Posted by Arcade Fire Dec. 20, 2017, 6:23 p.m.

You might not realize this, but it's been a decade since we first started using our platform as a band to help give back to Haiti, and we wanted to thank you all for supporting us and helping us further a cause that's very close to the Arcade Fire family.

2017 has been a tough year for lots of people in too many ways to name, so we understand if your priorities are elsewhere right now. But if you have a few dollars to spare to one of the organizations linked below, know that your generosity can have a huge impact. &

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  1. Not usually a fan of massive shows in arenas, everyone who's anyone loves the close intimate gatherings, but in this case... YOU FUCKING SELL AS MANY DAMN TICKETS AS POSSIBLE! ❤️

  2. Love you guys!! Makes me love you even more for your advocacy!!! Be it being to bring to donor relief and such as to fighting for human rights!!! FOREVER A FAN! My FIRE 🔥 of Love for this band will never be extinguished!!

  3. It's really awesome that by paying just 1$ (which is basically nothing for people who go to your shows) we can help Haiti. This band is like a channel which allows us to help the poor. I'm proud to be your fan!

  4. Arcade Fire has done more for Haiti than the Clinton Foundation. Let that sink in....


  5. Chills!! Thank You Arcade Fire!! Hope you get to Rock Coachella 2018!!!

  6. Haiti is still one of my favorite songs by you. Thanks for helping when others have not!!!

  7. Joel Ruiz quizas no te guste tanto la canción haiti pero check this out 💞

  8. 👏👏👏 arcade fire. 1.28 in I reckon that's the baths hall Stephen Watson

  9. Gracias por su humildad y en su música inspirar siempre en la buena vibra! La mejor banda! Sigan asi! Viva Arcade Fire! ❤

  10. I love this song Haiti,
    Flavia Alderson ❤️

  11. No por nada me encanta esta gran banda, tan humildes tan maravillosos en todos los ámbitos

  12. Just one more reason this is the best band on the planet ❤️

  13. Best band in the world💪🙏👏👏

  14. strange that u never seem to attack the clinton foundation

  15. Mayi eso fue lo que dijo al inicio del concert 👍🏻

  16. Amazing job, guys! <3 you make a huge difference.

  17. You are THE best band in the world !!!!!

  18. Guilherme, quando a dona da banda além de fofa é uma pessoa incrível

  19. Great to be a part of this 👍🏻

  20. Q bandao da porra Carol Carapinha

  21. Adrianna Polcyn 10 YEARS! ♥

  22. Maca Castiñeiras Sofia Schmidt Alejandra Brea