Rex Tillerson speaks after being fired by Trump

Rex Tillerson speaks after being fired by Trump

Rex Tillerson speaks after being fired by Trump

Posted by CBC News March 13, 2018, 6:11 p.m.

Rex Tillerson, the ousted U.S. secretary of state, is holding news conference in Washington after being fired by U.S. President Donald Trump.

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  1. More background on Tillerson's departure at : ^sd

  2. U.S. President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today and said he would nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him, ending Tillerson's difficult tenure by tweeting an ouster that had been long expected and yet was shocking in its abruptness. Watch live as Tilerson holds a news conference in Washington. ^sd

  3. Tillerson spoke out against Russia in regard to the poisoning of a diplomat and their daughter. Immediately thereafter he was fired. Coincidence?

  4. I have more respect for this man now that he's not associated with the current administration. "Nothing is possible without allies"

  5. What can I say this government ruined House of Cards for me because their corruption far out did what the show could ever do and now WestWorld will be next!!!!

  6. While he hasn't been the best of SoS, at least he'll be a whole ton better than that sycophant Pompeo...that guy's scary!

  7. Yes, many, many of us in the U.S. are very embarrassed and oppressed to this president and his circus. Deeply apologize.

  8. take 2 seconds and look up the kalergi plan for force regime change in north america through demographic shift.

  9. WTF is happening in your country Al Willig ?
    That clown “in charge” is firing everyone or they’re resigning.
    Joke of an administration and an embarrassment to your great country.

  10. Rex has too much integrity for this Corrupt white house. #FAKEPRESIDENT

  11. The only voice of common sense in the senior administration - gone because the petulant child the voters elected is having yet another temper tantrum.

  12. As an elitist, educated libtard I initially thought poorly when he was given the job. I grew to respect him, however.

  13. If I was starting a business Government I too would have to weed out those who don’t work well too. I totally agree to get the right choice

  14. An administration in Chaos from day to day fear of being fired while trying to do the work assigned with dignity & respect

  15. No person with a modicum of integrity would ever work in this administration

  16. I have never seen so many ‘great’ , ‘best’ people get fired or leave their jobs... 🤗

  17. Another scene from Celebrity Apprentice

  18. How many stable geniuses left in the White House?

  19. This Executive Branch is like a soap opera on steroids.

  20. The American government is a disaster. Other countries must be laughing. All puppets

  21. How do these invertebrates stand straight at these press conferences?

  22. Anyone with even a little credibility are ousted.

  23. I actually feel like I’m watching a comedy show.

  24. certainly more of a gentleman than his boss.

  25. The worst Secretary of State ever. Except the next one.

  26. Too many clowns, not enough circuses.

  27. Never mind Rex, we will look forward to your tell all book.

  28. Any White House staff who have any skill or ability are turfed. Very sad.

  29. One of the only sane & stable people left in the WH. Sad

  30. **another one bites the dust**

  31. when the USA needs to hear the real news turn to CBC News

  32. Canada needs to fire some politicians.

  33. Im here, and another one bites the dust

  34. I wonder what will happen when you criticize Russian actions.... Ohhhh twitter fired

  35. Oh dear and the revolving door keeps on turning.

  36. He tried to dismantle the diplomatic corps and now he's talking about what a great job he did?

  37. Only one holding off a nuclear war.

  38. If things don't work, you change them... I guess y'all have never heard of it.

  39. A real statesman. That's why he's been fired.

  40. Most corrupt administration in US history

  41. Watching, What a mess this admin is !

  42. bet you, he is happy to be outta there.

  43. His firing was way overdue and expected

  44. Job security doesn't feature large in WH jobs apoarently

  45. watching fro Peterborough Ontario the circus

  46. I no longer call him silly tilly. He is now complex rex.

  47. the Whitehouse has a revolving door that just keeps turning

  48. Firing Tillerson and hiring Pompeo is US gvmt jumping from frying pan into the fire...

  49. There will be almost nobody left in that White House

  50. the exxon/ Venezuela issue seems to have improved

  51. Russia - Putin corrupt and murderer and Tillerson knows it

  52. One step closer to the Purge Act.

  53. Future of Iran? That's up to the next guy, and maybe the one after that.

  54. Free and open society, acts of kindness towards each other. :)

  55. How long would Mike Pompeo last? 3 months max

  56. Uh....wasn’t he fired? Does he still get to stand behind the podium of the State dept?

  57. a proud american would have done more against the russians

  58. you get fired but are forced to stick around and then talk about it to the press.

  59. Maybe this guy will run for president?

  60. I wish it was his boss resigning.