyson Knight is that not Devan Oborowsky to a T!?

  10. Raquel Eisenzimmer go to 1:00