Roberto Luongo's speech to the Parkland community.

Roberto Luongo's speech to the Parkland community.

"You guys are an inspiration to all of us. At the end of the day, you guys are what's giving us hope for the future."

- Roberto Luongo to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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  1. I was never a big fan of Roberto Luongo before.

    I am now.

  2. Seeing a pro athlete make this statement in front of an arena full of people waiting for a game to start was truly remarkable. #enoughisenough

  3. Much respect to Roberto Luongo, the Florida Panthers, the Washington Capitals and the NHL for this. Pure class shown here

  4. Roberto we miss you on the West Coast. As a Canucks fan I wish the media and terrible bandwagon fans didn't chase you out. Truly a class act 🏒

  5. Reason #583 why hockey players are the best. Sentiments straight from the heart from a true gentleman. Have loved Lou for many years as a player and as a sports personality. One more thing to admire about him.

  6. Caps fan here.. wouldn’t feel bad if we lose tonight. Parkland strong

  7. OK NHL, you post this by Luongo but don't have the guts to come out with a statement to condemn the NRA and all their paid for politicians. Luongo has some class - NHL not so much!

  8. Thank you Luongo for speaking out - this means more than he even realizes. He used his platform to encourage people to take action, #enoughisenough and if even one person leaves the arena with a different perspective on gun control or encouraged to take action themselves and advocate for a change, then that means everything. Everyone of us can speak out in our communities just like he did - he didn't do it because he's famous/well-known, he did it because he knew he could not be silent and had to say something to those around him. We can all do the same, no matter what scale - big or small.

  9. I think fans forget the players are human too...we are competitive as are they, but we need to remember they’re just people! They have families, lives outside of hockey and the same things we worry and care about, they do too! Much respect and love for Luongo and the Florida Panthers❤️

  10. So much respect to the players and league for letting this happen!!! Another reason to love the sport of hockey. Luongo you have gain a New York Ranger fan!! Hats off to you sir!!!!

  11. I have watched Roberto play hockey in Vancouver .He is a class guy both on and off the ice . He takes much time out of his busy life to visit the children in the hospital I am just fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet him . Thinking of everyone during this sad time

  12. He has class but didn't mention that the media is mostly covering the gun grabbing tactics they are saying. They are reading from the liberal propagandists, Marxist playbook!!!

  13. Awesome of him to speak out like this. Something you don't see players do often, in any sport. Address the fans in such a personal way, about such a close to home subject. Was very touching <3

  14. Thank you, ROBERTO LUONGO, for standing up for "America’s murdered children and adults” across America and especially the students at Parkland. STUDENTS have WOKEN UP to lead America while generations have slept. 😡 😢 Prayers for them and their families.

  15. You're a class act Roberto. 👍

    Also, to the American politicians that lay aside and permit atrocities to continue while offering your "thoughts and prayers" to the survivors of your mad social experiments:

    That's how giving your thoughts and prayers should be done 👏👏👏

  16. Blackhawks fan that has immense respect for Luongo. Thank you for your words and paying tribute to some amazing students, teachers and victims of this senseless tragedy. Class act at its finest

  17. Nashville Predators fan (and high school teacher) here. I have great pride and love for the Florida Panthers and Roberto Luongo right now. You showed respect to the faculty and students of that school by honoring their sacrifice. By giving them encouragement to continue their battle, even as others are attacking them for their outspokeness, you have strengthened them even more. We stand with all of the victims in Florida and every mass shooting of recent years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  18. I agree. The problem is gun control and Gun free zones. We should take action against these unconstitutional and treasonous laws that allow children to be sitting ducks to a maniac. If one kid there had a gun to protect themselves...maybe the shooter would have been the only one to die.

  19. Kings fan here. This is pure class at its finest. It is refreshing to see that we are all human and can all come together to make a change!

  20. Luongo’s words are touching and obviously heartfelt. He is right, enough is enough. The time to take action is now.

  21. Bobby Lou you sir are a very good man thank you for being you wish you were still in a Vancouver Canucks jersey but will cheer you on wherever you play except Boston lol

  22. You are the man Roberto. I am a Lightning fan and I hate you on the ice but that speech was classy.

  23. Funny. People love to say “keep politics out of sports” until the politics have something to do with them.

  24. Pure class. I think he speaks for all of us

  25. As a Canucks fan wish this guy was still a Canuck. Heart and soul player and heart and soul person. Well said Lou

  26. That was a amazing and heart felt speech. All of this madness has to STOP. 😞

  27. Win The Stanley Cup and Dedicate this NHL Season For the Resident of Park Land, Fl and Stoneman Douglas High Roberto Luongo

  28. Lou is a stud , mad respect for him
    Have no fear luongo is here “ hats off to the man

  29. Not only one of the best goalies in the NHL but NHL goalie with a hell of a good ❤️🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  30. Another class act by the NHL. Kudos to all involved!!!! Thoughts & Prayers for the families

  31. Love luongo! He was awesome when he played for the islanders. Classy guy!

  32. Much love to Bobby Lou! Miss you in Vancouver bud. Amazing speech

  33. Never, ever got any jersey..
    I am getting one now..😍😍Roberto Luongo .😍.
    And my grandson is getting it...

  34. Grazie Roberto , heartfelt touching words .

  35. I love you Roberto Luongo. Always have. What a wonderful tribute to your hometown and the kids.

  36. Emotional speech, and it shows pure class as a person and not an athlete.

  37. so glad to still have this man as a Panther... well said..well said..

  38. Good on him. This issue needs ton f attention

  39. Miss you Lou. You will always be one of my favourite Canucks.

  40. I missed Roberto Luongo as a Vancouver Canucks goalie.

  41. Kevin Robert Gilchrest before our game tonight. Heart wrenching man

  42. Thank you Roberto! Hockey players are the best!

  43. Much love to you Lou ❤️
    We miss you here in Vancouver

  44. I love the nhl they are the last hope for American sports!!!

  45. He spoke for so many who share his feelings.

  46. Not only a great man but a great name as well💙🙏

  47. Beverly check this out. Well said. Wonder if he can keep himself focused now.

  48. He should still be with Vancouver but unfortunately the ownership there sucks !!!

  49. Zoraak Magse This is Roberto Luongo, aka Robby Luongo lol

  50. Louis Edmund Nico Olivier *Roll down, try not to cry, cry a lot*

  51. Explain what we should do and why it would prevent what happened.

  52. Always has been so classy and respectful.

  53. A call to action on a massive stage. Way to go Lu!

  54. How about he donate 10 million to the families and worry about stopping pucks

  55. Way to go Roberto...from a Foreurs fan living in Val-d’Or

  56. Dan Listeral Bobby luuuuu.. I dig this guy

  57. Proud to have this guy as a neighbor in our community. Go panthers.

  58. Always have loved Luongo, but a little more tonight.

  59. Flyers fan here...respect to Roberto. #enoughisenough

  60. Everybody says enough is enough, but everybody wants to keep the gun law going --'

  61. Amy this dude.... love this dude.