Rookie watch: DeBrusk thriving with Bruins

Rookie watch: DeBrusk thriving with Bruins

This season has been a learning experience for Jake DeBrusk, but he continues to carve out a bigger role with the Boston Bruins.

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  1. Booo the REAL dirtiest team in the league

  2. This kid plays a lot like Lucic... Not with the fighting and all that but the determination and winning puck battles and being a presences in the slot... He even skates with that hunch in his back like Lucic used to have.

  3. Boston is the best city in the NHL

  4. Love debrusk and every other rookie on the team!!! lets go bruins!!!

  5. This is what Calgary traded dougie for I’m pretty sure

  6. anyone interested in joining a playoff hockey pool based in ontario canada? winner take all. PM me for details!