#SlowMoMonday 02.12.18

#SlowMoMonday 02.12.18

Missed a few of the Canucks 41 SOG last night? Check'em out in glorious slow motion. #SlowMoMonday

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  1. Give Virtannen more ice time and you will see results

  2. So the question is, why doesn't the team play this way, say every 6 out of 10 games, which would give them a winning record, instead of 2 or 3 times out of every 10 games. Seems like the universe, the stars, biorhythm, yin-yang, karma, astrology, all needs to align with each other, for the team to play this way. Is it coaching, the time of month, level of talent, leadership issues, which forces the team to play so erratically.

  3. That streamer girl should love that 😋

  4. even team tank needs a day off every now and then, ty 😊

  5. Let the youth play their way once in a while

  6. Wish they played like this every game was a good one

  7. Love Canucks .Go Canucks Go !

  8. Dustin Away Kenton Bear Jason Head