Prosecutors to seek death penalty for suspect Nikolas Cruz

Prosecutors to seek death penalty for suspect Nikolas Cruz
Image from: Global News

Florida prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, who is charged in the fatal shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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  1. Why don't they also hold the FBI and Sheriff's department accountable as well? I mean they received over a dozen calls and complaints about him and they did nothing. I believe in my opinion they should share some of the responsibility for this tragic incident.

  2. Sad day when the death penalty is sought. This kid needs help, not death. Yes, it was a tragic incident, and I deeply feel for the families of all the victims. But, he’s a young boy. Violence should not breed more violence. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind...

  3. Death only brings about more death. He is young, rehabilitation is the key. Barbarians.

  4. I don't see why they have to spend all of our tax money when they know he's guilty they should have shot him on the spot

  5. Nope, keep him alive in solitary for the rest of his life, no communication with anyone, no tv, games absolutely nothing, feed him and that’s it....

  6. No remorse he has, he gets what he deserved for the 17 killings! He’s not fit to stand trial! I hope he gets the death penalty! 😡😮🤨🤔

  7. Everyone seems to forget the system failed everyone in this situation. I am not condoning what this kid did. But I feel like this whole situation could have been prevented. Sorry. But the whole states needs to be overhauled. The system you guys have down there is broken.

  8. Death penalty for the shooter, jail time for the gun seller and also jail time for the students that bullied him. And a big kick in the a** to the parents of bullies. Nobody wants to take responsibility for kids bad behaviour anymore. Also condolences to the families affected by this.

  9. Good. Why should the families of those he MURDERED have to pay for his housing and food in jail? I say death penalty all the way! One less killer breathing our air.

  10. There is no rehabilitating someone like this Spend money and resources on those convicts that might be helped. This convict will be a total waste of Corrections resourses.

  11. Nah, death is too good for him. He needs to be kept in a 8x8 cell 23hrs a day with nothing but a book cart and news paper to keep him just enough informed about the world he left behind.
    There are things worse than death.

  12. we are living back in the dark ages... death penalty in the 21st century.. and from all developed countries like the US...

  13. I don't get why waste all that tax money keeping these actual proven, known killers on death row when you are just going to kill them anyways, put them to use to better humanity and run scientific tests on them! or even, give them a choice, death row, or lab rat!
    Bright side: we further sciences and human studies, get a better understanding of results as it is not tested on animals, don't have to clothe and feed them till they get put to death anyways.
    down side: non because they were going to be put to death anyways so if they die during testing, no loss., just hopefully they don't gain some kind of super human power and escape during testing!

  14. Awe , he was a product of his environment ... Should death sentence the executive in the NRA that get a thrill out of all that money they make from selling the kind of weaponry to the dysfunctional masses .

  15. The us is so strange they want the death penalty for this kid but they didnt want the death penalty for the las vegas shooter. Hippocrites!

  16. He'll still die of old age first,don't know when someone is sentenced to death why it takes so long to put them out.

  17. As much as I am against the death penalty, sometimes you have to actually use drastic measures to show that there are harsh penalties for committing crimes such as this.

  18. Another part of the American system that I Do Not and Can Not agree with is the death penalty.

  19. people here that want the death penalty do you all realize the exacution does not happen on average of 15-20 plus years.

  20. One of the only times in history that I agree with capital punishment.

  21. I think life in prison to suffer be better but since he’d probably get out some time , death penalty 👍🏻

  22. Compassion is the strongest measure of strength. So many weak individuals.

  23. It's a very sad and very tragic story to everyone involved.

  24. he needs to spend life behind bars with a big roommate thats been locked up for rape...

  25. Shoot his parents for not pinning his ears back as a child.

  26. I thought this was a mental health issue? We don’t execute people who are mentally ill.

  27. Good. I am sure nobody wants their tax dollars going to support this scumbag for the rest of his miserable life.

  28. no one wants to pay to keep the low life scumbag coward alive!

  29. That school resource coward should be executed too

  30. Already knew that was coming since they rejected his plea for life in prison

  31. Anything less would be a crying shame

  32. Walk a mile in the parents family and friends shoes then you tell them he can be rehabilitated.

  33. Why dont they hold the Dr's who put him on big pharma accountable. He needs help not death.

  34. So sad how can he get help now .He may never get better after killing so many

  35. Let him rot in jail. The daeth of his family drove him crazy!!

  36. Sigh the death that's too much while I agree his punishment should be harsh but that's a bit much.. and to degree I feel a tiny bit sorry for him becuse he was litertly manipulated by the alt right and this is what happens... Sigh so much waisted life...

  37. I wanna know, what this guy has to say for himself first!

  38. That's letting him off easy! 😠

  39. Eastwood style !! Hang'em high

  40. Survivors Guide to Prison

  41. Give him the chair on pay per view

  42. Good! U kill someone u die too!

  43. He will plead guilty and get life in jail ask his lawyer

  44. His Life for lives... seems pretty fair to me...

  45. Hook him up to old sparky and watch the body fluids boil!

  46. He'll plead out in return for life.

  47. Trump may step in an hire him as the new executor of drug dealers.