Pray for Me 🐾

Pray for Me 🐾

Pray for Me 🐾

Posted by The Weeknd Feb. 4, 2018, 8:53 p.m.

Pray for Me 🐾

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  1. Kendrick came in on this song unlike Sidewalks where he ruined it lol

  2. Weeknd way better than Usher, and Usher is top shelf R&B

  3. Fucking hyped for this !!!! Let's go !!! lemme get sum of dat Vibranium. Let my son Iron Man make a new suit out of Vibranium. Can you imagine?!

  4. I downloaded this song today...i like it...the weeknd you are the best

  5. Thats a real oldschool trailer, with the narration and everything

  6. Cinthia vamos sólo por que la canción es de the weekend 👍🏻😁

  7. This is going to be such an epic movie’

  8. Łukasz, Adam, a tu to dramy nie robi, ze go wzieli do filmu o nazwie "czarna pantera" XD

  9. Vasanth now you're obligated to like a superhero movie

  10. Suhayb Mir the only reason I’m watching this movie otherwise they’re shit.

  11. I love Weeknd when I’m dead I want you mentioned in my ceremony. You’ve meant so much to me dude


  13. love all your songs 😍 and can't wait for this movie but I'm in Europe so we must wait longer 😕

  14. When will it be out in Malaysia? The same date or later?


  16. I think Weekend may appear in movie as cameo😂

  17. Cris Gomez Arrona Al menos si nos llevan al cine, debemos de ir a ver esa :)

  18. KeninAmaya al final vamos a ir a ver esta amor???
    O la bajamos de Internet y la vemos en la casa con palomitas??

  19. Victor, Falo Nada Filme Vai Ser Foda! (Hugo)

  20. Can’t wait for this movie 😍😍😍

  21. I just realised his music is in the background 😍😍😍

  22. Escuchaste esa hermosa voz que canta de fondo? Heder Hernandez

  23. I listen to this nonstop from yesterday 💫🔥

  24. Andrea Murillo aww snap Weeknd on the soundtrack

  25. Stéphane Allardon en plus c'est The Weeknd qui chante la chanson mais c'est le top ça vivement !!!!

  26. The only super hero movie is actually see.

  27. Caitlin Tanghe I wanna go see this mainly cuz the soundtrack is 🔥

  28. Lucia Garcia you need to come home for this!!!!

  29. pray for ew dear....❤️love this song so much ....#xo big fan of urs🥇😍😍😍

  30. Al Pamirsón ins Kino OmU!
    Die klingen alle so viel cooler, wenn sie nicht von Klaus und Brigitte gesprochen werden

  31. You are the greatest sound like never before 😍

  32. Omar Rachdi word on the street (by Taylor Aubrey) is that you're a marvel fan. 😍

  33. Those kids got me lit for this...

  34. We gonna watch it Marcos Colon

  35. Ahanaf Abid Hossain you made a song for our dulabhai? Nice 😁

  36. Valeria Rodriguez algo más perfecto que Marvel + the weeknd?

  37. Keyara Donaldson the song and the movie🤤

  38. Shilpa Pradeep bloody hell the music and film sound and look amazing

  39. Lisbet Barrera you down to come watch this with me ? 🤔

  40. Facundo Mere the weend hara la musica de fondo al parecer :v

  41. Karla Hernandez I’m taking you to watch this one, not 50 shades

  42. Martin Doñas Vergara tu que vei estas cosas asperger puedo ir contigo?

  43. Lee Hollinshead this or den of thieves

  44. Théo Cirrito Avoue sa a dlaire bon AVOUE Mai Durette feat the weeknd dans lback